Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Andy Rogers'

1 The Way of Love
2 Ocean of Love (single version)
3 Where Would That Leave Me?
4 Sympathy ('Singer/Songwriter' version)
5 Are You Really Interested?
6 Not Waving, Drowning ('Mantle Pieces' version) 
7 Jigsaw Girl
8 No More Rock 'n' Roll
9 The Best Is Yet To Come
10  If I Had Known
11 Up In The World
12 We Could Be Talking
13 Heaven
14 Moonlight
15 Both Of Us
16 Laugh It Off
17 Climate Of Her Favour
18 Scullery
19 Secretary
20 Turbo

Next fifteen ...Stains, Gaye, Home Thoughts, Tea Cosy, Cricket, Contrary, April, Someone I Know, Sweetness and Light, Prams, A Day To Myself, Wherewithal, Who Cares, Jayne From Andromeda Spiral (single mix), Maybe I'm Right. ( How do you stop ?!)

To choose just 20 songs from Cliff's catalogue of classics is well nigh impossible (as other people have already said!). The songs above are really only the tip of the iceberg but are probably the ones that mean most to me on a personal basis. Cliff's music has seen me through one messy divorce and into my happy "2nd-time-around relationship", hence the reason for the number of love/romance songs at the top of the list! Cliff has a real insight into what I call the "human condition" - his lyrics have the knack of saying what I could only think, but never put into words. While trying to win the affections of the girl who became my (2nd!) wife, I made great use of Cliff's songs to get the message over - it worked perfectly; so I have to say thanks to Cliff for not only more than 25 years of superb music, but also 17 years of a very happy marriage to a girl who was wooed by his albums on my behalf!

Cheers Mick,

.... Andy (UK)

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