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Not Drowning - Waving

Cliff and Pat (young) Myself chatting with Cliff and Pat (1995)
Recognise this character? - yes, you've guessed it - it's a young Cliff in the pre-long hair days with his wife Pat.
(Photograph taken from the reverse side of the 'Laugh it Off' album sleeve).
      A proud moment for me - having a chat with Cliff and his wife Pat (right) at the 'Clifford T Ward Convention' in Kidderminster (October 1995), though Cliff appears more interested in his official 'number one fan' (who's name I do not know) - it's not difficult to see why!

Cliff - 'Sometime Next Year' photo Myself with Cliff (1996)
This photograph appears on the front of Cliff's 'Sometime Next Year' album sleeve. It was taken around 1986 - shortly before he was diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis.   Honoured once again - when I met the great man at the following year's Clifford T Ward Convention (Saturday 23 November - 1996).

Cliff in the early 70s

(Above) Cliff in the early seventies
- at the time of his first chart hit 'Gaye';
the photograph was used as the main sleeve picture for his 1992 album
'Laugh It Off '.

Clifford T Ward

Cliff and Pat Ward

Cliff and Pat Ward

(This Picture - by kind permission of Peter Daltrey)

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