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On Sun Nov 7 07:09:57 GMT 1999, pete canter visscher (netherlands from said:

Back in 92 and 93 I was working in Saudi Arabia. There were many lonely moments ... I played Clifford on the car radio then. It helped me make it so through the sad times so much. The music of Clifford means a lot to me...

On Tue Nov 9 12:39:57 GMT 1999, Colin Barlow (England from said:

To Cliff,
Your songs bring memories to my mind of carefree childhood days sat in my room listening to the radio. "Gaye" still remains one of my all time favourite songs and I feel it was criminal that "Scullery" wasn`t the success it should have been. It was with great sadness that heard of your illness and wish you well for the future, I am sure "The best is yet to come". Take Care.

To Mick,
Great site, you are obviously a great fan and a connoiseour of fine music. Keep up the good work. (A "Wave" sample of "Gaye" would be nice though) Well done.

On Wed Nov 17 22:20:59 GMT 1999, Derek Thomas (Dublin, Ireland. from said:

I Would Just Like To Pay Respect, To a Man Who Has Brought Great Joy And Pleasure To so Many People, Through His Music, His Beautiful Lyrics And Voice. His Wonderful Music Has That Rare Quality of Making People Feel Better In Themselves.
God Bless You Clifford T Ward.

On Sat Nov 20 18:37:19 GMT 1999, Derek A Wales ( from said:

Clifford T Ward, To my mind one of the greatest songwriters ever and I could not understand why he was not in the top three of the recent millenium music poll for songwriters. Home thoughts from abroad is a masterpiece. Thanks for the music cliff, your fans love you.
Derek A Wales, Walton on Thames, Surrey. A long time fan.

On Mon Nov 22 22:53:21 GMT 1999, paddy swords (ireland) from said:

hope you are well. I like your music.

On Wed Nov 24 12:12:24 GMT 1999, BRIAN TIERNEY (IRELAND from said:

Great page on CTW. I am a big fan for the last four years since I got a lend of Home Thoughts From Abroad. It's a cracking album. Cannot stay as I have to get back to work. Well done on a very good site.

On Sat Nov 27 22:22:38 GMT 1999, Sean Brady (Ireland/ from said:

Hi Cliff,
I have recently discovered your details on the Internet and would like to send you this message. I have long admired your songwriting abilities and love "Gaye" and "Home Thoughts from Abroad" and I consider them as two of the finest songs ever written. I myself have Multiple Sclerosis - the relapsing/remitting type - and I am lucky enough to get around quite well. My diagnosis was made in October of 1997. I have a part-time job with a computer company and I look after the office. I am currently receiving treatment for my MS. It is a weekly injection of Avonex which appears to be working for me. I have had a few relapses but I believe that the episodes would have been worse if I had not been on this treatment.
Best Wishes to you Cliff from Sean.

On Mon Nov 29 12:42:16 GMT 1999, Mick Bean ( from said:

Clifford is a true wordsmith with the ability to muster up tunes which are both simple and meaningfull. A man who has given me a great many years of listening pleasure.

On Wed Dec 1 05:25:24 GMT 1999, James Harris (Canada, from said:

I can clearly remember my parents vinyl copy of "Home Thoughts", probably from it original run in 1973. I think I wore the grooves out of it. Sometime ago the vinyl got misplaced, a lost treasure. Clifford was musical genious. I am thoroughly pleased to hear that Virgin had released some of his work on CD. I would love to find it somewhere. Hats off to Mick for the complete site!

On Wed Dec 1 21:25:44 GMT 1999, bill (england, from said:

Help!! My cassette of "Home Thoughts" is worn out! I have tried countless places to get a new copy, preferably on CD but cannot obtain one! It's my favourite album of all time! In fact, my complete collection is in need of replacement. Can you help!

On Sun Dec 5 22:05:38 GMT 1999, Steve Longley (England from said:

I have been a fan for over 20 years but have only recently obtained access to the Internet. I have enjoyed a lovely hour or so reading your web page information and I am delighted that I will now be able to keep in touch in this way, as well as listening to the LP's /CDs I have purchased over the years.
My very best wishes,
Steve Longley.

On Wed Dec 8 00:18:57 GMT 1999, Paul Armson (UK from said:

Love the songs, hope you are in good spirits.

On Wed Dec 8 21:55:23 GMT 1999, NIGEL CATTERALL (GREAT BRITAIN from said:


On Mon Dec 13 21:29:06 GMT 1999, Don (Ireland from said:

Probably the Best Singer/Songwriter we are likely to witness in our lifetime. He has the knack of writing songs that are Simple yet full of Intelligence, Carefree yet crammed with Feeling. I`ve grown up listening to Cliff ever since my Mother called me in one afternoon to see him on Pebble Mill. "Here`s someone you might like" She said. He sang "Not Waving I`m Drowning". I was hooked ! 27 Years, 9 Albums and 3 Compilations later, He is still My Favourite Solo Artist. Years ago, would you believe, I even contemplated writing to Jim`l Fixit on BBC TV. My Dream was to get a spot playing Bass Guitar with Cliff.! {True}. How I envied Terry Edwards. Those Beautiful Bass Lines !! I never got the courage to do it. How many times have you seen someone saying that His music touched their life in one way or another ? Well, Mine too!. Though I`ve never met Cliff, I feel as if I`ve known Him for years. I Love Him and hold him in highest esteem! Clifford T.Ward....THANK YOU so much for giving us Your Thoughts, Your Words, and Your Beautiful Music. We All Love You More Than You Could Ever Imagine!. Also a word to his Wife Pat, Thank you for looking after someone so Special!. From another Life Long Fan!!!.

On Wed Dec 15 02:17:03 GMT 1999, Chris Ward (UK from said:

Hi, I'm a songwriter from Manchester, nothing like Clifford, but his music has always lived very close to my heart. As a child, I was amazed at a song which went 'If you share my coathanger then I'll be hung on you...'. I only heard it once, but was thrilled that it was by someone who's initiald were also C Ward! Later, I bought Wherewithal, and it is one of my all time favourite songs - so utterly English, so cleverly wordy...I used to love watching the mad-hatter on the Famus Charisma Label going round and round as the song played on the Dansette, it just created a little audio-visual world all of its own! Thankyou Clifford for being so inspired. My other absolute favourite is Jigsaw Girl - did that ever make the charts? The cellos are sublime, along with the Springsteen-stlye saxophone - who was the sax player? What I do share with you, Cliff, is maybe a love for the slightly eccentric qualities of life, and it is from there that I find my songwriting inspiration. Again, thankyou for having given the art of songwriting such elegant (and eloquent!) representation.
Chris Ward.

On Sat Dec 18 12:48:08 GMT 1999, Barry Larrigan (UK from said:

I'm in my mid forties now but remember my teens and the excellent music that was around then. Best of all, of course, was the music of Clifford T Ward. I still play it - I'm listening to 'Gaye and Other Stories' now. Be sure of one thing, Cliff - you were a major influence on a whole generation.

On Thu Dec 23 23:07:48 GMT 1999, jon brennan (england) from said:

brilliant lyricist

On Thu Dec 30 08:47:47 GMT 1999, Stuart M Jackson (England. from said:

To a man whose music has blessed this world for so many years, I send my gratitude, my respect and my love. I thought him dead and grieved within my being, but his light still shines that some might see a better way. Take care my friend. I wish you Love, Peace and Light.
Stuart M Jackson

On Fri Dec 31 17:07:12 GMT 1999, Pui Wong ( from said:

Happy Millenium New Year all Cliff music lovers and specially to Cliff and his family. Thanks to Cliff for bringing such great music to my life in the last century. English people voted the Beatles ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE as the millenium song. But if Cliff were as popular as the fab four (isn't Cliff once rated as the second Paul McCartney?), my choice for the millenium song will be definitely one of Cliff's.

On Fri Dec 31 22:51:27 GMT 1999, Scott Bartel (Mpls., MN. U.S.A. from said:

Dear Mr. Ward,

Your strength of songwriting continues to give me strength to write music, not always in the direction I thought, but, now as a music composer for audio tapes that accompany the author's read of their own children's story books. A very popular seller here in Minnesota this holiday season is a book entitled "The Chestnut Pan" by Donald Horton. I was comissioned to score the music, and throughout the writing, found myself thinking many times of you Mr. Ward, and your music and lyrics. Your writing gift is truly... "pure sensitivity".
May I have an opportunity to send you this published book with it's audio tape?

With sincere respect,

Scott Bartel.

On Fri Jan 7 12:59:57 GMT 2000, Leif Giaever (Norway Leif Giæver/NARVESEN/NO) from said:

Thank`s for the music, please, continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sat Jan 8 17:46:32 GMT 2000, Emmanuel Ghirxi (Malta from said:

Great songs with lovely memories by a wonderful singer, songwriter.

On Sat Jan 8 20:59:53 GMT 2000, Philip Birkett ( from said:

Wonderful Songs.

On Sun Jan 9 12:26:32 GMT 2000, () from said:

As a 9-year-old in 1973 I remember seeing Clifford playing Gaye on TOTP. I didn't buy many records then, but was struck by the performance (which I recorded with a microphone from the television - the tape is now long lost) and always meant to get some of his material. Yesterday I bought Gaye and Other Stories from HMV for a paltry £4.99. All I can say is what a dreadful shame to see such a beautiful collection of original songs effectively being given away. Still, I feel privileged to have made the connection at long last and know I'll still be playing this album in another 26 years' time.
Best Wishes Clifford,
Chris Brown.

On Mon Jan 10 16:18:54 GMT 2000, Suzanne (London) from said:

On January 8th on BBC2 they showed TOTP2 which featured Clifford T. Ward singing his 1971 hit 'Scullery', which I recorded on video. Now I can see Clifford singing day or night, I am really happy now...,

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