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On Wed Jul 30 04:08:45 BST 2003, haydn powell (wales u.k from said:

simply the best singer/songwriter the world has ever known.

On Fri Aug 1 23:45:37 BST 2003, Nigel Rathbone ( from said:

A couple of things, first of all Alan, I agree with you about Christopher Cross although I think his 'Rendezvous' is a better album. What a lovely surprise I had today. Thank You Lesley for a great newsletter from the 'Friends of Clifford T'. Great Stuff! also probably not said enough but "Thank You' also to Mick for a tremendous website. Booked my accomodation at The Gainsborough today for the convention. I am so looking forward to seeing you all again.

On Wed Aug 6 10:34:11 BST 2003, kayrooney (England. from said:

I recently rediscovered the many beautiful songs by Clifford T. Ward, many years ago I owned every album but circumstances meant that I became separated from them. After poor Clifford's untimely death and the subsequent re releasing of his work I have begun to re assemble the albums, the internet has helped with this. Its a re discovered joy to once again hear such lovely works of art.

On Thu Aug 7 00:02:58 BST 2003, Steve Ball (England said:

Heard Home Thoughts on the radio today still sounds fresh (what sad loss).

On Thu Aug 7 14:11:51 BST 2003, Val Hartsuiker (South Africa from said:

Mantle Pieces was my favorite album in the 1970s. I was very upset when I lost it in a divorce squabble even through it was specifically mentioned in the settlement as belonging to me. On and off since then I have looked for a replacement of that album but it was not available in South Africa. Many of my friends know about my "obsession" with trying to replace it and today one of them refered me to your website. I am overawed with being "reconnected" and thank you for your website but I am also deeply saddened to read about Clifford's illness and death and the rough path that his career took. He was a gifted musician and composer worthy of much greater acclaim and exposure than he received.

On Fri Aug 8 21:36:51 BST 2003, Kevin Marron (England from said:

amazingly and to my great regret, I only discovered Clifford died the other day listening to Terry Wogan on radio 2. I listened to the Both of Us album the other day without any knowledge he had gone and wow I can't get over how I feel now. CTW has been a part of my musical life for years and years and years and it's hard to believe. There will never be another and this has to be the accolade for anyone. To have made such an impression in a lifetime, I could only ever dream of doing the same. Sadly missed , but often remembered and celebrated, I raise a glass to this unique and gifted man. God rest.

Thanks for your message, Kevin. I take it you're not THE Kevin Marron - of 'Marron's Glance' fame?   ;^)   - have you heard that song - on the 'Julia and Other New Stories' album?
Regards . . . Mick.

On Wed Aug 13 20:53:03 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi Friends,
Don't forget tickets for this years convention are now on sale priced £5 in advance or £6 on the day.
Please send cheques made payable to
Friends of Clifford T Ward
Po Box 3514
DY10 2WT
This year we have made a few additions to the line up and you will not be DISAPPOINTED.
Take care Roy

On Fri Aug 15 20:42:17 BST 2003, Len Bretel ( from said:

you surprise me Mick. Kevin Marron was killed in an air crash a couple of years before "Laugh it off" album was released. (See the cover notes on the album.) I think it is also mentioned in Bittersweet by Dave Cartwright.- Another good reason to get hold of a copy if you haven't got one. Its a thumping good read. I've got the original but I shall be getting the updated paperback when it is available. Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances at the convention on September 28th best wishes Sheila Bretel (new joint member)!!

Thanks for the message Sheila - but I AM aware that 'THE' Kevin Marron is dead - I was only joking in my remark above (hence the smilley face after the comment!). My 'joke' was based on my amazement at just who turns up in this Guest Book from time-to-time!!   ;^)
        . . .   Regards, Mick.

On Sat Aug 30 20:04:41 BST 2003, mick barnes (uk gunner barnes) from said:

On Tue Sep 2 10:03:39 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england) from said:

looking forward to meeting old friends at the ctw concert on 28/9/03 . see you there thanks mike ross

On Sun Sep 7 16:57:19 BST 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England from said:

Are there any Archer's fans out there? If you were listening to last Monday's edition you may have noticed Mike and Betty Tucker sitting and having breakfast to the background music of 'Home Thoughts From Abroad'. There is, at last, some taste in music on Radio 4.

On Mon Sep 8 12:11:02 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england) from said:

you can always rely on the old "archers" to keep up with the times ?????????? when ctw is on "eastenders" or the "telly tubbies" we will know he has really made it in the big time !!!! cheers mike

On Tue Sep 9 21:40:17 BST 2003, The Freer family (England) from said:

I have loved CTW's music since Steve Merike used to play it on his late night show on Radio Trent while I was swotting for my A levels in the late 70s - and our whole family loves Gaye and other stories which we played as we were driving round Spain recently. It was the theme tune for our trip! Has anyone given some thought to rereleasing 'A day to myself' for Remembrance Sunday - could Wogan be persuaded to get behind it? I always find it very moving.

On Wed Sep 10 12:37:22 BST 2003, John Hedley (U.K from said:

Good old terry wogan he played Home thoughts from abroad again just this morning. It realy did bring a tear to my eye on the drive into work. clifford's music was the theme tune to me leaving school back in 73 and although all my vinyl memories are gone now, my c/d collection is about to grow. John hedley

On Thu Sep 11 13:05:21 BST 2003, mike ross (mike.2 from said:

we all appreciate terry wogan playing ctw songs. has anybody invited him to the convention ?????????????? cheers mike

On Thu Sep 11 21:26:24 BST 2003, Roger Jones (England, from said:

I am building up my collection of CTW's CD's - 12 to date. I never tire of hearing them over and over again. I'm sure this is true of many of his fans - surely an significant indication of the durability of Cliff's music. Hope to meet some of those fans at the Convention later this month!

On Thu Sep 11 23:44:41 BST 2003, Nigel Rathbone () from said:

The Archers? didn't they have a one-hit wonder in the sixties with "Sugar Sugar"? or am I just showing my age...again! see you all at The Gainsborough :-) Nigel

Naw, Nigel - you're thinking of the 'Archies'! . . . Mick.

On Fri Sep 12 15:21:22 BST 2003, Howard Parkin (Portugal, e-mail: from said:

This man wrote some of the best pop and ballad songs ever. Cliff Richard recorded one of his songs "You´ve Come Up In The World" but I simply cannot understand why his works of genius have remained untouched by other performers. Come on Robbie Williams, there are many Ward songs you can do! Ward´s songs remain fresh as ever, even now. Howard Parkin, (a long time fan)

On Fri Sep 12 18:09:40 BST 2003, cliff webb (england from said:

is there anyone going by car to the ctw convention in or around the croy don area who has room for one i will gladly pay petrol costs only to get there by train this year is a real drama the time tables have been changed so i would not get there before 1pm taking nearly 6 hours if anyone can help it will be much appreciated please email me all the best cliff webb ps i am a ctw member

On Fri Sep 12 21:41:48 BST 2003, matty ( from said:

am a young clifford t ward fan who is intending to go to the convention later this month. i was just wondering if anyone from london is going and would fancy travelling with me. please contact me if interested.

On Sat Sep 13 19:52:26 BST 2003, Pat Ward ( from said:

Thought I'd like to share some good news with you. Sam and Hanne had a baby boy on Wednesday 10th September making me a grandmother for the fourth time. He's to be called Tom after Grandad Cliff. Mom and baby fine (dad tired). Regards to everyone, hope to see you all on the 28th.

Many congratulations Pat, and please also pass on my congratulations to Sam and Hanne.
              . . . Mick.

On Tue Sep 16 15:42:31 BST 2003, mike ross ( from said:

congratulations to you pat on becoming a granny 4 th time round . does this mean that we can have a " glamorous granny competition " at the convention . if so can i put roys name forward ??????? regards mike ross

On Wed Sep 17 21:09:12 BST 2003, Pat Ward ( from said:

What a good idea Mike, I think Roy looks really cute in that pink dress he usually wears (not sure about his choice if lipstick though). Can't wait 'til the 28th. Pat.

On Wed Sep 17 22:16:10 BST 2003, Roy smith (England from said:

Hi Pat & Mike,
              Just wait till you see what dress I've got for the 28th .

Take care Roy

On Thu Sep 18 12:49:40 BST 2003, mike ross (mike.2 from said:

roy, if you turn up in a peach dress with a big black beard saying your a guest [ or comedy terrorist ] you will be asked to leave the building . you have been warned !!!!!!!! cheers mike

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