Words & Music by Clifford T Ward

This song is recorded on Cliff's 'Waves' album (1976). . . . and yet another one of my personal favourites.


Moonlight, you took my love away from me
And left me here so I can't see
No wonder you're so bright  -  tonight
You've really got a lot to answer for.

Moonlight, as if you did not have your own shine
You have to go and steal all mine
No wonder you're so bright  -  tonight
Showin' her the way away from me.

Now all my hopes are out of reach
And all my heart is out at sea
Like driftwood washed upon the beach
There's not a lot of use in me  -  oh no!

Moonlight, of all the dreams you must have started
And all the love affairs you've helped along
Well how could you see fit  -  to go and do the opposite
I thought you were above this sort of thing.

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