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On Fri Jul 17 23:09:21 BST 1998, Len Seymour (Canada, from said:

I'm 48 years of age, and in all of my listening day's, I have yet to hear any better than CTW. He has made my half century an awful lot easier.

On Sat Jul 18 16:58:09 BST 1998, John Laughland (Turkey, from said:

I bought "home thoughts......" when it came out and have played it, what 1000? times since. I havn't really followed Cliff's career since, and must admit that I have no more of his records; but now, browsing on the net I looked up someone from the past [not exactly my youth] and was most distressed to learn of Cliff's illness. I am a bit stuck for words Cliff [if your listening], so I only wish you all the best and happiness in the years to come. regards John.

On Sun Jul 19 15:10:06 BST 1998, Rob Reynolds ({UK Sheffield} from said:

Fantastic songwriter, love his songs, can't get enough from listening to my father's CTW records back in the 70s.

On Mon Jul 20 05:14:49 BST 1998, Freddie ( from said:

Thank you for providing me with my heart. You have made me look inside myself. God bless you.

On Wed Jul 22 09:06:34 BST 1998, Jack, Hanne & Sam Ward (Denmark, from said:

Dear Mick & C.T.Ward fans,

it is so uplifting to know that there is still a huge interest in my dad´s music and that his music is appreciated in so many different countries. I can only say that it is this kind of support which keeps Cliff going. He has genuine feelings for those who really enjoy listening to his music and for him this has always been the motivation to write songs, the listener. The three of us are all big fans - just turned one, Jack nods his head in time to "Trousers" (incidently from the new cd "Hidden Treasures").

Thanks again, Sam Ward.

On Fri Jul 31 11:54:20 BST 1998, Reg Balmforth (U.K. Reg from said:

I'm so pleased to have found this web site. I will have to get a lot more involved from now on.

On Mon Aug 3 22:35:41 BST 1998, john sharp (scotland, cameronson@aol) from said:

clifford`s music & lyrics will always be part of me, he makes you feel that you know him like you would your own family. his family values have always been very important to me. take care and love to you and all your family.

On Wed Aug 5 09:19:07 BST 1998, Dave Farquhar (Britain from said:

Good site. Will try to get to the next support concert, and in the meantime will get down to Our Price.

On Tue Aug 11 06:58:06 BST 1998, Nigel Chisholm ( from said:

Mick, Superb page. Cliff's lyrics have always come to me in my occasional "thoughtful" moments. I left England in 1986 and "Home Thoughts" never fails to transport me closer to home and my loved ones. Thanks to my big brother Rob for introducing an 11 year old to CTW and thanks to CTW for enriching my life. May Cliff's God bless him.


On Tue Aug 11 17:51:02 BST 1998, James Smith (Isle of Lewis, from said:

Having been a fan of Ctw since the early 70's all I can say is that these web pages are a sight for sore eyes and absolutely first class.

On Thu Aug 13 23:01:07 BST 1998, Adrian Hooper (Wales from said:

I have the greatest respect for Cliff and his fellow musicians. As a musician myself I appreciate the very high standard of musicianship evident from the albums. I hope to be at Bewdley in October. Would it be possibly to have a complete lyric listing for all of Cliff's songs? I hope that one day this will be possible. Thanks for a great website.


On Fri Aug 14 18:36:07 BST 1998, martin reece (perth western australia: from said:

love "home thoughts from abroad", take care, may see you at concert in oct.1998.

On Fri Aug 14 19:47:37 BST 1998, Jonathan Jayne ( from said:

Looked up the website after playing "Gaye" on an old K Tel album from 1973. I remember Clifford on Top of the Pops performing it. While at college in Worcester two of my classmates had been taught by Clifford at secondary school, I think it was in Bromsgrove. So sorry to learn of Cliff's affliction. Best of luck for the future. Kind regards


On Sun Aug 16 11:02:24 BST 1998, Ralph Tonge (UK from said:

I think you've done a great job with the site - I feel so enlightened after reading it all. The one thing that now makes me feel desperate is that I only have two of Clifford's albums (Julia & Gaye) and can't seem to find any more out there! If only someone would re-release them. Thanks for all the effort the site must have taken. Its great.

On Wed Aug 19 20:28:41 BST 1998, Dan Marcus (Claremont,California,USA. from said:

Congratulations Mick and thanks for a great website. My own introduction to Cliff's music came in the early 80s when I discovered New England Days and Home Thoughts in a used record bin and became an instant fan. A decade and a half passed before I was able to locate the rest of the iceberg with a little help from my English friends. My expectations were high based on just two albums, but they were surpassed by what I heard. I consider Clifford T. Ward to be the greatest songwriter of all time and Both of Us the greatest album. It would be wonderful to see a reissue of Both of Us on CD along with Lost Again and Climate of Her Favour as bonus tracks.

On Sat Aug 29 21:25:12 BST 1998, Yonatan Direktor ( (Israel)) from said:

Thanks for the well-designed pages on CTW. I recently re-discovered an old cassette I had made of my Mantlepieces album I had in Birmingham 20-odd years ago. I Yahoo searched and up came your page. I am sorry to read of Cliffords MS. I wondered "what ever happened to..." and now I know thanks to your info. I knew nothing of his later works due to having moved to Israel. I enjoyed re-listening to his songs and am now interested in his later work.

Best regards to Clifford and all fans. Shalom, Yonatan.

On Wed Sep 9 16:32:32 BST 1998, Geoff Hall (UK from said:

It's a good web-site. Clifford T. Ward is one of the all-time great songwriters who has been underrated for about 25 years. Another favourite singer of mine is Judy Collins. She has taken one of Clifford's all-time great songs "The Best Is Yet To Come" and produced a wonderful version - it's absolute magic. I'm looking for all his albums - slowly but surely I'll get them. I'm a patient man....!

On Fri Sep 11 10:24:50 BST 1998, Michael Wernitz (Germany, from said:

Great site! Well done! Lots of information and background about CTW. Since the first time I heard CTW's music I'm a fan of his. My favourite album is "Escalator". Where can I get the lyrics? Can s.o. help me with a copy of his album "Sometime next year" (perhaps on cassette)? What about a tribute CD with artist like Justin Hayward, Mike Batt, Colin Blunstone, Mary Black or some of the new boysgroups interpreting Cliff's songs. See you.

On Fri Sep 25 21:21:16 BST 1998, Martin Craib (Scotland ( from said:

Congratulations on a great site. After my first chance visit, I dug out my Home thoughts album, and the memories of my happy teenage years in the seventies came flooding back. It wasn't cool in those days to admit to being a CTW fan, but I have since discovered that most of my friends admired his work as much as me. He is a much more prolific writer than I thought, but my favourites among the songs I know are Gaye, Who Cares and Scullery.

On Thu Oct 1 18:36:37 BST 1998, Charlie Kears (USA from said:

Enjoyable! Please say hello to Martie Echito! Spent many years on the road with same.

On Sun Oct 11 13:36:02 BST 1998, Sally Inns (UK from said:

Having only just discovered this site dedicated to Clifford, Iam delighted to find so much information about him and to find so many other people who feel the same way as I do about his music. I have two CD's at the moment, Gaye and Singer/Songwriter which I play constantly and now thanks to this site I can look forward to listening to the others which I now know are available. Cliffords music brings me so much pleasure, he really is brilliant, and now at last I know that I am not the only one who think so!

On Sun Oct 11 17:14:21 BST 1998, Steve & Gail Walder (England from said:

The quintessential English singer/songwriter. The only man who can improve on the beauty of our language by comparativley beautiful music. Clifford has such a perceptive view of the English way of life and of interpersonal relationships. Thank you Clifford for such wonderful songs, They mean so much to us.

On Sun Oct 18 19:39:59 BST 1998, Jack de Vries (The Netherlands from said:

Dear CTW-ers, I only know one LP: Escalator. Beautiful songs, but It make me curious to more, like Homethoughts. But It's difficult to buy in Holland. But you never know....

On Wed Oct 28 09:30:11 GMT 1998, Peter Torgersson (Sweden, from said:

Hi Mick!

I have some piece of advice I want to share with you all. When you feel a little bit down, there are two things to do.

1. Listen to Cliff´s music
2. Visit Mick´s fantastic homepage about CTW

Then you feel much better! Try it. Better than doctors orders!

Positive Regards from a real CTW-fan in Sweden!

Peter Torgersson

Thanks for the comments, Peter. Perhaps the Doctors should give out prescriptions for CTW CDs . . .
          "Listen to Home Thoughts three times a day . . . . . . "
    ;-)     - Mick.

On Sat Oct 31 11:22:23 GMT 1998, Austen Davies ( from said:

Love the site; obsession is good! CTW - he has been an icon to someone who despises icons, and to say he has brought years of pleasure and inspiration sounds trite. But it's true. And 'A Day to Myself' still brings a lump to my throat. Thank you.

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