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On Thu Feb 24 23:43:41 GMT 2000, Finn Bjelke (Norway ( from said:

Dear Cliff and Pat!

Just wanted to drop you a line to wish you well. I finished Dave's book a couple of weeks ago and consequently I've started playing your records on my show at Norwegian National radio again (sorry, I've been a bit forgetful about them for a couple of months - it won't happen again!). This week it was "Cellophane" and "The Dubious Circus Co". Inicidentally, "The Dubious Circus Co" was my daughter's first favourite song in English. It was brilliant seeing 3 year old Kaja shouting "would you like to seeeeeee" at the top of her voice last summer -well, before she fell of the swing anyway.

All the best to both of you!

On Thu Mar 2 13:37:46 GMT 2000, Craig Willoughby (UK from said:

I began to listen to CTW in 1973, I was barely out of nappies. My elder brothers would always play Home Thoughts for hours on end, It still brings back the happy times and innocence of the early Seventies. In modern times, I am now a professional Folk singer/writer, playing around the North East/Yorkshire venues. I still play and listen to Cliff's work and when I am in the middle of a difficult period of songwriting, when the words become too complicated and meaningless, I think back to all the great lyrics and chords that so beautifully accompanied each other, and bearing this in mind, try to achieve a similar feel. The funny thing is, all of Cliff's songs are so timeless, and yet still so relevant. Maybe Crossroads has gone, but the Street's still there, and there are plenty of Robin Day's parading on our TV screens. A lot of my life has been broken and sometimes it has been mended, and I think I will always listen to your music. To someone who has broke through the clouds on a rain filled day. Thanks CTW

On Thu Mar 2 13:45:41 GMT 2000, Patrick & Jeannie de Jonk (Australia from said:

Twenty seven years ago as we began to establish our life together, Jeannie and I found CTW's words and music so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. CTW's music gave us reassurance that we would make it together through difficult times. Whenever we needed to recall fond memories we only had to play Home Thoughts.

Having emigrated from England to Australia we were surprised to find that the record shops over here are not aware of CTW! So how great to find this Web site.

Many thanks Clifford for helping us to make it.

Patrick & Jeannie de Jonk

On Sun Mar 5 14:58:31 GMT 2000, mike hurd ( from said:

Excellent web site. Keep up the good work.

On Tue Mar 7 15:56:45 GMT 2000, Leslie Preece (Hereford England from said:

I was very moved listening to an interview with Clifford and Nonny James on BBC Hereford & Worcester a couple of weeks ago. So much so that I went out and bought the only two CDs I could find in the record stores in Hereford. Iam very impressed with all the recordings I have listened to!

On Sat Mar 11 00:05:48 GMT 2000, Steve Morris (UK from said:

Home Thoughts... was the first CTW album I heard. In fact I borrowed it from a friend to listen to The Traveller and ignored the rest of the album; didn't even play any other track!! Then another friend played her copy all the way through for me. From then on I played the whole album through at least once a week - I was a fan! That was back in 1974. Anyway, in mid 1999 I came across 'Bittersweet' and 'Julia...', I've read the Web Site reviews; my own comments: both these are very good indeed, so pleased to hear more Clifford T. Ward anyway, but 'Bittersweet' I particularly like. 'Escalator' is simply superb. Back to 1974, 'Home Thoughts' title track has its own bittersweet memories for me from back then; even now, some 26 years on I still both smile and cry when I hear it. A lovely song, lovely. Thanks so much Clifford, for penning that and 'The Traveller' and all the rest of the songs. I'm most grateful, sir. AND to think I've discovered this website too... Most lucky me! Thanks to you all for setting it up. God bless you. Steve Morris.

On Sat Mar 11 07:48:55 GMT 2000, Helgi Ingolfsson (Iceland ( from said:

To a man who has deeply moved so many, yet sadly reached too few. As my old CTW LP´s (including that rare "Singer/ Songwriter") are among my most precious belongings, I have taped them and listen to the records as seldom as possible. But these are merely earthly possesions; the man´s music transcends that. I´m quite sure that in the future, this serene art will reach the ears of millions. Quality of this kind is perennial. The homepage is astoundingly good, yes, excellent indeed. In every aspect bar one: It lacks score/chords/tablature. Fortunately, most of Cliff´s songs are pretty easy to pick up, but every once in a while there is an odd chord or a quirky turn of melody that can make a whole tune grind to a halt for a musician-wannabe. Some sort of a visual form of his music would be a great improvement. Also, a complete set of the lyrics, as they didn´t, alas, come along with the early albums. Only today did I learn that something hitherto incomprehensible to me simply read "How is Worcestershire?" While scanning the guest book, I found it odd that nobody should list "Coathanger" or "Trespass" among their favorites. Indeed, "Home Thoughts from Abroad" and "A Day to Myself" are tear-moving, but "Coathanger" shows his songwriting ability at its peak and "Trespass" is unequalled in atmosphere, as well as a most exquisite composition. To Cliff: Thank you for making the world more beautiful. Your rare gift has changed lives. May God bless you and your family. I pray that you may overcome all difficulties.

On Sat Mar 11 10:48:57 GMT 2000, Jim Fairbrass (England from said:

I have enjoyed listening to Clifford T Wards music since I bought the Home Thoughts album in the early seventies. Will endeavour to keep in touch through the website once I get connected at home (and my personal email address!). Best wishes to everyone.

On Sun Mar 12 22:51:57 GMT 2000, Rob Townsend (England. from said:

Like many of you, I was introduced to Clifford T. Ward in 1973. It is fair to say, that I have been a fan ever since. I have only recently "got on the web", but I was prompted to search for a website for CTW, whilst doing my ironing and listening to the very man. Imagine my complete and utter surprise to find such a comprehensive web site, which has answered many of my questions. It is comforting to note that a new compilation will be released shortly, and better still to find it has Up in the World on it.

Clifford T. Ward is, without doubt, the most talented and sensitive singer songwriters I have ever come across. I get so much joy listening to his music, and am happier than ever knowing that I can get copies of all his work through Liz. This I hope to do shortly.

A very good web site, my hearty congratulations, keep up this excellent work.

My very kind regards,

Rob Townsend

On Mon Mar 20 12:32:02 GMT 2000, TERRY GAINEY (AUSTRALIA .. T.S.GAINEY@BIGPOND.COM.AU) from said:

Congratulations on this website - excellent job !

My best wishes to Cliff. I am reading Dave Cartwight's book, and enjoying it very much.

I have been a fan of Cliff's since Home Thoughts and Gaye, and still love listening to his wonderful music.

All the best from Australia !

On Tue Mar 21 19:27:03 GMT 2000, Pete Dickinson (England from said:

All I can say is this, and you have probably heard this before, Your music is real poetry in motion, and I will always remember one of my first loves because of "Home Thoughts". Thankyou for the memory.


On Wed Mar 22 03:04:56 GMT 2000, MIKE EVANS (WALES from said:


On Tue Mar 28 13:29:59 BST 2000, Suzanne ( from said:

Clifford T. Ward, a truly talented singer/songwritter, all his songs are like misty roses, too soft to touch but too lovely to leave alone.... Regards Suzanne

On Fri Mar 31 12:17:07 BST 2000, John Evans (UK - john.evans@excite from said:

I've been a fan right from the start. A Day to Myself is one of the all time great songs and my copy of Both of Us is getting worn. I need all CTW's material on CD - fast! I hope Clifford knows how much pleasure he's brought to so many people over the years and this will continue ever onwards.


John Evans

On Sat Apr 1 02:44:20 BST 2000, Chas Bloxsome ( from said:

Just found your Web page. I've been a fan for many years when my Mom bought the 'Home Thoughts' LP. I played it to death, before Emigrating to Australia in 1973. No CTW there at that time, however I was saved because Mum sent a copy out, then 'Mantlpieces'. I managed to get Escalator and eventually a few more Albums before I moved to South Korea in 1979. Not much TV there at that time, so again the CTW LP's took a bashing,..... I think I made a few CTW converts in the process! Strangely enough, there was always something "special" about your music which eliminated some of the 'down moments' when I missed Blighty a bit; Especially Home Thoughts From Abroad.

I retunred to UK for 3 years,then to Pennsylvania, USA, where I've been for 13 yrs. Maybe 'New England Days' was a subliminal inspiration!

Lastly, thank you for your music, from me and my mother who has sinced passed away. (she would be tickled pink to know I was writing this E-Mail to you) Your music has been an inspiration, a comfort, and above all a pleasure to listen to over the latter 27 years. Thank you and God Bless.

On Sat Apr 1 19:57:26 BST 2000, Tim Light (High Wycombe from said:

"Do you still listen to Jimmy Webb and Linda Ronstadt, and I'm sorry its gone wrong..."

If you are like me and listen to music in phases i.e. listening to everything Cliff's recorded over and over again for a week, then you need a break to recharge the batteries. And that's where the other great man comes in. Jimmy Webb's music is obviously different - different background, different country - but he still has the same astute observations, intensity of feeling, clever lyrics and wonderful melodies. There's a sort of unplugged album '10 Easy Pieces' in which he sings his greatest hits but there's another album called 'Suspending Disbelief' which has some great stuff on it. Just thought I'd mention it. You can check him out on ''. OK, I've had my break - back to CTW!

On Tue Apr 4 23:58:16 BST 2000, PHIL CALDWELL (PHIL@FAILSWORTH1.CO.UK) from said:




On Wed Apr 5 03:04:29 BST 2000, Jim Morley ( from said:

Cliff, i like many others have been greatly influenced by your music since the early 70's. I found something about your quiet way grabbed my interest as a child and never let go, thankfully. Wonderful music. "The best is yet to come" is one of the best songs i've ever heard. I hope you are keeping well.

On Thu Apr 6 04:29:16 BST 2000, James R. Farlee (Oak Park, IL. USA from said:

It is amazing to find such a beautiful website dedicated to a man and his music. Being from the U.S. and raised in a small midwestern town I did not have the privilege and opportunity to begin early associations with Mr. Ward's beautiful work. I only discovered "Home Thoughts" by accident in a used vinyl bin in a record store located in the middle of a gang ridden part of Chicago. I feel that that this discovery was divine intervention, it had to be. But anyway, Liz does such a wonderful job of coordinating for the fans of Clifford T. Ward the purchase of memorabilia honoring him as well as distributing newsletters. He is an amazing talent and I feel fortunate to be able to learn more about him and his music through this amazing site. Thanks for sharing.

James R. Farlee, Oak Park, IL.

On Thu Apr 6 12:45:42 BST 2000, Karl Jones (England from said:

When talking about the great literate writers of the 20th century, people will remember the likes of John Lennon, T.S. Elliot, Wilfred Owen, but I will always rank Clifford T Ward up there. Clifford has a remarkable ability to translate everyday experiences into a marvelous poetic verse ( such as esculator). I have been a very big fan of Clifford for several years now. He brings a wonderful approach to music that has not yet been repeated by any other artist. As a song writer myself, I often think how he had the ability to write such masterpieces containing beautiful lyrics with common day occurences, the answer being quite simply, pure talent. I myself have written songs in the style of Clifford but never to the ultimate literally level which clifford achieved. I even put the words to a song on the Bittersweet album entitled Last Train. I hope that someday Clifford will be recognised by the music industry as one of the legends which graced our musical era. Long may it continue.

All the best


On Sun Apr 9 00:03:27 BST 2000, peter fletcher (England \ from said:

Cliff, I have loved your music from the beginning and today I managed to buy Home Thoughts in a second hand record shop, I came straight home and played it. I was devasted when my original tape broke it has only taken me five years to replace it. Thanks again for the joy your music has given me and my wife; we wish you well.

On Wed Apr 12 14:11:57 BST 2000, Peter Lawrence Hickford (Preston, Lancashire, England. ) from said:

For me, a Clifford T. Ward appreciator for the past 27 years, I regard his song 'The Way Of Love' as his finest composition and probably my all-time favourite song. It is a pastoral classic written in the mode of his fellow countyman Edward Elgar. For me, the words and especially the melody are similar to a funeral dirge and it seems that the song is the death-knell of love. If I, God forbid, was the castaway on a dessert island, then of the ten all-time favourite songs that I could take with me, Clifford's 'The Way Of Love' and 'Homethoughts From Abroad' would certainly be amongst them. The others would probably be as follows; If (Bread), Longer (Dan Fogelberg), God Only Knows (Beach Boys), Yesterday (Beatles), You (Randy Edelman), Silent Mother Nature (Catherine Howe), Song For A Winter's Night (Gordon Lightfoot) and It Might Be You (Stephen Bishop). As you can see, I'm a sad Romantic, who believes the world should be ruled by sentimental fools.


On Wed Apr 12 18:43:54 BST 2000, Christopher Hodgkinson (ENGLAND - (UNI) / (HOME)) from said:

Hi Cliff, I just wanted to write this message to reassure you of the fact that your music is still reaching the youth of today. I am nineteen and at Warwick University, and ever since I first heard 'Scullery' on Top Of The Pops 2, I have been trying to collect all your records. They have a sweet and carefree feel to them that just isn't found in the 'music' on my generation, and I have spent many happy hours wandering around campus with my personal stereo on, bearing a smile that passers-by can't understand.

Wishing you all the best, and thanking you for the many hours of happiness your music has given me,

Chris Hodgkinson

On Thu Apr 13 21:21:39 BST 2000, Chris edwards (Christopher. from said:

I really dig your music clifford. I'm glad everybody at Radio 2 does as well. All the best Chris

On Fri Apr 14 14:11:54 BST 2000, Paul Buchan (South Africa from said:

Having left England over 30 years ago "Home thoughts from abroad" has, and always will be, my most treasured listen. I can't describe the comfort Clifford's music has given to my wife and i whenever we have a yearning for England. No other music captures the essense of the green and pleasant land of England like Clifford T Ward.

Why the British Tourist Board has not used Clifford's music in their marketing efforts to atract tourists to Britain is inexplicable.

I wish Clifford and his family, love and peace during this most difficult time.

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