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On Sun Jun 7 22:37:37 BST 1998, Bruno Baur (Switzerland, e-mail: from said:

What a genius man... His songs will be with me the rest of my life!

On Mon Jun 8 15:56:24 BST 1998, Phil (England from said:

Well impressed with your site Mick, I am in awe at your design skills certainly makes my attempts look poor.
Best luck, carry on the good work....the cause is good

On Tue Jun 9 14:02:08 BST 1998, George Vernon Walker (Australia. from said:

Clifford T Ward has greatly influenced my poetry writing, 'though i can only dream of crafting lyrics as well as him. I sing Cliffords songs while i work and my car has cassette recordings of records, which get played often and with out ever becoming tiering. My most favorite track is "We Could Be talking". Congratulations on producing such an interesting Clifford T Ward page.

On Tue Jun 9 20:26:13 BST 1998, Peter Daltrey ( from said:

Well done, Mick! The site looks great. No wonder it`s taken some time to get up and running. Lots of information for the fans. Excellent!

On Tue Jun 9 21:28:04 BST 1998, Niels Ravn (Denmark E-mail : from said:

Dear Mick From a CTW-fan in Denmark. Thank you Mick. It´s fantastic. What a work.There is so much to read and look upon. For me living outside UK, it´s difficult to get information about Clifford T. Ward. Now you gave me it all. The sound-clips are OK. It takes some time to download, but it´s worth waiting for. (And to Clifford T. Ward - Your music is the best that ever happened to me - Thank you Cliff ).
Many regards Niels

On Wed Jun 10 01:09:22 BST 1998, Dave Taylor (UK from said:

Contratulations on a marvellous site. CTW fans will love it. Hopefully through this more people will become aware of our great singer/songwriter and will have the Wherewithal to go out and buy his records.

On Wed Jun 10 08:20:54 BST 1998, Peter Torgersson (Sweden. from said:

Hi Mick, My compliments to some excellent homepages. Some of the best I´ve seen. I guess there´s a lot of job in producing them. Do you know anything about Cliff´s health today? Is he getting better or worse. Today the world championships in football/soccer starts. My favourite teams are: England, Norway!!, Denmark and Brazil. It´s a pity that Paul Gascoigne isn´t participating this time, or? Best Regards - Let´s keep contact! Your CTW friend in Göteborg, Sweden,

On Thu Jun 11 17:44:13 BST 1998, Liz Williams (UK from said:

Mick - congratulations - your site is awesome! Can you put in a reference to 'friends of ctw' somewhere. The comments about the Appreciation Society might give the impression that there is nothing else. It is going to take me several visits to read all of it.

Geees! I knew I'd forget something!  :-(    - I'll see to it - Mick.

On Fri Jun 12 09:33:23 BST 1998, Pui Ming WONG (HONG KONG ( from said:

Mick, it's the best CTW web page so far. Thanks I've been a fan since 1973 when Gaye first hit the UK chart, and i remember Mantle Pieces was the album that i listened to most in the year 1974. With each new CTW album i bought, my respect for him as the best British singer/songwriter just grew and grew. Genius, he really is. Lately i bought Both of Us and Sometime Next Year, the 2 albums i missed out during the 80s, and they've given me immense joy listening to them these days. BOU must be the best album i've heard in 1998. Now i look forward to his biography book due out in autumn. Bye everyone !

On Wed Jun 17 00:25:20 BST 1998, Sylvia Nowell (Canada from said:

Dear Mick, My husband and I think your site is awesome!! We especially love the sound bytes. We will be in England in July of '98 and hope to be able to meet Cliff and Pat. It would be the highlight of our trip. YES, WE COULD BE TALKING by the time this journey's done.

On Fri Jun 26 17:13:02 BST 1998, Bob Young ( from said:

Well done. Wonderful site for Clifford T. fans. My home town is Worcester....home thoughts etc.
regards, Bob.

On Sat Jun 27 15:54:20 BST 1998, Andy Rogers ( from said:

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say what a great site this is ! Plenty to read and one of my all time questions answered ( i was never sure if it was called "where would that leave me" or "lead me " .. now i know ! Glad to see you've now included the friends of CTW too, Liz and Clive do a lot of work for Cliff and for those of you who don't get "waves" - you should! keep up the good work - one day Cliff may get recognised as the songwriting genius he really is. If only someone would play Ocean of Love to Boyzone (or similar), it would sell a million and our man would make a small fortune on the royalties ... Cheers for now.

Yes, most people refer to the song as "Where Would That Lead Me", as that's the most commonly sung phrase in the song; but the true title is ' . . . Leave Me'.  Mick.

On Sun Jun 28 22:08:05 BST 1998, Richard Ford (England from said:

Clifford T Ward must be one of the most talented and articulate songwriters of all time. His work will last forever.

On Mon Jun 29 18:59:59 BST 1998, Marian Smith (England from said:

Fabulous page! The info. on the songs was really interesting, especially from a "born again" fan.

On Tue Jun 30 00:21:00 BST 1998, kaven dedman (south australia) from said:

sad to learn about Clifford. great to reunited with his music thanks to Mick and the internet. will return, thoroughly enjoyed my trip.

On Wed Jul 1 08:33:26 BST 1998, Peter Torgersson (Sweden. from said:

Dear Mick! Once again I must say that I admire your CTW homepages, in october last year my wife Christèl and I started a new department store in the babysector. In august we will produce a homepage for that business. We will use your perfect pages as inspiration and maybe use some of your logic contents. Naturally if that is alright with you.
Have you been in contact with my CTW friend Jonas Rydin in Värnamo, Sweden yet. He´s a great guy helping my to burn all his CTW CD´s. Unfortunately I have only vinyl LP´s from his early recordings. It´s impossible to buy any Clifford CD´s in Sweden nowdays. One of my absolute favourites of Clifford's songs is "The Traveller" from his first LP. What a great song, with a strong religious message in a soft sensible package. Do you like this song?
Back to World Championships in football (soccer). England should have won the game against Argentina. Bad luck combined with a miserable danish "judge" took the best team (England) out of the tournament. Sometimes in life it isn´t fair; but still life must go on.
I wish you all the best & and a nice and long summer.
I appreciate your soon reply.
Best Regards, your CTW-friend in Sweden,
Peter Torgersson  (

On Wed Jul 1 23:16:31 BST 1998, Robert C. McBride (England : from said:

Brilliant musician - much underated! CTW makes the Spice Girls and similar look like "Old Spice"!! Like to hear from any fans etc. Would also like some of his CD's if still available.
Robert. Kettering, Northants.

On Sat Jul 4 15:28:11 BST 1998, Liz Prigg ( from said:

A very stylish and informative site. Well done Mick! There's even a picture of the sleeve of my favourite Clifford T. Ward album - Waves.

On Mon Jul 6 16:27:58 BST 1998, Gavin Tyndale (Hong Kong, from said:

Is there an easy way of ordering Clifford's entire collection? Love your site. Regards Gavin.

On Wed Jul 8 08:43:27 BST 1998, Ian McClenaghan (France, from said:

Hey! great site for a great talent. As someone who has lived overseas most of my adult life, the lyrics to "Homethoughts" often run through my mind. CTW is a unique talent that deserves the recognition your site offers. I believe better things are ahead for the man and his music. Take Care......Ian

On Wed Jul 8 16:38:39 BST 1998, Greg Ioannou (Canada from said:

I've had "Gaye and Other Stories" in my car's CD player for weeks now -- can't think of anything I'd rather listen to when stuck in traffic. Thanks for the wonderful web site! (Now I have two more recordings to track down -- and I thought I had them all.) Greg Ioannou.

On Thu Jul 9 05:49:32 BST 1998, Ron Beffa (USA from said:

Greetings from California... the net never fails to amaze me. I saw a link posted on the folk music newsgroup about Clifford T Ward and I could hardly believe it. A month or so ago I was digging through my old albums in storage at my Dad's house and came across Mantle Pieces and Home Thoughts. I pulled out Mantle Pieces and had several good listens to those wonderful old songs over the next few days. Seeing those albums took me back 25 years or so to my college days. They were my antidote to Deep Purple's Machine Head and the like. No one had ever heard of Cliff Ward in California... I made a few converts, most notably my mom! She liked Scullery so much I had to get her her own copy while I was away at school with mine. I wondered for a long while what happened to Cliff. I never saw an album over here (nor a CD) since Mantle Pieces. I only thought he had the two, although I had heard of an earlier one. I'll have to scout around a bit and look for the CD's. It looks though, like I have his two best albums. Thanks so much for this site to bring me up to date... and I am very saddened to hear of Cliff's illness. I hope this site adds just a bit of happiness for him to know how much his music meant to people over the years. I've added a link to your site from my John Stewart fanpage. -Ron.

On Sat Jul 11 07:30:11 BST 1998, Tim Rothwell (UK from said:

Congratulations on the CTW web site. I'll never understand why Cliff has not received greater recognition and it is appalling that he and his family face difficulties in view of the pleasure he has given over the years. He is a major singer/songwriter and recognised as such by others in the music industry including Cliff Richard, Justin Hayward and Art Garfunkel. Can we lobby for his catalogue to be re-released on CD with proper royalty returns going to Cliff. I'm sure they would sell world-wide.

On Sun Jul 12 20:07:00 BST 1998, Chris Battensby (UK from said:

I've lost touch with the CTW Appreciation Soc. as run by Peter Noble??? This site helps, but has anyone got App. soc. info?

All details about the CTW Appreciation Society, Friends of CTW, and the CTW Fanzine are on the site (Look down the 'Main Contents List'). - Mick.

On Thu Jul 16 21:42:28 BST 1998, Marcos T. Morita (Brazil, from said:

I've been Cliff's fan since '73, I love his songs, and bought every CDs available there in London last year. About his illness I guess the holy water from Lourdes would help him a lot!

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