Someone I Know 
Words & Music by Clifford T Ward

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This song almost got Cliff back in the singles charts, and probably only failed because it was released as a single three months after it appeared on his 1977 'New England Days' album. The album is unusual in that it was recorded over in Massachusetts, America; where Cliff employed an all-American backing band. While over there, he performed a few of his rare 'live concerts'. They were highly successful; but true to his usual form, he made no follow up to capitalise on his success.

Someone I Know  

Someone I know is treating you bad
Someone who ought to know better than that
I thought I knew him well
But you can never tell
We don't get on so well
After all.

Someone I know is making you cry
Someone who should have been eager to try
But he grew worldly wise
Then he learned how to lie
We don't see eye-to-eye
Any more.


Someone I know is setting you free
Someone who should have been happy to be
With someone like you
But he couldn't be true
Someone I thought I knew
Someone called    ---   me.

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