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The Clifford T Ward Convention
(October 1999)

James Davey at the Convention (Oct 1999) Cliff and a fan at the Convention (Oct 1999)
James Davey delights the audience with his touching renditions of Cliff's songs at the Clifford T Ward convention.       Cliff listens with a critical ear, as he shares a moment with a fan.

The Other 'Fab Four' ?

Ken Wright (Drummer)
Ken Wright
Derek Thomas (Guitars)
Derek Thomas
Terry Edwards (Bass Guitar)
Terry Edwards
Bev Pegg (Guitars)
Bev Pegg

Here is the original 'Clifford T Ward Band' - who backed Cliff on his early albums, although Bev Pegg only performed on Cliff's first ('Singer/Songwriter') album. Bev says he always regretted leaving the original line-up, and not performing on 'Home Thoughts'. He his seen here in his home-base recording studio, where Cliff made some early demo recordings. Derek's superb guitar work adorns Cliff's early albums, and he is the man who created and performed the magical guitar intro on Gaye, noted by Dave Cartwright as one of the most famous song-intros of the century! Terry Edwards played bass guitar on Cliff's first six albums, and Ken Wright's drumming provides the steady beat through Cliff's first four albums. In 1998, after over 20 years apart, the four were back together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Home Thoughts' at the CTW convention; and despite having had very little practice together, gave a stunning performance. The audience were particularly entranced as Derek re-tuned his guitar to the unorthodox setting, and re-produced his 'intro' and guitar work to Gaye. Being so delighted with the get-together, three of them returned for more in 1999: sadly, Derek could not make the event, and a few other musicians complemented the line-up . . .

'The CTW Band' perform at the CTW Convention (Oct 1999)

. . . so, following James Davey, the afternoon continues with a get-together of Bev Pegg, Terry Edwards, and Ken Wright, aided by several other musicians. More CTW songs are performed and augmented by several rock-and-roll numbers (Bev's speciality!!).

Oh, how time has flown . . .

Performance at the CTW Convention (Oct 1999)

(Above) On the right (light coloured shirt) and supplying the vocals, is Bev. Behind him, on drums, is master-drummer, Ken Wright. This year, one of the original 'Cruisers', Terry Clarke (red shirt), stands in for Derek Thomas (and actually bears a striking resemblance to the way Derek appears today!).

Performance at the CTW Convention (Oct 1999)

(Above) The man with the blue shirt is Harry Rowlands - a bass guitarist who knew Cliff in the early days. Just behind and to the left of Bev is Terry Edwards (white shirt) who looks, today, about 2 years older than the way he appeared on the 'Mantle Pieces' insert sheet 27 years ago! (Come on Terry, what's the secret?)

Ken Wright eventually joined the BBC and ultimately became their Director of Enterprises - with it's turnover of £400 million. He took early retirement, and now lives in a converted church in the Cotswolds with his wife and son.

Derek Thomas, following his time backing Cliff, studied classical guitar at Goldsmiths College and became a 'Bachelor of Music' (why does that not surprise me?). He eventually abandoned music, and returned to his original career working with the press. He currently lives in the south of England, and is employed by the Independent on Sunday (Dave Cartwright wants to know what he does for the rest of the week!). He has recently developed an interest in jazz.

Terry Edwards went on to join Freddie Garrity's Dreamers for a while - an experience, he claims, he wouldn't have missed for the world. After moving to various locations around the country, he is now back in Bayton - in the heart of Worcestershire.

Bev Pegg currently manages his own castings company, which employs over eighty workers. In his spare time he continues to play guitar and sing whenever he can. He adapts to all styles, including jazz, folk, rock 'n' roll, and is as quick-fire as ever with his jokes.

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