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On Wed Dec 3 20:09:55 GMT 2003, Ian Varey (England, from said:

Mike, I take it you mean Terry Wogan? Yes my request went off straight away. I'm sure he'll have the "wherewithal" to play something for us folk and for Clifford and family at this particularly poignant time fast approaching. Take care and pleasant listening. Ian.

On Fri Dec 5 13:56:12 GMT 2003, David Johnson (England) said:

This is just to say that I enjoyed reading the lastest WAVES magazine very much, so thanks to Dave Y. Also thanks to Dave H for your comments on WORK IN PROGRESS CD. It is a very special CTW recording and it is good news that David Paramor has decided to make it available in the shops etc.

David Johnson

On Fri Dec 5 18:48:00 GMT 2003, Ian Varey (England, said:

Well I just received my copy of "Bittersweet" the biography today from Liz. I couldn't believe it came so soon. The sad part is I have handed it over to my wife to wrap it for me as a Christmas present, but I did read the wonderful piece on the back cover first which has really whetted my appetite. If you weren't going to bother buying this, please think again. It looks as if it's going to be unmissable! There is a lengthy spoken extract, read by the author, Dave Cartwright a close friend of Clifford's, included on the CDs BOTH OF US and THIS WAS OUR LOVE. If you hear that and it doesn't persuade you, nothing will my friends. So please, buy this book now. Thank you. Ian.

On Thu Dec 18 12:48:38 GMT 2003, Derek Wales (Surrey England from said:

Best wishes to Pat and all the family for Christmas and the New Year. There's a lot of Cliff's fans thinking of you all at this time.

Two years on and hardly a day goes by without me playing Cliffs music.

Derek Wales

On Thu Dec 25 14:30:00 GMT 2003, Mick Armitage (Sheffield, England: said:


Well, what a Christmas! On this very day, the site has reached 50,000 hits! In consequence, I am celebrating by presenting a free, rarely heard, Clifford T Ward song. So, get ye off to the main page, and follow the 'Celebration' link (you can hardly miss it!), and get downloading!!! A merry Cliffmas and a happy new year to you all!!

Mick     (Site owner).

On Sun Dec 28 21:11:03 GMT 2003, Len Bretel (( GUERNSEY ) bretelsl@cwgsy) from said:

Mick what a great idea of yours to put a free MP3 gift of one of Cliff’s finest songs, sung by James Davey. James voice is such a close resemblance of Cliff’s, If anyone has not got a copy of his “Evening” CD, they are missing a truly wonderful presentation of acoustic guitar and voice, he is excellent.

May I wish you, and all CTW family and friends a wonderful, peaceful and happy 2004. I must have missed you at the 2003 September ‘do’, we hope to be back in 2004.

I hope you get another 50,000 hits on this, the best CTW site around. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me, and everyone else who visit this web page.

Len Bretel

On Wed Jan 7 23:52:18 GMT 2004, David Siddall (England ( from said:

Superb music from a complete original.

On Thu Jan 8 22:12:40 GMT 2004, Liz Williams ( from said:

I would like to send good New Year wishes to Pat and family and all Clifford T Ward fans worldwide.

My first stock of Bittersweet in paperback has now sold out. More books are on their way so if any fan wants a good read, get in touch!

On Mon Jan 12 17:10:26 GMT 2004, David Johnson (England) from said:

Dear Mick, I have just been rereading your review of the BOTH OF US (CD version) and noticed your mention of the song LOST AGAIN, which is one of my all time favourites. I remember being very moved by the song when I bought the single in nineteen-eighty-something. LOST AGAIN very nearly got missed off the THIS WAS OUR LOVE (RARITIES) CD because it was not on the original track listing. This is the nearest recording/mix to the single and is absolutely perfect! There are 17 recordings of LOST AGAIN on reels, some quite different but also perfect. We are hoping to have the opportunity of re-mastering the ANTHOLOGY CD this year, so another of your favourites, EVENING will be better quality. All the best, David.

On Thu Jan 15 20:32:27 GMT 2004, Alan Kenworthy ( from said:

On 27th June I reported that the racehorse Clifford T.Ward had to cease training for a few months. He is now totally recovered and is happily grazing with his pals here in Heywood. In March he will be returning to David and Fiona at Lawnhead, Staffs, to resume where they left off, and by June or July , if he has progressed without injury, he will be going to a licensed trainer, and will be racing at Warwick , Uttoxeter, or another Midlands racecourse. I have decided that nothing is going to stop me from achieving this dream, and I am prepared to pay for the whole thing alone (can't afford it really, but I am reluctantly selling my lovely fast Telstar Trimaran yacht in order to pay for it). I would welcome any CTW fans or friends as partners in a lease, a 10 per cent share will not cost much each month and at the end of the lease I am hoping Clifford will have done well enough to have paid his own expenses and who knows there may be some money left in the account for the partners to share. This week I have had one positive response from a fan and am now preparing our lease agreement. Why not join us? He's a lovely horse and is proving very sensible and easy to train, so we're very excited. The best is yet to come----and soon! My phone number is 0161 643 6863 if you want more information; you could even come and see Clifford, we are near Birch Services on the M62. Alan Kenworthy

On Thu Jan 15 21:45:16 GMT 2004, COLIN BEESON ( from said:

sadly missed.

On Fri Jan 30 07:36:32 GMT 2004, Liz Williams ( from said:

I can now offer WORK IN PROGRESS CD for sale. The cost is £10 which includes the UK p&p. Prices elsewhere on request. Liz Williams.

On Thu Feb 5 22:13:17 GMT 2004, John Hicks (England from said:

A fine composer and performer taken from us far too soon.

On Fri Mar 5 15:30:35 GMT 2004, JG (Australia - from said:

Cliff's guitar player, Rod Simmons, of St. Johns Ave Kidderminster also contracted MS in the mid 60's. Rod also, has now passed on.

My Dad used to collect insurance payments from Cliff, during the "Cruisers" days. Cliff delighted in a chat with dad and enjoyed showing dad his suits. These were the days when Cliff played the "SDF" club, on the Stourport - Kidderminster road.

On Fri Mar 5 17:21:36 GMT 2004, Pat Ward (England) said:

Hello Mick, I've had so much trouble trying to leave a message on your site, but have at last managed to get here.

Please pass on my good wishes and thanks to everyone who has supported the music of Clifford T Ward and to all new 'fans' who may have only recently found him.

Love and peace, Pat Ward. x

On Sun Mar 7 23:42:27 GMT 2004, Peter Richards ( from said:

Vote for Cliff!

The beeb is currently requesting people to vote online for their choice of greatest song with the opportunity of expressing their reasons for their vote. Just take a couple of minutes to visit the web page ( and vote to help keep Cliff's memory alive in a practical way.

On Mon Mar 8 00:19:34 GMT 2004, james grimes ( from said:

clifford was a very underated artist thank god there are websites like this as i also suffer with multiple sclerosis and have first hand experience of the condition best reguards james

On Mon Mar 8 20:01:49 GMT 2004, John Osborne (England said:

I check the guest book everyday and couldnt understand why there was such a huge gap from feb 5 onwards.Itake it, from Pat's comment, that a problem existed. Couldnt believe that no one had anything to say. I am about to cast my vote in the BBC poll and urge everyone to do the same. Please keep providing me with daily entertainment, see you in Sept/Oct.

On Sat Mar 13 23:54:35 GMT 2004, Derek Wales (England from said:

Hi Mick,

I have voted for Cliff on the Radio 2 website and have nominated "Home Thoughts" as this is the song most likely to get Cliff's name up there where it belongs and I urge all fellow CTW fans to do the same. Lets get a result for Cliff, after all, he has given us so much.



On Sun Mar 14 22:55:47 GMT 2004, Ian Varey (England from said:

Vote at the "Friends of CTW" site by clicking on the link on the home page. I voted for Home Thoughts From Abroad. Be sure to say why! Ian.

On Tue Mar 16 19:38:30 GMT 2004, Jim Skinner (Carlisle England said:

I have just finished reading Dave Cartwrights Bittersweet, If you want a smaltzy saccarine sweet read don't buy it! This is a warts and all biography that delivers a unique insight into the life of a gifted, talented and creative mind. The book is all the better for this, congratulations Dave for the book.

On Fri Apr 2 13:50:29 BST 2004, NEIL BARTHOLOMEW (ENGLAND) from said:




On Fri Apr 2 18:54:11 BST 2004, David Young ( from said:

Hi Everyone.

I'm off on my Easter Holidays tomorrow. When I get back I will be putting the finishing touches to the next issue of Waves. I would love to receive articles or any contributions from all Cliff's fans out there. I would particularly love to hear from anyone abroad. Does anyone have any rare CTW related merchandise? Did anyone ever get to meet Cliff? Do any tracks have a special meaning for any fans? What do fans think of the many 'new' albums.

Have a great Easter. I know I will! Dave Young, Waves Editor

On Fri May 21 16:53:28 BST 2004, David Johnson (England) from said:

I just wondered what has happened to the issue of Waves magazine mentioned above. Also this is a test to see if messages are still getting to this web-site. Thankyou, David Johnson.

On Tue May 25 19:12:48 BST 2004, Dave Young ( from said:

Hi Dave.

The next issue has been done and has been sent to The Friends of CTW for printing and posting. I will try to find out when it will be distributed.

Bought No More Rock 'n' Roll from Amazon a few weeks ago - my son was desperate to use his mobile phone to order an album.

What a great album and the 5 extra tracks are superb.

Dave Young

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