Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Frank Plowright
's Selection

1 Screen Test
2 Gaye
3 Jayne From Andromida Spiral
4 A Song For Susan
5 A Day To Myself
6 Home Thoughts From Abroad
7 Jigsaw Girl
8 Losin' After All
9 All Modern Conveniences
10  No More Rock 'n' Roll
11 Marron's Glance
12 For Debbie and Her Friends
13 Lullaby
14 Where Do Angels Really Come From?
15 To An Air Hostess
16 Still Not Free
17 The Best Is Yet To Come
18 Heaven
19 Up In The World
20 Time, The Magician

Iíve loved Clifford T. Wardís music since the day I heard Gaye in 1973. His wistful perspective and unerring ear for a tune straddle all his albums, and it was a great surprise to find the man detailed in the biography rather at odds with his material. Cliffordís judgement was really sound. By and large, what he included on an album is better than what he omitted (the songs collected since the 1990s). There are exceptions of course. Marronís Glance springs to mind. Perhaps he thought the title joke too whimsical, or the lyrics too vituperative. Iím astonished that only one list to date considers Screen Test among the best 20 (and then only at 19), and I think Mantle Pieces is the strongest album overall.

All the best, Frank Plowright.

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