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On Mon Feb 8 18:29:53 GMT 1999, Carol () from said:

Clifford's voice sounds like no other voice in music - And nobody has ever managed to sound like Clifford. That same qualification (stourport) can also be said about his musical birthplace. Regards.

On Wed Feb 17 01:10:59 GMT 1999, Larrie Martin (Ireland from said:

Finally beginning to find my way around the net after 12 months-great to come across the CTW sites. Also found out about Friends of CTW from the Hidden Treasures CD. Have been a fan since the early 70's. The music still means so much to me. Hope this doesn't sound too trite and that our messages are some support to Cliff in his struggle. Larrie Martin

On Sat Feb 27 15:16:40 GMT 1999, Gerry Somers ( from said:

I had E-Mailed the Johny Walker Show on BBC Radio 2 and it was Johnnys producer, Phil Hughes that suggested I look here for information on Clifford. Well worth the search. Thanks

On Sun Feb 28 20:26:42 GMT 1999, keith dixon (england. from said:

i am a big fan and this website is good news as i am missing some of ctw's later albums trust ctw is still hanging on in.

On Sat Mar 6 23:44:41 GMT 1999, Clive Winstanley () from said:

It's nice to see someone else spreading the word about Clifford T. Ward's amazing music. Your site is out-of-this-world, Mick. It fully does justice to the Man's talent. I'm now going to compile my own Top 20 and send it to you. I'll bet you can hardly wait! Clive Winstanley (Former editor of Waves, the CTW fanzine)

On Tue Mar 9 21:17:30 GMT 1999, Michael Fox (England from said:

I was there are the beginning!!

On Sun Mar 14 22:14:06 GMT 1999, John Briggs () from said:

Best Wishes Cliff, all the best

On Mon Mar 15 01:24:27 GMT 1999, Ed Falys (Canada from said:

Some of the most agreeable music I've ever been put in hearing distance of. I would not part with a single album. When it was, back in 1976, that I rescued 'Escalator' from a miscellaneous 'W' bin, it was clear to me that I'd found something special. How is it, that I never grow tired of his tunes?

On Mon Mar 15 21:07:46 GMT 1999, Bob Oldfield (Canada (formerly UK) from said:

Thank you, Clifford, for the songs !! Always intelligent - always insightful They've long been an integral part of my collection. Bob

On Sun Mar 21 21:55:49 GMT 1999, John McCabe ( from said:

Your words and music have been an inspiration

On Sun Mar 21 22:10:48 GMT 1999, John McCabe ( from said:

CLIFFORD T Your music brought someone very special into my life. I will always be grateful to you for that.

On Wed Mar 24 23:22:27 GMT 1999, Ralph Riley (England LNDAZ@AOL.COM) from said:

Found you by accident!! I,ve always admired the man, the music and the wonderful lyrics. How do I get a copy of "Laugh it off?" I saw it mentioned on this site, but was not aware of its existence. C.T.W. and myself have a few similarities. I was a teacher ended up with M.S. and had to retire. Now being a sad sod I spend my time on the net (when not worrying about the phone bill!!!) but this sight brought back the memories of happier times. I wonder how many people have happy memories encapsulated in one of Clifford T's songs? They don't write, or sing 'em like this now! Thankfully "Clifford T Goes Techno" will never become reality. A Lovely site--Thanks!!

On Thu Mar 25 20:48:23 GMT 1999, Linda Catlow () from said:

Mick, We're just waiting for the wav file of 'The Best is yet to come' to download so I thought we'd leave a little something in your guest book while we waited. My Mum has been curious about the internet (never touched a computer in her life!!!) and of all the things she wanted to search for, as I showed her in this her first taste of the net, was info on Clifford T Ward. Well, here we are and Mum seems impressed with your site. Is Clifford still writing or recording? If so could you leave any information on your news page? Well the wav file has loaded so we're going to have a listen. Regards, M.Catlow (for Mum Linda - Big CTW fan)

On Sun Mar 28 21:45:40 BST 1999, John Briggs () from said:

I must revisit the site just to thank you for the wonderful, wonderful music.May Radio 2 continue to play.



On Fri Apr 9 02:16:28 BST 1999, Michael Lin (Hong Kong ( from said:

Cliff's music has accompanied me for the past 25 years and he is undoubtedly the best singer-songwriter that I've ever come across in my life. I have kept on recommending his works to my friends and is well accepted. A cousin of mine, 13 years younger than me also got hooked by his music. This clearly means Cliff's songs survive the years & age boundaries. I am very sad that he might not be able to write & sing again and I just hope there could be a miracle. Regardless, his music will live in me till the end of my life. Thanks Cliff.

On Sat Apr 10 22:05:52 BST 1999, Denis Moore (Scotland) from said:

Clifford T. has is an excellent example of one person saying what the rest of us think.

On Sun Apr 11 19:05:12 BST 1999, Majo Hendriks (Netherlands : from said:

I was touched by Gaye when I was a teenager. I put an ad in the newspaper to get me a copy of Gaye and found a wonderful contact nearby with a guy who has a lot of music by Cliff. We stay in contact now. At the beginning it was Gaye, but it went on with Homethoughts from abroad. Tears are running when I hear this song. It is wonderful. Thank you Cliff! Majo

On Tue Apr 13 00:10:13 BST 1999, The O'Brien Family. (Ireland flowers from said:

Hi Mick, We have loved CTW for years. His music and lyrics are just so beautiful, it's a shame he does'nt get the recognition he REALLY deserves. I read an article about Boyzone that said only two of the " band " can actually sing!!!!!! A huge number of so called talents making obscene amounts of money are obviously the same. Makes you wonder about the unfairness of it all. Anyway congratulations on an excellent site about an EXCELLENT singer/songwriter. We wish all the very best to Cliff for the future. Eamonn and Teresa O'Brien.

On Tue Apr 13 01:35:44 BST 1999, Eamonn O' Brien. ( from said:

Congrat's Mick on a real gem of a web site, almost as good as listening to a C.T.W. album!. I really enjoyed all the facts and info on all Cliff's recordings, I intend to search for copies of my favourites, ie, THE TRAVELER, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Keep up the good work, Eamonn O'Brien.

On Tue Apr 13 08:03:23 BST 1999, Stan Umney (USA, Santa Cruz California, from said:

Ever since I purchased his "Home Thoughts" and later "Mantlepieces" albums his music and lyrics have touched me in a special way. I am deeply sorry to hear he has MS and hope that some day, somehow, some cure comes along for that most debilitating and cruel of diseases. Try not to give up. Best wishes, Stan.

On Sun Apr 25 14:37:56 BST 1999, Joseph Byrne ( from said:

as a lifetime fan of clifford t. how sad it is to know he can't produce anymore of his classic love songs his music got me through my teenage years and i will be forever a lifetime fan i'm finding it very hard to purchase any of clifford's music on cd here in ireland, anyone with any info on how to do so over the net please mail me on the above address

On Mon Apr 26 17:07:09 BST 1999, Geoffrey Levene (Manchester England from said:

I thought the concert in Bewdley was fantastic. Clifford attended and signed autographs for everyone. Congratulations to Liz for organizing the event. Cant wait for the next one.

On Fri Apr 30 17:06:39 BST 1999, John Murphy (Ireland from said:

My main contact with Cliff is a cassette copy of "Home Thoughts" which comes out every now and then when neither my wife nor my kids are around but that is enough to convince me of the genius of Clifford T Ward. How many artistes with 1/10 of his talent have had 10 times as much success. C'est la vie

On Fri Apr 30 23:52:35 BST 1999, Mick Capewell (Canterbury, from said:

Hi Mick! Great artists deserve great sites & yours certainly lives up to Cliff's standards. I remember watching Cliff on TV in the early/mid 70s. I was a teenager at the time so as you can imagine subtlety and lyricism were not high on the list of qualities that I looked for in music. "Get this wimp off--lets have some ELP etc" was my reaction. Two & a half decades later I've finally taken the time to listen (after reading the article on Cliff by the estimable Peter Daltrey). I bought the compilation CD of the Charisma LPs and yes, there is wonderful music there. "Home Thoughts (of course), The Ways of Love, Time the Magician, A Day to Myself (Masterpiece!). I'm now actively seeking out Cliff's recordings & attempting to spread the Gospel in my own small way. To conclude, I'd just like to thank you for your hard work in producing this informative site and of course wish Cliff & his family as much happiness as is possible. Cheers Mick.

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