Mantle Pieces 
Clifford T Ward

'Mantle Pieces' Sleeve

1) Scullery
2) Not Waving - Drowning!
3) Are You Really Interested?
4) A Sad Cliché
5) To An Air Hostess


1) All Modern Conveniences
2) Wayward
3) Screen Test
4) For Debbie And Her Friends
5) Tea Cosy

 CAS 1077

Vocals and Keyboards: Clifford T. Ward
Drums and Percussion: Ken Wright
Guitars: Derek Thomas
Bass Guitar: Terry Edwards
Arrangements: Richard Hewson, C.T.Ward
Recorded at The Chipping Norton Recording Studio
Orchestral Arrangements Recorded at Air London
Mixed at Sound Techniques
Producer: Clifford T. Ward
All songs written and composed by Clifford T. Ward

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

Despite its catchy melody, Scullery was always an embarrassment, but that aside, this is probably the best example of a Clifford T. Ward album where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. No one song stands out from the rest and every fan will have a different personal favourite. Mine is Not Waving - Drowning and I love the bagpipes on To An Air Hostess. Clifford always said that he saw this as a very different kettle of fish to 'Home Thoughts' but it has always struck me as being very much its understudy. (1973).

Star Rating: * * *  (out of 5)

My comments:

A slightly diluted version of 'Home Thoughts' - though still a great album. I agree - every fan will have a different personal favourite - mine is Scullery - sorry Clive! I adore this song. Cliff wrote Scullery as a tribute to his wife Pat (see lyrics).

Marks: 9 out of 10.

Copyright © 1998 Michael Armitage

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