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On Thu Sep 25 23:08:23 BST 2003, Roy Smith ( from said:

Hi There,
                Just a couple of days to go now to the best yet Clifford T Ward Convention.

See you Sunday
Take Care Roy

On Tue Sep 30 11:24:34 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port .cheshire . england ) from said:

thanks to all for great show on sunday . a special mention for roy, lesley, rio, bev, james and chris hutchison and band . i thought chris was fantastic . it just shows how cliffs music can be sung in a different way and still be very enjoyable . his version of water was amazing . can we have more of the same next year plus " school of thought " last but not least thanks to pat and family for a great day . keep polishing the gold disc !!!!! wow what a thing to hang on your wall !!!!!! regards mike ross [ merseycats ]

On Tue Sep 30 15:23:16 BST 2003, Pat Ward ( from said:

Thanks Mike, I think you have spoken for all of us there on Sunday. A wonderful day. Please add my thanks to Roy and everyone concerned for taking the time and effort to make everything so enjoyable. Love and peace from Pat, Polly and Ross.x

On Sat Oct 4 21:54:07 BST 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK) from said:

Spot On Mike!
Good to see you and the rest of the gang at the convention. Brilliant as always, but I did miss "School of Thought". James Davey, sublime as always (We are NEVER going to let you 'retire' again James, only if you promise to do more comebacks than Frank Sinatra! talking of James, I do hope he will be entering one of his compositions for the "Clifford T. Ward Songwriting Competition". Go For It James! and as for Chris' band... PHEW! they blew me and the audience away. I am not sure which is more difficult to do. Incredibly accurate renditions of Cliff's songs (James and S.O.T. strange acronym...never mind!). Must give a Big Thanks to Ross, Ian and Owen as well who remaining true to Cliff's material still manage to put their own spin on it and infuse it with energy (got everyone clapping along too that was a first! Well done lads!) going back to Chris' band, I would consider myself a 'Cliff Purist' nobody can do his songs better than our very own favourite singer/songwriter. But how wonderful to hear a completely different approach (any reggae or steel bands out there?). I would love to hear James Argylle play his classical versions of Cliff's music again, how about it Roy? and "Well Done Mr Smith" for another memorable event. Crikey! I didn't mean to write a review! by the way Roy, nice powder-blue dress, matching hat and accessories ;-)

On Mon Oct 13 03:15:27 BST 2003, Gerry Mc Gregor (New Zealand. from said:

I stumbled upon this site and cannot believe my good fortune. I first heard of Clifford T. Ward when I was a very young man. The songs are still so beautiful that I know I will not rest until I can once again play his music for my own sweet pleasure. Thanks for keeping his music alive. Maybe some lucky young person will fall in love as I did and have done so again.

On Mon Oct 13 19:44:24 BST 2003, Tony Faherty (England said:

I am so sad to have missed the convention, it was for me unadvoidable.

I missed the opportunity to meet new friends with a common interest and passion for Cliff's music and talk about a truly wonderful songwriter.

I know future opportunities will come along so I am heartened with that and look forward to future meetings.

On Tue Oct 14 22:51:06 BST 2003, Nick Dalton ( said:

Clifford has, for24ears been in my memory, but now I can listen to what I want to when I want to, the past is all coming back. we don't have the same stimulating experience now that we used to with Clifford. I cannot help thinking with all aggresion in the world what a calm and peaceful aura he gives out. A huge loss but a truly wonderful memory, ans I bet his kids a grand children are wonderful people too!

On Tue Oct 14 23:10:24 BST 2003, JOHN SHARP (Scotland JOCK92@HOTMAIL.COM) said:

First of all i`d like to thank Pat / Polly for putting up with 15 house guests, the Tea was lovely as was the surroundings. Roy too was a very good guide taking us to some of the places that Clifford would go to for his inspiration. I hope i make it to next years convention and meet many of the friends i made at ths years convention, I`m sorry if i gave anyone the cold as i had it all that weekend (cough)(sneeze). Finally, Good Luck to Polly and Ross next August.

On Wed Oct 15 20:49:53 BST 2003, Carol Quaile ( said:

May I remind everyone that renewal of membership is now due...for the coming year .Dont miss the excellent free CD of Clifford on the radio also discount on your merchandise purchases. £12.50 Great Value for money..What are you waiting for..!!!! Regards Carol

On Sun Oct 19 12:21:38 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi There everyone,
      Guess what it's happening again Check out page 38
      Speak to you soon
      take care Roy

On Mon Oct 20 13:30:02 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england ) from said:

roy , you said see page 38 [ i prefer page 3 ] is this a competition ???? 1. are you becoming an agent for " ann summers " ??? 2. selling off your collection of " shrucken heads " ?? 3. or is it a new cd ??????????????? cheers mike

On Mon Oct 20 21:07:56 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi Mike,
              Well Done. Watch this space
Take Care Roy

On Wed Oct 22 23:49:53 BST 2003, kathy (England; from said:

thankyou, i've been trying to find lyrics to home thoughts from abroad for years

On Thu Oct 23 22:00:19 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England beatles said:

Hi There Everyone,
                    The title of the new Clifford T Ward Cd is "This was our love" and there are 21 tracks
Take care Roy

On Fri Oct 24 20:50:38 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England beatles said:

Hi There,
            If anyone would like a Signed copy of The "Bittersweet" Paperback which is due out within the next 2 Weeks then you can order them through me. Price is £13-99 including P&P. Please write to The "Friends of Clifford T Ward" PO Box 3514 Kiddrminster DY10 2 WT and watch this space for details of the NEW Clifford T Ward cd
Take care Roy

On Sun Oct 26 17:32:04 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England. ><) from said:

Come on Roy! No more of these silly games - cut to the real answer. Name the tracks, Name the date, Name the price. Will it be the same format as 'Work In Progress'? Will the quality be as good?

I am sure that the answer will be slow in coming forward but we all know that we will be buying a copy as soon as it is released.

Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

P.S. Is 'Waves' about to come out? - I am getting ready for my half yearly fix of news and views - withdrawal symptoms are setting in!

Kind regards to all,


On Tue Oct 28 21:20:16 GMT 2003, Nicholas A Fowlie (U.S.A, Brit Ex-pat ( from said:

Was great to find this site, I've passed it on to an internet radio station, at (accoustic) I hope to get her to start playing some of cliff's records, I'm sure he'd have enjoyed the media of the internet to be aired. Thanks for the site and being able to catch up on happenings back in Blighty !


On Wed Oct 29 10:57:11 GMT 2003, John Hartery (Ireland from said:

It was nice to find this site, but it was also a sad event. I considered him to be the finest love song writer.

John Hartery

On Sat Nov 1 13:57:58 GMT 2003, David Young (UK) from said:

Just to say that the October issue of Waves will be out very soon. Problems with internet and printer has delayed everything but it's written and is just waiting for the final push.

Sorry for the delay.

Dave Young

On Tue Nov 11 17:01:54 GMT 2003, Dave Young (UK from said:

Just to say that Waves 20 has been posted today. The e-mail address still doesn't work. I am typing this at school. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and a special thanks to Roy for my Cliffie!

Hello to everyone out there who loves the music of Clifford.

Dave young, Leeds

On Wed Nov 19 12:30:26 GMT 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port . cheshire . england ) from said:

thanks to dave for the waves magazine , it must take a lot of your time , so thanks again . mike ross

On Mon Dec 1 15:55:00 GMT 2003, Dave Hollingdale ( from said:

I have just finished listening to "Work In Progress" purchased this morning. Words are not available to descibe this CD Brilliant, Genius are not good enough superlatives. It really makes you feel one to one with Clifford. As a 56 year old bloke I was filled with joy and sadness as I listened to the Songs. Sal is particularly poignant as I have a daughter of that name and we bond through that song. I don't know if there is a God, but if there is and he took the decision to take Clifford and his enormous talent from us long before his time, then I can only say you have dropped one mate.

If my comment causes offence unreserved apologies. Best to you all and thanks for the music.

On Mon Dec 1 21:56:48 GMT 2003, Ian Varey (England from said:

I have just received an e-mail from Liz to say she has received some copies of the biography BITTERSWEET. My cheque's in the post Liz. This will be a Christmas present for me. This is THE book I have wanted for a long time - I can hardly wait. I also have the CDs WORK IN PROGRESS and THIS WAS OUR LOVE coming my way soon. Sounds like a Clifford Christmas to me! The best sort. Best wishes to all you CTW fans out there, from Ian.

On Mon Dec 1 22:04:51 GMT 2003, () from said:

To Dave Hollingdale (above). All I can say is "Yes there is a God and he's probably enjoying some new CTW compositions right now!" Glad you are enjoying "Work in Progress", I've got that to look forward to. A lot of the songs are from the period of "New England Days", a very fine album indeed! "Sal" is especially poignant, something Clifford did better than anyone else in my opinion. Happy listening. Ian.

On Tue Dec 2 12:21:42 GMT 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port .cheshire . england ) from said:

have you put in your request to terry yet ???????????????

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