Meet Clifford T Ward (The Horse!)  

Nay! It can't be true!   -   Yes it is! This is Clifford T Ward:

Clifford T Ward - with his 'friends'

Alan Kenworthy is a big fan of Clifford T Ward (singer/songwriter!), and in early 2001 he purchased this one year old horse which he has named after his idol. 'Cliff' comes from a top class pedigree which includes a Derby winner, and a St Ledger winner ridden by no other than Lester Piggot! It should take around 3 years before he is fully trained and ready to hit the big races. With a name like that surely he's destined to go up in the world!

Clifford T Ward - In Front

Here, Alan remarks 'Clifford already likes to lead the way'.

A Note from Alan (January 2002)

The  R a c e h o r s e  called  C L I F F O R D  T .  W A R D

THE PLAN is to form a syndicate to put the gelding into training, to race under his now official name, Clifford T. Ward, so that we can publicise the name, and at the same time have fun as racehorse owners.

Last year Clifford himself was very enthusiastic about the idea, even though not a racegoer himself. He has given his written permission for the horse to carry his name.

THE H O R S E (owned by Janet Rimmer and Alan Kenworthy, Silver Birch Stables, Birch, Heywood, tel 0161 643 6863)

He is a bay gelding, exactly two years old, and is the very first offspring of an excellent sprinter and miler called Silver Wizard, from a tough jumping mare called Moonduster who won on the flat and over hurdles and has already produced winning stock. Silver Wizard is American-owned, and won here as a two year-old before going to America and winning nearly $500,000 in races over one mile. His family includes Benny the Dip and several Derby winners in the US, thanks largely to his sire, Silver Hawk who has produced offspring to win over 900 races. Clifford is a big strong horse already, very goodlooking and with a speedy action.

THIS YEAR he will be gently lunged and broken in and assessed by a trainer who has already expressed interest in him. Kirsty Boutflower has had experience of the racing industry in the US and has been a trainer for only two years but has already had some successes. In January she moved to the former second stables and premises of Fulke Johnson-Houghton, in Oxfordshire, with excellent facilities centrally place in the country. Her fees are reasonable, too. AND she is a recent convert to the music of Clifford T. Ward, some of his songs are played to her horses when in the stables. So it has come about that her famous jump-horse Couldn't be Better is listening to a song called The Best is Yet to Come!

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Alan and Janet at or if you would like to know more information abouit the trainer, you could contact her at Remember you are not committing yourself to anything at this stage, only when we have enough members to share the training costs will we contact you again to ask you to make a dcision on whether you want to proceed. The more names we have, the cheaper it will be for each of us! To date we have four names, but of course we need to at least treble that, I am hoping for at least 20 names. Recent photo of Clifford T.Ward the gelding below.

Thanks, Alan.

Recent (Jan 2002) photo of Cliff


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