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On Fri Aug 13 14:43:30 BST 1999, Gerard Floyd (UK from said:

I've loved Clifford T. Ward's music for a many years now and I had no idea how popular he still is. I'm glad that I stumbled across this site, it has informed me of many things that I didn't know.

On Fri Aug 20 08:21:52 BST 1999, pat jordan (ireland from said:

Dear Mike, I would like to thank you for bringing Cliff into the 21st century. There was a 1 hour show on R.T.E radio 1 in Ireland on Cliff's music. This was on Thursday 19th August 1999. I have recorded it, if you would like a copy please contact me. I must get to work now, but now that I have found you.....
Pat Jordan.

On Sat Aug 21 20:43:08 BST 1999, Fintan Higgins (Ireland from said:

I have always enjoyed Clifford's music from the first hearing of Gaye, through Home thoughts to Mantle Pieces (playing at the moment in the background - Tea Cosy). How can such a musical genius who has given us so much pleasure over the years not receive true recognition from his peers ??

On Sun Aug 22 23:12:23 BST 1999, James Farrell ( from said:

I am delighted to have discovered this site and the opportunity to express my appreciations for CTW's songs throughout the years. I must say I loved all of Cliff's albums I got, particularly 'Mantle Pieces'. I think 'Home Thoughts from Abroad' is a classic and has never aged no matter how many times I hear it. My favourite song of all is "Someone I Know".

On Sun Aug 29 00:27:06 BST 1999, Richard & Ceri Cullen (England from said:

Had a tape of Home Thoughts in the car the other day and thought we would find out how you are getting on. Sad to discover you have M.S. but Home Thoughts is a brilliant album and brings back many happy memories. The words are so thoughtful and the music great. No one compares to you .... ! Poetry means a lot to me and listening to 'I've been reading Browning' etc. makes me want to cry (Ceri Cullen). It is just beautiful. Hope all goes well for you.

On Tue Aug 31 04:20:33 BST 1999, Bill (USA - from said:

Haven't listened to Mantle Pieces in a few months, but now I can't get "Not Waving - Drowning" out of my head. It's my favorite. The album is the only CTW vinyl I own. I need to shop for the others on cd's. Thanks for the wonderful music Clifford.

On Sat Sep 4 11:16:41 BST 1999, Terry Mooney ( from said:

I first discovered C.T.W in the early seventies and he's been with me ever since, I always seem to find a tune to match what ever mood I'm in. My favorite song is (Where would that leave me). Surely the the most sincere of all our superstars. God bless you Clifford. TERRY.

On Mon Sep 6 00:25:55 BST 1999, geoff hainsworth (uk - from said:

I first heard 'Gaye' on the radio driving back to Hartlepool from Halifax in the 70s. I had just started teaching and worked three evenings per week in the school youth club. When I moved on the girls there bought me a 45 of 'Scullery' because they knew I really liked CTW. Really depressed to read about Cliff - I hope things improve. Like other correspondents I am baffled that he never became a really big star - he is definitely up there with the Beatles. Thanks for the web-page - (my son's mate Ralph Rimmer is a big shot at Sheffield Eagles.)

On Thu Sep 16 04:44:51 BST 1999, Roberto Domiencio (Brazil from said:

First time round here. Is Clifford a Christian? I'm just crazy about the song Home Thoughts From Abroad. It does touch me deep inside. It's simply wonderful. I only had a chance to know two other songs: Gaye and Wherewithal. Now that I found this site, I want to know much more. I want to particularly find the CD "Home Thoughts". Thank you.

On Fri Sep 17 16:20:13 BST 1999, caroline barnes (America from said:

While visiting my family in Ireland I heard a progamme on RTE radio which was a one hour special on Clifford T. Ward. My mom, sister and I listened and sang along to all of his songs, and recalled where we were when they were hits. I have a friend in Canada who has MS and my mother's next door neighbour has it very bad and is not going to go into remission. This is such an awful dibilitating disease but I am glad that Clifford has such positive people around him because I believe that if you are determined to fight it and have people who remind how much you can do it, you will. Thank you for the site, it is really informative and regards to Clifford and his family. Regards,
Caroline Barnes
Barbara Stewart
Anna Jackson

On Wed Sep 22 15:58:40 BST 1999, Aboobacker ( from said:



On Wed Sep 22 20:29:44 BST 1999, () from said:

To Clifford, Even though we have not met, I feel close to you, and want to express my thoughts on how you and other special people such as 'The Moody Blues', 'Lindisfarne', 'Nike Drake', 'Kate Bush', 'Isaac Hayes', 'Roy Wood', 'Cat Stevens', 'Steely Dan', 'Stevie Wonder', and Colin Blunstone have all been there when I needed them most. Eventhough I just have one album of yours 'Gaye and 'other stories', I still think that I have many of your loveliest songs, especially, 'Gaye' and 'Homethoughts from Abroad'. Regards from Suszanne.

On Tue Sep 28 21:41:14 BST 1999, Geoff and Jayne Taylor (Wales from said:

We have been married for twenty two years and courted to the early albums. During our married life Clifford's music has always been very special to us. Unfortunately the earlier L.P.'s were damaged by sunlight and we would like to acquire his entire collection. We have recently bought 'Gaye and other stories' but cannot obtain any other works. Firstly we would like to thank Clifford for being with us for the last 22 years and secondly is there any way we can replace our damaged records and obtain all the others we do not possess. We are happy to be associated with such a talented musician.

On Thu Sep 30 22:00:14 BST 1999, glyn whiting (Herefordshire UK from said:

Dear Cliff,
After playing an old compilation tape today I felt compelled to drop you a line to thank you for all the great songs especially home thoughts thru escalator to cellaphane etc. Reminds me of summer in the 70's in Worcester and lazy days at Shelsey.
Take care, warmest regards,

On Thu Oct 7 02:15:35 BST 1999, George Russell ( (USA )) from said:

"Gaye" may have "put you on the map !! "Scullery" should have made you the owner of it !! thank you and God bless. George.

On Mon Oct 11 14:28:59 BST 1999, Rob Darbyshire ( from said:

Hi Cliff, You are one of the great musicians of all time, your songs strike a cord inside me which no other musician has ever achieved for me. I first listened to 'home thoughts' when I was about nine, and for about seven years you were all I listened to untill I got my first cd player and started to listen to bands who almost had what you have, but some how not even the beatles come close to you.
All you need is love.

On Mon Oct 11 23:00:57 BST 1999, kevin fellows (england from said:

im proud to say i was at the convention with my familie in october and how proud i was to sit and talk to one of the greatest singer song writers of all time and a true gentleman, your music will live on for ever and now many people are starting to hear of you and realise just how great you are. my son who met you at the convention is 15 and now plays your music as often as he playe nervana, i think thats how its spelt. take care cliff you are allways in my thoughts and i look forward to the next convention. i would also like to say im a student at university in cambridge and im makeing every i meet no about the great man and is music.

On Wed Oct 13 14:22:45 BST 1999, Suzanne (Sussanna@looksmart) from said:

To Clifford, I wonder what your thoughts are on other singer/song writers such as: Gordon Lightfoot and Hank Williams and what do you think of Screamin Jay Hawkin's unique stye, especially when he sung 'I'll put a spell on you'. Do you listen to the Moody Blues's first seven Albums, because they do for me what your music does, magical. Regards from Suszanne.

On Mon Oct 18 01:27:37 BST 1999, John Allsopp (usa from said:

i grew up with clifford's music he should be proud. THANKYOU.

On Tue Oct 19 19:20:42 BST 1999, John Osborne ( from said:

I was thrilled by the convention (my 2nd). At which I purchased the biography "Bittersweet". Dave Cartwright should be proud of his work. Northampton is a brighter place on a cold winter's evening while CTW can provide the entertainment!

On Sun Oct 24 12:29:43 BST 1999, david young ( from said:

A big hello to all Clifford T.Ward fans. I am putting together Issue 13 of Waves, the fanzine dedicated to all aspects of Clifford T.Ward. If anyone has any contributions, I would be very pleased to receive them. Top 10s - Albums/songs (especially with reasons for choices. Reviews of songs/albums/book. Did you attend the last convention? Tell the rest of the world about it. Anything at all! Thanks.

On Wed Oct 27 19:06:56 BST 1999, james (england from said:

your music has been a source of listening, playing, pleasure,
the songs you wrote and music too, will always be our treasure,
now life has put the brake on hard, fate must take the blame,
but Cliff keep plodding on for us, we need you just the same,
the songs you wrote, home thoughts, scullery, lullaby and gaye,
they were from your heart, unique to you, inspired all the way,
laugh it off Cliff, don't give in, just keep on going strong,
we need your help and your advice, to stop us going wrong,
you've still got songs inside your head, waiting to come out,
so come on Cliff just let them know, what your music is about,
you've borne your troubles with a smile, sometimes with a scoff,
what an example to the rest of us, so often better off,
Cliff from your many fans, I say one thing to you, for sure,
Thanks old mate for what you've done, and how about some more.


Wow, that's great stuff James! Is it a poem, or does it have music too!!? (I'll look forward to hearing you sing it at the next convention!    ;-)   )    .  .  .  Mick.

On Fri Oct 29 21:45:59 BST 1999, Lesley (England from said:

I've been listening to CTW since Homethoughts, the best album ever written, what a joy to find your website! The man is a genius.

What, the man who created the web-site? - we know the man who wrote the music is!!   ;-)
       .  .  .  Mick.

On Sun Oct 31 21:02:33 GMT 1999, james (england from said:

Mick, many thanks for your comments, yes it is a poem, however I am James senior (the old man) not only a fan but a good friend of cliff's, it does not surprise me at all to read the comments that are made about him. Indeed he inspired me to write the poem, try asking him how he is, "I'm fine, how are you, how is your family" is the type of response you will get, he is a great guy who deserves the love and respect he has so rightly earned. . Best wishes James Davey (snr).
PS> I still think he would sue me if I sang one of his songs at the convention.

On Mon Nov 1 09:41:05 GMT 1999, Margo McLaughlin ( Ireland) from said:

I love his music. A talent such as his is very rare and very precious.

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