A Letter from Cliff 
To (Fan) Myke Carroll

After struggling to find a replacement copy for his "lost" 'Singer-Songwriter' album in 1975, Myke Carroll wrote to Cliff in despair. The reply he received is shown below; it's brief content clearly indicating the sort of unassuming and obliging person that Cliff is.

Myke himself writes:

'Here's a bit of CTW nostalgia. The (cherished) letter was in reply to my bleat of anguish after "losing" my copy of "Singer Songwriter" in 1975! Back then, I was very friendly with the Stringfellows (yep, THAT one) and their club "Cinderella's" in Leeds. As a two-bit/alternate DJ, I'd taken the album along to do some "converting". It worked so well, the copy disappeared. The letter was posted at 8pm in Hereford and the stamp cost 9p!'

Letter from Cliff


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