Jayne From Andromeda Spiral 
Words & Music by Clifford T Ward

This song initially appeared as a single in 1974; it subsequently re-emerged on Cliff's 'No More Rock 'n' Roll' album of 1975. The following article was written early in 1975; it is about the song, and his then forthcoming album 'Escalator' ('Escalator' was released in April and 'No More Rock 'n' Roll' in December of that year).
In Love With A Girl Two Million Light Years Away!


    "I'm working on a love story album at the moment - and this time I wrote the story myself, as well as the songs. It's very simple, and perhaps that's why I'm so pleased with the way it's turning out.

    Then, of course, there's the new album 'Escalator' which should be out very soon. I think some of the best songs I've ever written are on that album. They're only waiting to release it so that they can see how the single does."

    Ah yes, the single. That's the third one Clifford's had released, and as the other two were big hits the omens look pretty good.

    His first ever hit was a pretty ditty entitled "Gaye" and this third one's called "Jayne". But if you think it's just another love song when you hear it (as you're bound to) on the radio, listen a bit harder.

   "I was watching the television one night, and Patrick Moore was on. He was talking about Andromida's Spiral which apparently is the nearest other galaxy to us, and is something like two million light years away. It seems it's very probable life exists there. Well, you know, I'd love to meet someone from another planet and I started thinking about it in terms of a love story . . .

    The song is all about this guy who falls asleep in front of his television set and by some peculiar means this girl from Andromeda Spiral makes contact, through his TV set. She's so beautiful he falls in love with her, but he can't get in touch with her, and anyway he's only seeing her as she was two million years before. It's a hopeless situation."

    Call that an ordinary love story?

    In fact Clifford was a little surprised when "Jayne" was chosen as the single, and admits he doesn't like the re-cut version as much as the one that's on the album.

    "But then I don't know much about singles, and I'd hate to be preoccupied with them. In fact I could no more write a single than I could fly to Andromeda Spiral."

    That doesn't seem to have hindered the hit potential of his songs in the past, and I doubt if it will in future. And if you're contemplating buying any of the aforementioned records if and when they come out, think on this: Clifford says he needs a lot more success before he'll have the confidence to go on the road. So if you'd like to see him live, the solution is in your hands.


Jayne From Andromeda Spiral  

Late last night the midnight movie
Went out in a blaze of cliches
A cultured voice whispered goodnight
And suggested I switch off the set
My eyes felt so heavy, the sofa so warm
That I slept till the static awoke me
And there on the screen, such as I've never seen
Was a girl strange and beautiful, smiling . .

Jayne from Andromeda Spiral
Jayne from Andromeda Spiral

Well I looked in amazement, she gazed at me, so intent
Was her expression and then
She spoke oh so frail in technical detail
Of her world so that someone might hear
Science is inexcusably intricate
Love is rewardingly simple
She smiled tenderly, looking so heavenly
That I longed to be way out in space with . .

Jayne from Andromeda Spiral
Jayne from Andromeda Spiral

Then she said 'goodbye' and though vainly I tried
To say 'stay', the picture broke up
I'm a little too late to communicate
For the distance is too great between us
It's all of two million light years . . .

Jayne from Andromeda Spiral
Jayne from Andromeda Spiral
Jayne from Andromeda Spiral
Jayne from Andromeda Spiral

(Repeat and fade)

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