Clifford T Ward - Photo Album
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'Clifford T'  In Action!

Cliff is seen here giving some of his rare, live performances: stunning performances they are, too.
All the photographs below (except the first) were taken from the Clifford T Ward Video.

 'Cliff Ward' - early picture
'The Early Days'
'Cliff Ward' singing with the Cruisers

Cliff on Old Grey Whistle Test - 1973 Cliff on Top of the Pops - 1974
Here, Cliff sings his latest single, 'Scullery', on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' (BBC2) - 20th. November, 1973.       Several months later, the performance is repeated on 'Top of the Pops' - after 'Scullery' has entered the charts. (January 1974)

Cliff performing 'Gaye' in the late 70s Cliff performing 'Gaye' - Close Up

In the late seventies, Cliff gave this live performance of his famous song 'Gaye', following it with 'Up In The World' and 'Home Thoughts From Abroad'.

Cliff singing 'The Best Is Yet To Come' in 1981

Another T.V. appearance in 1981, when he sang 'The Best Is Yet To Come'.

(N.B: The CTW Video also includes clips of Cliff performing 'All Modern Conveniences', 'Messenger', 'Contrary', and 'Watchin' the T.V. News' live on T/V - see 'Available Merchandise (and how to get it!)' page for details of how to obtain this video.)

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