With a Little Help from Paul McCartney . . .
Sir Paul McCartney - 1990
Sir Paul McCartney - 1990
In September 1997, Liz Williams received the following letter along with a cheque and personal song-book from Paul McCartney: Sir Paul McCartney - 1990

1 Soho Square  -  London W1V 6BQ


29th August 1997

Mrs Liz Williams
[Address: not included here]

Dear Mrs Williams

Paul McCartney has asked me to send you the enclosed cheque and book (the latter for auction) for the Clifford T. Ward fundraising evening on 26th October. He remembers Clifford T and his work with great fondness and is sad to hear of his troubles, but at the same time he is pleased to know that he has friends like yourself to help him through these difficult times.

Yours sincerely


Shelagh Jones
P.A. to Paul McCartney


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