Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Eckhart Salzmann's

1 The Best is Yet to Come
2 Lost Again
3 A Day to Myself
4 Still Not Free
5 Heaven
6 Nothing New
7 Stains
8 Next To You
9 No More Rock 'n' Roll
10  Ocean Of Love
11 Lullaby
12 Mad About You
13 Rayne
14 If I Had Known
15 The Traveller
16 For Debbie and Her Friends
17 Cold Wind Blowing
18 Where Do Angels Really Come From?
19 Moonlight
20 Who Cares

For 15 years Clifford T Ward has been my favourite musician. To me he is the best singer and songwriter I have ever heard. I was absolutely annoyed to read in Dave Cartwright´s CTW biography that years ago Cliff´s tour to Germany, where I live, was so unpleasant. A real shame! I wish I could do something to make his music more popular here. But anyway I am sure that Cliff´s music will survive us all, just like he wanted it to. It will find its way straight to the heart of those who can be reached and touched by it.

Eckhart Salzmann

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