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On Thu May 27 20:41:58 BST 2004, Ian Varey (England from said:

Due to my getting a new PC and losing all my web favourites I had not surfed anything CTW related for a little while. Imagine my surprise on discovering Cherry Red had re-released "No More Rock 'N' Roll" with additional tracks. Thanks so much to everyone involved. Though I have a vinyl copy and a "vinyl version on CD" I will still be getting this.
Cherry Red and the engineers etc did such a fabulous job with "Both Of Us" in particular - I can't wait to hear the result. This gives me hope that yet more unavailable albums will resurface. Keep up the wonderful work please. Regards all, Ian.

On Mon May 31 09:31:06 BST 2004, Alan Kenworthy ( from said:

Clifford T.Ward the racehorse is now at Lawnhead, Staffs, to resume his training with David Verco and Fiona. Over the next three months he will be gradually increasing his workload until he can gallop and reach top speed. Then we will be able to say whether he goes on the flat or over hurdles, and he will go to a suitable licensed trainer and will race in a couple of weeks.

He is now four years old and has filled out and matured into an impressive horse. There is a good chance he will have a sprinter's speed so we could see him on the flat in the autumn. We will keep you informed of his progress.

On Wed Jun 2 17:12:13 BST 2004, David Johnson (England) from said:

My WAVES magazine has arrived thank you and it is the usual good read, in particular Peter Florence's article. Terry Wogan should have received his CLIFFY by now. NO MORE ROCK 'N' ROLL is receiving some good comments. Please keep 'em coming! CTW did actually hear all the alternative mixes included on this CD and was very enthusiastic about their release.

On Mon Jun 14 23:07:33 BST 2004, Dave Young ( from said:

For those with Broadband you can listen to Terry Wogan's Breakfast Show at any time of the day. I have just listened to the bit where he played 'When I Found You' this morning just by clicking on Terry Wogan - Listen to the Show and then fastforward 5 or 15 minutes at a time until the song is played. If you check on the playlist you can easily work out when the song comes. It only took me a matter of minutes. At the end of the song he comments on meeting Pat Ward and other members of The Friends who presented him with his Cliffie. 'Nice People' he comments.

I don't know how quickly the radio player comes on if you are on dial-up - Broadband is instant.

I am a very sad person but I thought it was wonderful just to hear the song being played and hear his name on the radio.

On Wed Jun 30 19:03:32 BST 2004, private () from said:

I'd like to suggest all fans of Clifford T. Ward to join me in writing an article on a web-site called The Wikipedia. This is an on-line encyclopedia that you can edit without having to register or anything like that. I don't feel that my writing skills are that great so please just go to this URL:

and we can create an entry together.

On Sun Jul 11 08:51:30 BST 2004, Phillips & Dave King (UK) from said:

To Pat, from friends Free Band!

On Sat Jul 17 11:12:23 BST 2004, denis ( from said:


just wanted to say i had heard of the name c t w but didn't no his music untill i heard one of his songs on the radio. thought it was so nice ive now have ordered some of clifford's cd and im looking forward to hearing them. the web site is great.


On Sat Jul 17 11:24:12 BST 2004, denis ( from said:

hi again

after hearing his song on the radio i had to search for his other cds. i have ordered a couple now and look forward to hearing them.

On Mon Jul 19 18:13:28 BST 2004, David Young ( said:

May I just ask Denis which song he heard on the radio and which show he was listening to. Every time i hear Clifford on the radio i wonder if any new fans discover his music. You only have to type an artists name into Google and there is a web site for almost everyone.

On Tue Jul 20 10:48:55 BST 2004, Phil Driscoll (New Zealand ( from said:

Unforgettable music

On Sat Jul 24 20:26:39 BST 2004, Len Bretel (lbretel@cwgsy.nett) from said:

Hi all you CTW fans out there, I wonder how many of you are going to the concert convention at the Gainsborough Hotel on Oct 3rd? We have booked our flight and acocommodation, only thing left to do is get our tickets from Roy. This will be our 3rd convention. I have entered a poem/song into the CTW song contest called "Jigsaw Game" a tribute to Clifford. It was put in the WAVES mag, No 19 2003, if you get the CTW WAVES Fanzine you can look it up, wish me well. see you all on the 3rd OCT cheers


On Sun Jul 25 10:22:37 BST 2004, denis ( from said:

hi david

i first heard clifford on the wogan show onn radio 2 the song was homethoughts from a abroad. just thought it was so nice. thought i have to find out more about c t w. i bought gaye and others stories and have ordered 2 more.ive got my ticket for the conf in oct

On Tue Sep 7 16:17:59 BST 2004, steve reynolds (england from said:

Clifford t ward was a fantastic songwriter. His lyrics and voice always had an affect on me. Either to cheer me up or make me feel sad. Why do the best always die so young ? Your music will live on and is timeless. No point regretting things just enjoy his legacy.

On Wed Sep 22 17:25:07 BST 2004, David Johnson (England) from said:

Steve, I appreciate your heartfelt comments and agree entirely with you about Clifford T. Ward's voice and music. The more I listen to his voice the more I realise how wonderful it is. If you listen carefully (but not making hard work of it!) the music just gets better and better. Well, that's what I think anyway! David Johnson.

On Sun Sep 26 22:58:53 BST 2004, Martin Brewer (USA from said:

I have just completed a master's degree in English at the University of New Hampshire. During a particular poetry course we were asked to present a piece on a favourite poet. Being an Englishman in New England exile I naturally chose Robert Browning. The course was mainly composed of poetry loving middle-aged women and they were quite touched by my sincere reading of Home Thoughts From Abroad. That reaction was followed by genuine tears of emotion when I played Clifford's timeless song of the same title. I was inundated with questions about this peerless performer about whom they knew nothing. It was my pleasure to tell them all about this wonderful singer-composer. I am speaking at a conference in Indianapolis in November about how to motivate students into appreciating poetry. I am seriously considering using numerous Clifford T. Ward songs to show the compatibility of classic poetry and contemporary music. The quintessential Englishness of his songs breaks my heart for I know that, indeed, my childhood home has become a foreign country. When I listen to his words, however, I am transported to a time and place that, in my mind's eye, is idyllic and will forever be a "waking dream"...

On Tue Oct 26 04:12:44 BST 2004, bernie brockway ( from said:

i would like to say i liked his music. r.i.p. bernie

On Sun Oct 31 16:16:06 GMT 2004, Gareth Cust (UK from said:


On Tue Nov 02 03:59:04 GMT 2004, Timothy Old ( said:

First time I heard a Clifford T Ward album I knew I was hearing music that was in a class of it's own, with lyrics that touched my soul. Now 30 plus years later I still feel the same each time I start to listen to his music. Deeply appreciated and sorely missed.

On Thu Nov 4 20:46:14 GMT 2004, chris blood ( from said:

Is the Appreciation society still going,I remember seeing clifford and his wife and family at a hotel in the nineties in the midlands. Only looking at the photographs the other day,Me and my mate were gonna take a photograph of him and he thought we were the press but i assured him we were just fans !

Still thing his best three mins was "stains".

Dr Blood

On Fri Nov 5 16:33:07 GMT 2004, den ( from said:

chris check out yes the friends is going strong.

On Tue Nov 30 20:30:45 GMT 2004, michael poole ( from said:

i have today obtained a copy of gaye and other stories.
i did not know it was clifford i had heard on the radio for so long and liked so much.
i will be getting many more of clifford's records soon.
just a pity i did learn of clifford's music years ago.

On Wed Dec 8 10:51:31 GMT 2004, Raymond Prescod (London, from said:

I have only seen Clifford T Ward once at TDS and he seemed like a really nice man. I think that his music will live on for ever. I really want to say Big Up to Debbie and the rest of the family too.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Best Wishes,

From Ray.

On Thu Dec 16 11:53:13 GMT 2004, Clive Handy (UK ( from said:

Super site, complements the 'official' site perfectly. I recently renewed my copy of 'Gaye and Other Stories' having lost the original CD. Still just as superb. Having read the review, I am now going to buy 'Both of Us'. The only pity is that as stated, only 2-3 of Cliff's songs are played on the radio. Maybe someone like Robbie Williams (who once said that Clifford T Ward has more talent in his lttle finger than another well known rock star (Noel Gallagher) has in his whole body), should record a couple of his songs and get him the recognition his memory deserves. It would help Pat as well.

On Fri Dec 17 00:07:12 GMT 2004, Reg Godwin (England ) from said:

Clifford T Ward - the best British singer/songwriter we never had. Thanks for 'The Best is Yet to Come'.

On Sat Dec 18 00:16:22 GMT 2004, Derek Wales (Surrey, England.) from said:

Cliff, hardly a day goes by without me playing some of your music. You will never be forgotten.

Thanks for all the pleasure your music has given me.

Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year to Cliff's family and all his fans.

Derek Wales

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