New England Days 
Clifford T Ward

'New England Days' Sleeve

1) I Got Lost Tonight.
2) Sal
3) Somebody Stole My Woman
4) Someone I Know
5) You're No Angel
6) Reckless


1) New England Days
2) Detriment
3) Waterwheel
4) If I Had Known
5) Nothing New

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Produced by Bill Halverson
Arrangements: Martie Echito, Bill Halverson, Clifford T. Ward and WAVES.
Clifford T. Ward:
Lead vocals and background vocals.
Martie Echito: Keyboards, acoustic guitar, background vocals.
Gene Holmes: Electric guitar, background vocals.
Marc Levine: Bass, S.O.I.
Marc Singer: Drums and percussion
Michael Easley: Electric and acoustic guitar.
Strings arranged and conducted by Jimmie Haskell
Strings by Sidney Sharp and his magic violins.
Album recorded at Longview Farm, North Brookfield, Massachusetts.
Additional recording and mixing at The Record Plant, Los Angeles.
All songs written by Clifford T. Ward except: "I Got Lost Tonight" - Tim Moore,
"Nothing New"- Marie Echito, Clifford T. Ward.

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

It is not the received wisdom to praise this album, but it seems to me to have held up better than its two predecessors, even though it was perceived as something of an oddity when released. It is unique in containing a song not written by Clifford (Tim Moore's upbeat I Got Lost Tonight which opened the album) as well as Nothing New which was co-written with Martie Echito, one of the session musicians who played on the album, and seemed at the time to be the record company's last throw to make Clifford into a star. Recorded in the USA with American producer Bill Halverson under the "Direction and Realisation" of Justin de Villeneuve, the album put a whole new perspective on Clifford's material. The material on the album is consistently good and varied and seems to adopt the ethos of 'Waves' but with considerably more certainty and sense of purpose.

Someone I Know nearly put him back in the singles charts. If I Had Known, Nothing New and New England Days are thoughtful, accessible and infectious. Sadly, the album did not sell well, the fans brought up on Gaye and Jigsaw Girl wondered what on earth was going on and Clifford "rested" for a while. (1977).

Star Rating: * * *  (out of 5)

My comments:

Sorry to disagree Clive. I believe this album has the same 'bland' feel to it as 'Waves' does. Though, like 'Waves', it certainly has it's moments - Someone I Know, Reckless, You're No Angel - brilliant. So is If I Had Known, though this song always sounds to me as if Cliff forgot to write a chorus for it - and got the band to throw in an instrumental break as substitute at the last minute. I also believe the very beautiful song You're No Angel does not quite come across here as well as it could have done: the excessive reverb (echo) applied to Cliff's vocals gives the impression that it is being sung from about 30 yards down a railway tunnel! In fact, dare I say this?: James Davey, lead singer of the 'Clifford T Ward Tribute Band', has produced a much more direct and moving rendition of it on his recent 'Evening' tape - well, that's my opinion anyway!

Marks: 6 out of 10.

Copyright © 1998 Michael Armitage

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