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On Sun Dec 26 10:09:20 GMT 2004, Peter Torgersson ( from said:


My best wishes and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all CTW fans all over the world from Peter in Sweden. I also want to stress the message about Christmas, don´t forget what´s it all about. I would like to give you all a piece of a good advice; try the web and find information about a most talented swedish singer/composer by the name: Stefan Andersson. It´s a great guy with beautiful songs (most in English). You´ll be surprised.

I would appreciate if YOU would write to me? I arrange exhibitions in my own company: All the best to

All of YOU!

Peter Torgersson Fjärås, Sweden

On Sat Jan 1 20:12:32 GMT 2005, Mike Harvey (England from said:

Super singer songwriter sadley missed

On Sat Jan 8 23:39:28 GMT 2005, Martin Ortega ( from said:

Its odd looking back, i remember the songs when they originally were hits, like Gaye, etc., his songs and style of singing them suited exactly, Cliff had a sensitivity in his lyrics and rendition (terrible word) thats hard to beat. I heard Wherewithal sometime back and decided to check up on the singer and his songs. He and his wife must have had a pretty hard time dealing with his illness, sad to learn, rather belatedly, of his death but his music will live, they are works of art. I love the way that he gets such long and unusual words into his songs.

Kind regards, Martin

On Mon Jan 24 14:33:44 GMT 2005, jeff perking (england / from said:

hi, mantlepieces best song,s ever

On Mon Jan 24 20:13:21 GMT 2005, Andy Morton (South Wales said:

A wonderful "page".

I do feel that along with Alan Hull (Lindisfarne), who also sadly is no longer with us, Clifford gave us some of our finest tunes and words ever. A real poet of any time.

Much missed, never forgotten.

Then. Now. Always.

On Fri Feb 4 15:22:58 GMT 2005, David Johnson (England) from said:

Just to announce that a CD version of SOMETIME NEXT YEAR will be released on Monday 7-02-05, Cherry Red Records. This will contain 4 bonus tracks. See Cherry Red web-site for details.

On Sun Feb 13 14:05:58 GMT 2005, Marcel Slabbaert (The Netherlands from said:

Great singer / songwriter!!!!!!!!

On Sun Feb 27 20:26:47 GMT 2005, Drew Mc Canney (Scotland) said:

Have just recently found my copy of New England Days and realised how forgotten a talent he had become.

On Sat Mar 12 21:45:31 GMT 2005, Alan Kenworthy (UK said:

Nice to see that this lovely website is still going, well done Mick Armitage.

Just to let you know that there is a racehorse named after Clifford T Ward and after four years of waiting and careful preparation, he is about to run in public for the first time. He is trained by the great Ginger McCain and son Don, and is entered in a National Hunt Flat Race at Huntingdon on Wednesday 16th March. He is expected to run well! but let's not get too carried away, it is his first time out and anything could happen.... He is running for Clifford T Ward and all his family and friends, and we hope he will win some publicity for our favourite singer/songwriter.

On Fri Mar 25 10:51:31 GMT 2005, allan bishop ( uk) said:

hi all finaly got around to reading bittersweet couldnt put it down if any one hasnt yet read it your missing a treat hope everyone is well just like to wish you a happy easter cant seem to fine out when the next convention is can someone please let me know take care all oh and god bless ya cliff. allan

On Thu Apr 7 18:52:07 GMT 2005, Loz loves amy! ( said:

i truely miss the cliff! he was my insperation. with out him i never would have hit it off with my girlfrends dad! thanks cliff

On Thu Apr 7 18:56:54 GMT 2005, Amy (C.T.W's greatest fan) (only mr ward was allowed that, sorry) said:

well, what can i say!the man was a legend. His music was greatly enjoyed from many households, especially ours, and i have great admiration for the singer/songwriter. It is not often we have singers like him, and many do not have enough courage to sing about controversial issues such as heaven and hell going to tea, but let me tell u this, Cliff, my love is not like a broken down motor car for you. Love you forever man, ur greatest fan, Amy. ps: get this - my dad had the same clock as his!!!

On Fri Apr 8 00:21:27 GMT 2005, Luis Acuña ( said:

Only a great person will can make a music like these.

On Sun Apr 10 00:19:00 GMT 2005, Ian Holland ( said:

I last left a message when I was serving in the army and based in Bosnia. I came back to this website during a long boozy evening with some friends who hadn't heard Cliff's songs so we visited the site, but clips just aren't the same. I've had to promise to bring 'Home Thoughts from Abroad' with me when I come up to see them again.

It brought back some good memories, thank you.


On Fri Apr 22 22:53:32 GMT 2005, Bob Tidmarsh (England said:

This is the first time i have hit this site and it was totally fascinating to read a bit about his life and how, through a number of personnal reasons best known to himself, refused to tour consistantly to promote his music, which is tragig as he appears to be an underrated genius.

I am intrigued why he was quiet for seven years, yet another part of the enigma that is CTW. But i will not only be buying the biography to find out why, but also more of his cd's.

I have a feeling that his time may still be yet to come when his true status will be discovered in the future somehow.


On Tue Apr 26 18:03:08 GMT 2005, Lawrence Beckitt ( said:

1973 - Clifford’s Wherewithal was playing on the radio, and that’s what started my love for his lyrics, stories abound, I rush out and bought, not the single, but the album. I now have a collection of albums that I treasure – ‘the sound of which set my heart a pounding' made all the more special when I hear the little familiar scratches embedded in the vinyl.

An ambition of mine was to one day meet the guy who put something into my life, I don’t know what exactly, it’s hard to define, but I do know that on that day back in 1973, at the age of just 19, I was thankful to share his ‘home thoughts’.

Kind Regards to Pat, his family, friends and fanz worldwide.


On Sun May 8 17:44:56 GMT 2005, roy harris ( said:

I cant forget the voice but could never visualise the singer.... and never knew his history.......A GREAT VOICE AND A GREAT LOSS!!!

On Wed May 11 01:58:54 GMT 2005, ademir j mendes ( said:

excuse my english. site good, excelent. i remember my young times longing, many longing the times oh very good, bye bye

On Mon May 23 09:22:51 GMT 2005, snædis (Denmark e-mail said:

hey i'm one of hanne ward students and i have a project about cliff! could you write a speciel message to me about him and his life?
regards Snædis

On Mon May 30 20:27:50 GMT 2005, Keith (England ) said:

Undoubtedly one of Englands greatest song writers!

On Thu Jun 09 23:58:49 GMT 2005, sean cunningham (plastic paddy54@yahoo) said:

I have been a fan since I heard Noel Edmunds playing Coathanger in very early 70s.

On Fri Jun 10 01:20:45 GMT 2005, sean cunningham (England plasticpaddy54@yahoo) said:

I dont have the album with the song about the child in a wheelchair I have an old c90 tape with no titles. when I heard about cliffs illness it makes me cry everytime i listen. I love the songs of CTW he wrote about subject. God bless you CTW.

On Thu Jun 23 21:07:40 GMT 2005, Ted O'Neill (ireland said:

Hi: to all the old friends of the greatest english singer/songwriter ever!!!! bar none. I was a member a couple of years back, but due to personal reasons, had to step back a pace. I would love now to get back to active duty. Dave young, can you now start sending me future copies of waves etc, am still playing the compliation tape you made for me, in the car trying my utmost to convert the uneducated into recognising the genuis that was, is and always will be, Clifford T Ward. I know this is not e-bay but I have a hardback copy of Bittersweet signed personally by Cliff, which will go to the highest bidder on the site with the proceeds being paid directly to The friends of Clifford T Ward. After not being a part for two years, I understand that this might be a non flier, if it has been done before, but God loves a trier. I also have a concert DVD of another Cliff, Cliff Richard, again personally signed by Cliff Richard, which I won in a "Friends of CTW" raffle a couple of years ago, which can be included with

On Thu Jun 30 22:41:00 GMT 2005, Stewart Frith (England said:

I was sorry to hear that Clifford had passed away. I have just found out and its almost four years ago. I just thought about the music I liked back in the 60's and 70's. Clifford popped into my head again. Its time to re-trace his music. Rest in peace and thank you for some great songs.

On Wed Jul 06 17:01:07 GMT 2005, tony harte (UK said:

As a boy, I found his songs spellbinding - and I still do today.

His enduring storytelling is simple yet complex, aching yet jaunty, sad yet joyful. Much like his life.

We all need some peace and purity in our lives - Cliff's music brings it to me.

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