Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 John Evans'

1 Home Thoughts From Abroad
2 A Day to Myself
3 Gaye
4 A Song for Susan
5 Marron's Glance
6 Up in the World
7 Still Not Free
8 New England Days
9 We Could be Talking
10  For Debbie and Her Friends
11 Lost Again
12 We Could be Talking
13 Contrary
14 The Way of Love
15 Waves - Part One
16 Moonlight
17 When I Found You
18 Wherewithal
19 Messenger
20 The Best is Yet to Come

Someone came into the house the other day when 'Waves - Part One' was on and said "I see your taste in music has improved - but I don't recognise the composer." Maybe CTW should have written the rest of the symphony!!

I'll keep watching your site - it's great that you and your team are still making CTW's music available to a new generation of listeners. Both my children enjoy the CDs - they are 20 and 23.

Very best wishes


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