Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Bruno Baur's

1 Up In The World
2 Time The Magician
3 The Way Of Love
4 We Could Be Talking
5 Lost Again
6 Home Thoughts From Abroad 
7 Secretary
8 Wherewithal
9 Reckless
10  The Cause Is Good
11 Tea Cosy
12 Where's It Going To End
13 Gaye
14 Carrie
15 Where Would That Leave Me
16 All Modern Conveniences
17 Coathanger
18 Someone I Know
19 Not Waving - Drowning
20 You Knock When You Should Come In 

That's not my all time favourites: they are the most played and loved songs in these summer months - 1998. The selection will change of course in the next month. Many, many wonderful songs are waiting for a place in the list too. Sal, Scullery, Nightingale, Jigsaw Girl, To An Air Hostess, Waterwheel, Nothing New, For Emily - every little CTW-song is a little jewel in the music world!

I hope my work and my family will give me time for travel to England in October. I wish to be present at the CTW-convention on October 11th.

For you Mick, I wish you very good times and I'm looking forward to your own home-page! If you have enough time, I will be very glad if you can write me a little of yourself and about the influence of CTW on your life.

Greetings from Switzerland: Bruno.

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