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On Sun May 2 07:50:14 BST 1999, Prill Lloyd ( from said:

I heard a 'Clifford' song on Radio 2 (UK) this week with the words 'Missing you' in it, didnt catch the title and would like to get it - can anyone offer me any help thanks in advance Prill

On Sat May 15 18:13:39 BST 1999, Stephen Black (Canada, from said:

Dear Clifford, I continue to have a wonderous relationship with you and your music. Of all the writers that I can think of, you have caused me to go deeper into myself than any other. "For Debbie And Her Friends" still brings tears to my eyes after 25 years and "Not Waving - Drowning!" still makes me think about life and love. Since 1973, when I was given one of your albums as a birthday gift, I realize how great a gift it is!!! Thank you dear Clifford, may life be as gracious to you as you are to us all!

On Sun May 16 17:23:43 BST 1999, Nigel Woodall (England from said:

Although not a big follower of Clifford, Gaye is one of my favourite records. The reason I am writing is that I bumped into Clifford yesterday, in Kidderminster Town Centre. Unfortunately waiting in his car in the disabled parking area. I went over to him and introduced him to my 4 year old daughter, with the phrase "This man wrote one of the greatest songs ever written" Clifford was, as always charm itself. Oh how I wish someone could find a cure and give this man back the life he so deserves.

On Thu May 20 10:57:48 BST 1999, Helen Pidd ( from said:

I'm 18 years old and am just discovering the genius of Clifford T. Excellent work......

On Fri May 21 01:56:35 BST 1999, James O'Donoghue (Eire ( from said:

I now live in beautiful countryside surroundings in southern Ireland, where it is an absolute pleasure waking up in the morning to the sound of birds singing, just like in "Nightingale". That song just inspired me this morning to put up a bird table right outside my bedroom window so that I can hear those beautiful bird songs (to which Clifford regarded as being better and probably lasting longer than his own songs). I also love the imagery of quite lanes and forrest paths, in some of his songs, just like the ones that I use to recharge myself. Beautiful collection of songs, man. Best Wishes to ya.

On Wed May 26 14:35:41 BST 1999, Robert M. Amos (England from said:

I have been a fan of Clifford T Ward since the early 70's. I used to send my wife tapes when she was away at College. We have been married for 23 years so it must have helped!!

On Fri May 28 19:45:10 BST 1999, Tom Prendergast (Ireland , from said:

Greetings from Ireland. I have been a fan of Clifford T. Ward since I was 13 years of age. I have Home Thoughts and Mantlepieces on both lp and cd. I also have Gaye & other stories. I listen to his music quite often and I must say that I never tire of the beautiful melodies and lyrics. Why was Up in the World not included on Gaye & other Stories? Best wishes to all. Tom Prendergast

On Sun May 30 13:38:21 BST 1999, mike hurd ( England) from said:

Excellent site, keep up the good work.

On Mon May 31 22:16:41 BST 1999, Ian Hale (UK, from said:

Just a fan!

On Fri Jun 11 18:51:34 BST 1999, Jan (England from said:

I love all the songs on the home Thougts Album. I must get the CD.

On Fri Jun 11 19:07:24 BST 1999, JAN (ENGLAND - from said:

I am sorry, I'm new to this game! I wanted to add to the message that I'd like to know if Home Thoughts is available on CD - I'd love to get it, my old tape has been played so many times its now inaudible. If anyone knows if it's available, please let me know. Thanks.

On Sat Jun 19 07:45:01 BST 1999, Lawrence ( from said:

Brings back a lot of happy memories of the 70's.

On Sat Jun 19 10:03:49 BST 1999, Paul Parkes ( from said:

An excellent page. I have been looking for Home Thoughts for ages and hopefully I can now get it. Many thanks.

On Mon Jun 21 14:43:03 BST 1999, Colin young (England from said:

Ever since "Coathanger" I have been a fan of the musical genius of Clifford T. Ward. I have never listened to Home Thoughts from Abroad without tingling from head to toe. Two of my children are called Sam and Carrie. No prizes for guessing where I picked the names from. I would just like to thank you Cliff for letting me share your music. My best wishes to you and your family.

On Thu Jun 24 20:12:04 BST 1999, Peter Glanville Jacques ( from said:

I have follwed CTW from the beginning .... completely phased to discover 'net' material and so pleased to hear about a meeting in October.

On Tue Jun 29 12:18:08 BST 1999, David Kennedy (Ireland) from said:

I'm only new to your music but I find it has become so inspirational and meaningful to me. "You'd brighten up a gallery" You're my favourite soloist. My fav. song has to be Cellophane.

On Wed Jun 30 15:17:55 BST 1999, Peter Southworth (England) from said:

Megga, simply the best singer/songwriter for generations. I have just joined the Appreciation Society. After years of drought, I have now discovered and purchased Hidden Treasures, I now only need Laugh it Off and Bittersweet to complete the collection. If CTW gets to read the book (or has time), then I send my fondest thanks, hope to meet him at the next convention.
Peter Southworth
3 St. Augustine's Court
Mornington Road
London E11 3BQ.

On Tue Jul 6 00:38:48 BST 1999, Mário Valente (Portugal - from said:

I adore songs of Clifford T Ward Specially the album Homethoughts from ... I don't remember the rest I lost the vinil but I remember yet songs like "Gaye" ... Where can I get cdrom or mp3 from Sir Clifford T Ward? Thank you.

On Mon Jul 19 15:56:44 BST 1999, Karl (UK from said:

If anyone can email me an address where I can send things to Clifford, I have information about natural products I take which may help him. I have loved his songs for years. All the best.

On Mon Jul 19 22:04:52 BST 1999, Gary Clensy (garyclensy) from said:


On Tue Jul 20 22:22:18 BST 1999, Peter Glanville Jacques (PGJacques@aol,com) from said:

My personal artisit of the 'Millenium'. Influential, captivating, allocentric - in three words.

On Wed Jul 21 17:36:05 BST 1999, Guy Nolan (England from said:

What a fantastic website! Back in the early 80's I bought a double K-Tel album called 'Dreaming'. This was my introduction to his song 'The best is yet to come', I played it over and over again. I have heard Gaye on the radio several times and only recently have decided to find and listen to his other music. Is most of work available on CD? Especially 'The best is yet to come'. Does anyone else remember buying that album, and if so can they tell me anything about the singer 'Gary Benson' who sang 'Don't throw it all away'. Thanks once again for this great site. I look forward to listening to the rest of his music. I'm also interested to talk to other fans!

On Fri Jul 30 21:42:24 BST 1999, NEIL IRVINE (scotland from said:


On Thu Aug 5 21:51:42 BST 1999, Davina and Paul Ramshaw (England. from said:

Clifford will never know of the hours of pleasure he has given us over the last 27 years. Our life has been immeasurably enriched because of his gift of music and lyrics. Our sons, now tentatively entering the music business with their own compositions express a wish to record cover versions of Clifford's work as their own tribute, and they would like to link to here from their own websites, so that more of their peers might learn of the quiet genius of this wonderful man.

On Thu Aug 12 10:37:05 BST 1999, Richard Sully (UK ( from said:

How wonderful to find such a fitting tribute to one of England's most talented singer songwriters as your web site. Being a professional solo pianist who spends most of his working hours interpreting the work of others, good and bad, I would have to say that Cliff's songs still send a shiver up my spine, even after all the years I have known them. I suppose that would be the greatest complement someone like me could pay any writer. I congratulate you on your site and send my warmest thoughts to Mr Ward himself.
Best wishes,
Richard Sully

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