Home Thoughts 
Clifford T Ward

'Home Thoughts' Sleeve

1) Gaye
2) Wherewithal
3) The Dubious Circus Company
4) Nightingale
5) Where Would That Leave Me?
6) The Traveller


1) Home Thoughts From Abroad
2) Where's It Going To End?
3) Time, The Magician
4) Give Me One More Chance
5) Cold Wind Blowing
6) The Open University
7) Crisis

CASCD 1066

Vocals and Keyboards: Clifford T. Ward
Drums and Percussion: Ken Wright
Guitars: Derek Thomas
Bass: Terry Edwards
Orchestral Arrangements: Richard Hewson
Recorded and mixed at 'Sound Techniques'
Producer: Clifford T.Ward
All songs written and composed by Clifford T. Ward

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

A masterpiece. So strong are the melodies, so succinct and sympathetic are Richard Hewson's arrangements, that lyrics like, "Would you like to have a drink or two with big fat Joan/She knows what it's all about at twenty stone" and, "Does the cistern still leak?/Will it last another week?" do not grate in the slightest. The Traveller is sublime, Wherewithal comes over as smart rather than smug and the inspired simplicity of Time, The Magician still astounds twenty two years on. Thirteen outstanding songs. Unlucky for those who have never heard any of them. Essential. (1973).

Star Rating: * * * * *  (out of 5)

Melody Maker comments:

'This album is so beautiful it makes you want to forget the idiot antics of the rock 'n' roll world. Some of Ward's songs are the finest since McCartney penned "Yesterday" - "Gaye" and the title track for instance. He is a tender poet writing real love songs and in this jungle of music he offers a clearing where you can lay down, rest your head, and dream sweet dreams.'

My comments:

The notes above say it all - this album is without equal - absolutely brilliant!

Marks: 12 out of 10 (unbelievable!)

Copyright © 1998 Michael Armitage

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