Laugh It Off 
Clifford T Ward

'Laugh It Off' Sleeve (signed)

1) Sunshine Girl
2) April
3) Laugh It Off
4) User Friendly
5) Jackdaw
6) That's The Way Our Love Goes
7) Home


1) Dancer
2) Unmarried Mother
3) Marrons Glance
4) Water
5) Marble Arch
6) I don't Understand Your Logic
7) Weather
8) Lullaby

Ameless Records
AME 001

All songs written and composed by Clifford T Ward
Produced by Clifford T. Ward
(no musician details given)

Cliff's tributes:
Thank you Andy and Jeff, for instigating this album and
giving me back my sense of purpose. Clifford.

Pat Ward
To Pat, thanks for the absolute lot.

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

Because of his low profile, most people were unaware that Clifford T. Ward had been suffering from a particularly incapacitating strain of multiple sclerosis since 1986. The general assumption, if anyone even remembered him, was that he'd abandoned the music biz. It was only when this album of out-takes and demos appeared at the back end of 1991 that the news of Clifford's plight got out. The sleeve notes disclaim the album as "a collecting tin being rattled under your nose" but the low price and bootleg style packaging certainly gave this impression. However, on listening to the album, there were many joys to behold and no-one needed to apologise for its contents. On the contrary, songs like Marron's Glance, April and Dancer, considered superfluous to requirements when compiling his previous albums, are very polished and the title track is a characteristically wry statement of his plight. The most memorable track though is Water (probably a more revealing statement of the trials of MS than Laugh It Off), though sadly it is clearly unfinished and its recording quality poor. Lyrically, though, it is one of Clifford's strongest allegories, in the tradition of The Traveller. (1991).

Star Rating: * * * *  (out of 5)

My comments:

I have little to add to Clive's comments (above), except to affirm that I agree - it is quite a good album, especially when one considers the circumstances under which it was made.

Marks: 7 out of 10.

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