Julia and Other New Stories 
Clifford T Ward

'Julia and Other New Srories' Sleeve
(1995 & 2002)
1) Cliff Richard's message
2) Julia (about Julia Sommerville)
3) Jackdaw
4) The Dancer
5) Sunshine Girl
6) New English Bible
7) Marron's Glance
8) Unmarried Mother
9) I Don't Understand Your Logic
10) Heaven Lend A Hand
11) Taking The Long Way Round
12) That's The Way Our Love Goes
13) This Is The Stuff (stuck in the lift)
14) Water
15) Marble Arch
16) Give Me One more Chance
17) Sweetness And Light
18) Weather
19) Lullaby

(Available on C.D. only)
Graduate Records
N.B: See below

Re-released in 2002

Released by Cherry Red Records - new catalogue number: CDM RED 225

The re-release has four additional tracks, all are different recordings from the original releases: they are:

Heaven, Who Cares, Jigsaw Girl (acoustic), and Lost In The Flow of Your Love.

Messages From The Stars:

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

One tries to be sympathetic, but this is scraping the barrel. Eleven of the eighteen songs are on 'Laugh It Off' and, if anything, the CD reproduction does them no favours. They are demos and out-takes, remember. Although the tour de force, Marron's Glance is given a welcome digital airing, three of 'Laugh It Off's' best tracks are omitted, superseded by a motley array of discarded bits and pieces which clearly have potential but in their present form should never have seen the light of day. They devalue a great artist's body of work. Weather is truly horrific. And I'm sorry, but Cliff Richard's message that precedes the songs may be well intentioned but it has me reaching for the sick bucket. (1995).

Star Rating: * *  (out of 5)

My comments:

Probably, the most disappointing aspect of this album is that it is a re-hash of 'Laugh It Off' ; though, quite frankly, I like the idea of having 'Laugh It Off' on CD! As Clive has already pointed out, three of 'LIO's' best tracks are omitted, and this is rather disappointing. While some of the extra seven songs are clearly not up to normal recording standards (due to Cliff's situation), I don't think they are as bad as Clive suggests! - and I'd much rather have them in my Clifford T collection than not. Clive doesn't mention the beautiful opening and title track Julia (written about newsreader Julia Sommerville) - nothing wrong with this recording, though I have to admit, I prefer the version he later presented on his 'Studio Sessions Tape', which is performed at a much slower tempo, and with full band backing (on the CD version, he uses only a multi-tracked keyboard). The song Water - though the same recording as appears on 'Laugh It Off', has had the 'reverb' (echo) removed from Cliff's voice - I think this is a definite improvement. As for Weather; if you try to view it (or rather listen to it) as a song, you'll agree with Clive's comments above. But it was not intended as a song - it is a poem! - presented with a difference - quite innovative too I think! When you listen to it from this perspective, it becomes quite palatable (though I have to confess - I am not a good judge of poetry at the best of times!). As for Cliff Richard's - sorry, Sir Cliff Richard's introduction to the album - pass me the sick bucket when you've finished with it Clive!

Marks: 7 out of 10.

'The Graduate Record Page' carries an advert for 'Julia and Other New Stories' with several audio 'wave-file' samples - see 'Links Page'.

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