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On Sun Jul 10 20:42:07 GMT 2005, andrew pougher ( said:

touched by your story

On Tue Jul 12 20:09:49 GMT 2005, Paul Gaby (UK ) said:

Thank you for a great website dedicated to a truly missed and loved musician.

Thank goodness his words and music live on through your wesbite for other generations to discover.

On Sun Jul 17 16:54:05 GMT 2005, jeff horsey (england said:

Saw clifford on TOTP 2 on G2. Suddenly realise the pleasure I was missing in his music, and have now started to collect all the material clifford produced. Thank you for the words, music and memories. Thank you.

On Mon Jul 18 04:28:36 GMT 2005, Andy (Scotland ( Dumbarton ) ) said:

So sad to know he is no longer with us . When one listens to the mindless sewage that is todays music , then what a joy it is to lose oneself in the eloquent melodies and musical tapestries of CTW . We are ultimately the poorer without him . Andy

On Tue Jul 19 17:28:31 GMT 2005, Trevor Rowley (Mossley, Ashton-Under-Lyne) said:

I was conscious of Clifford's ill-health but was unaware of his death until today. He must have been a lovely man when we consider the beauty he put into his music and the pleasure that this has brought to so many. His family, undoubtedly, will have been greatly saddened by their loss. May God bless them.

On Tue Jul 26 23:09:43 GMT 2005, mick butcher (g b said:

excellent many thanks

On Sat Jul 30 11:07:47 GMT 2005, Mary (England, said:

Thank you. Your lyrics and music have enriched my life. I am grateful.

On Fri Aug 05 22:26:10 GMT 2005, marc levett (u.k. said:

great site........great bloke.

Thanks for the compliments, Marc   .   .   .  .  .  oh, the last one you mean Cliff? - yes couldn't agree more!!   ;^)   . . . Mick.

On Sat Aug 13 02:34:19 GMT 2005, Gordon Livingstone (Scotland <>) said:

Just had to write to say I thought Clifford penned some realy beautiful songs. very romantic and heartwarming too. He was a hell of a guy. May his god bless him.

On Fri Aug 19 22:59:10 GMT 2005, RICARDO ERNESTO TRIMBOLI (ARGENTINA said:

Hello I'm RICARDO from ARGENTINA, and I'm a CLIFFORD fan for so many years ago. I have all the records, all the cd's, fanzines, photos, and of course a copy of BITTERSWEET book (signed). All I want is to send a good wish for the eternal rest of CLIFF's soul, his art and memory will live forever in my heart. Thank you CLIFFORD for your poetry and music.


On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 19:28:18 GMT 2005, Graeme Dunne (Ireland. said:

Old Cliffo was a Legend. He has brightened my life!!!

On Sun, 28 Aug 2005 21:27:07 GMT 2005, David Clarke (Scotland ( said:

Great site. I especially like the large snippets of songs in MP3 format. I had purchased 'No More Rock and Roll' in vinyl quite a few years ago! This was done mainly to obtain a copy of 'Up in The World'. Today (28.08.05), I finally purchased the CD!

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005 22:37:16 GMT 2005, john godson (england ) said:

if i had known, my favourite song

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005 11:30:00 GMT 2005, John "Peanutz" Koenig (USA, now UK said:

My stint on BBC Radio Oxford (early 70's) gave me a chance to play some Charisma label of them being "Gaye" by Clifford. Recently, a customer of mine requested the song to be included on a compilation LP which is a long-standing Project. I had reason to check out Guiness Book of Hits Singles and was pleased to find that Cliford had a hit with Gaye placing @ Number 8 in 1973. Sorta gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that maybe, I had a little part in playing the song first in Oxford on the BBC. Then after reading in the GBOR that Clifford had died, I had a sinking feeling of a talented life being extinguished at a too early age. RIP

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 22:38:24 GMT 2005, paddy kenny (ireland said:

Home Thoughts was the best of Cliff's, and always holds a very special place in both my wife Dee and my heart. He was such a huge loss to the world of music. What a shame he never toured Ireland. He did have a concert planned, for which I had tickets, but it was cancelled. I never got to find out why. Can someone please tell me? Cliff, you'll never be forgotten, your music will live for ever. Rest in Peace.

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005 21:31:15 GMT 2005, michael trottier (uk said:

I am a member of the friends of clifford t ward and very much relate and like his music. He will always be missed but never 4gotton.

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 02:34:36 GMT 2005, Graham Richards ( said:

25 years ago I got married and lived in Bromsgrove to a girl that went to Bromsgrove High School who used to tell me a story of a teacher there that wrote songs and the insperation of a song called Gaye. To this day that song and home thoughts send a shiver down my spine when ever I here them. There is no dening Clifford's greatness but behind every great man there is a great woman and it is with sadness that I read on this site of the plight of Pat and her touching words of the the times that only she had to endure during Clifford's illness. I still live close to Bromsgrove and would dearly love to pay my respects to Pat if that is possible, just to say thank you for being a part of somthing that gave countless millions of people so much pleasure for who knows how long. If it is possible to send a letter, email or visit can anyone please let me know how. I travel through Kidderminster often.
Kind Regards, Graham Richards.

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 18:11:01 GMT 2005, Alan Kenworthy ( said:

Just to let you know that our racehorse Clifford T Ward will be making his debut over hurdles at the end of this month. He is trained by the great Ginger McCain and we are very excited because some successes are expected during the winter. He runs in honour of the great man of music, to fulfil a promise I made to him not long before he died in 2001. If you would like to know when and where he is due to run, just send me an email and I will add your name to the Update I send to his followers.
Alan Kenworthy

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 00:02:36 GMT 2005, Alan Shaw (England said:

What a great loss,there are not many singer songwriters like him anymore,someone who sang from the heart and moved the emotions like he did.

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:46:18 GMT 2005, Gilly Guest (UK said:

Great musician.

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 16:59:21 GMT 2005, mike williams (Burnley Lancashire said:

After buying both Mantle Pieces and Home Thoughts From Abroad as second hand lp's as i could not afford lp's when these came out I found these albums to be very clever in the way the lyrics are written, nice easy going music makes these two albums such a relaxing treat. I have yet to discover other albums by this great British singer-songwriter. I give these albums 10/10 compaired to the rubbish that gets released today. A singer-songwriter never to be forgotten.

On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 19:36:22 GMT 2005, seamus mcgettigan (ireland email said:

one of the great singer songwiters, lovely music imagery & twist of phrase in his lyrics. a great lost to the world of music.

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 11:22:59 GMT 2005, Gabrielle () said:

I was very happy to use my memories of Cliff, and to access the web site, in order to interest my GCSE students in Poetry through song lyrics.

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 23:16:56 GMT 2005, constantino (Romania-Israel-Canada) said:

although lately discovered, his music is worth far more considertion.....

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005 01:41:11 GMT 2005, Peter Comrie (Canada;; said:

HELP. My original LP "Mantle Pieces" was stolen when my house was broken into. Can any tell me if there is a CD version available anywhere in the world. I want to get a copy for my new wife.
Thanks for the help. Peter

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