Sometime Next Year 
Clifford T Ward

'Sometime Next Year' Sleeve

1) Prams
2) Who Cares
3) Another Radio Station
4) Quiz Show
5) They Must Think Me A Fool
6) Sometime Next Year


1) Losin' After All (Nothin' New)
2) Stains
3) Turbo
4) Like An Old Song
5) Today In Parliament
6) Lost In The Flow Of Your Love

TMB 111

Recorded at Clifford T. Ward's studio in Worcestershire and at various studios in Birmingham.
Arrangements: Mark Tibenham and Clifford T. Ward
Thanks to the musicians who worked on the album, particularly Mark T. for some excellent
keyboard work. (no other details given)
Produced by Clifford T. Ward
All songs written and composed by Clifford T. Ward.

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

Undeterred, Clifford continued writing and recording and fixed up a contract with the small Tembo label. His first and only recording for them, before the onset of multiple sclerosis effectively stifled his creative output, has its moments (Stains, Lost In The Flow Of Your Love and the title track) but has an overall low budget feel to it. Ironically, the next release would be more inspiring. (1986).

Star Rating: * * *  (out of 5)

My comments:

I don't fully agree with Clive here: in my opinion this is another brilliant album - I just can't make my mind up whether it equals, or is slightly better than 'Both Of Us'. Either way, it's certainly another classic! It boasts two unusual humorous songs in Game Show and Turbo: the latter having a brilliant catchy rhythm (a 'wave' sample is available - under 'Songs' - Main Page); and no one can dispute the very beautiful slow ballad Who Cares - also recorded some time later by Cliff's wife, Pat, on the 'Studio Sessions Tape'.

Marks: 9 out of 10.

Copyright © 1998 Michael Armitage

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