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On Mon Apr 28 14:57:03 BST 2003, Len Bretel ( from said:

I hope you all had a relaxing easter, Sheila and I had a nice 'pressie' from Roy, no not an egg but work in progress cd. 'I enjoyed that' said the voice (Cliffords?) at the end of Change of Heart, yea well so did we. Work in progress is a joy to listen to, a big thank you to Pat and all involved to bring us this 'new cd'.It fast rewinds the years back for me, back to the 60s when with the fullness and exuberance of youth, we twanged our guitars and made our sounds upon tape recorders etc. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in the studio, listening to Cliff trying out different chord sequences and key changes, searching for the words to fit the rhythm and tempo of new songs, songs that were raw, not dressed yet, nude as the day that Clifford jumped down out of the tree in front of Pat, (see Bittersweet by Dave Cartwrite). Cliff's lyrics are not the banal run of the mill moon/June twaddle, they are innovative, blended together with a melodic voice, and clear diction. Richer is the soul that sits under the rainbow and has discovered this pot of golden songs... (phew, take a breath! did I just write that? it must be the ol' songwriter in me) goodbye for now.
Len B

On Mon Apr 28 20:07:38 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi Mike,
Don't tell Nigel but I've had the mac cleaned so he won't know it's me. I hope the notes are nice and clean as i can't stand dirty notes.
Take care Roy

On Wed Apr 30 23:05:39 BST 2003, matty ( said:

have been introduced to clifford t ward after a band i know called the samurai seven covered 'wherewithal' for a john peel session last year and have been hooked ever since. did anyone hear this cover by any chance? i could do some copies if anyone is interested.

On Thu May 01 20:00:00 BST 2003, Liz Williams (UK said:

An original hard back copy of “Bittersweet” signed by both Cliff and Dave is offered for private sale. Bids please to Liz acting on behalf of a friend who reluctantly needs the sale. Contact Liz on or 01900 67971 or write to Mrs E Williams, 14 Ellerbeck Close, WORKINGTON, Cumbria CA14 4HY. Bids in by May 14 please. Payment will be direct to vendor.

On Fri May 2 14:31:42 BST 2003, mike ross ( from said:

message for len . is this the len that stayed in the b+b in bewdley in i think year was 2001 ? you said you had made a cd of your own ? you gave me a lift back to the gainsborough hotel , so i could pick my car up . my e mail address is above , give me a call , kind regards mike

On Fri May 2 19:16:53 BST 2003, Nigel (UK said:

Roy, the notes were freshly laundered this morning and I'm ironing them now. Mike, why do I feel as if I've stumbled into an "Orson Wells" film? Greetings to everybody. Have you all got "Work In Progress" yet? Stephen Bagust ("The Third Man") where are you?

On Sun May 4 09:45:14 BST 2003, cliff webb ( from said:

just to say a big thanks to every one involved with works in progress, its great to hear how those songs evolved. it once again shows that cliff is the best singer songwriter we have had, i just hope there is more to come. i emailed chery red records friday and they said, both of us cd should be available on 12th of may, all the best for now cliff webb ps, to roy please send money to my off shore account but dont tell nigel bye for now

On Mon May 5 19:37:40 BST 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, ENGLAND > <) from said:

This is the third man with a cryptic message for all devotees of CTW. Order your CD NOW. That is the album 'Both Of Us' I repeat Order your CD NOW. Available from your local record store.

If not in stock then PLEASE order one or more. This way if enough people ask then the record stores will order more stock.

For those of you old enough to remember, it would be at this point that 'The Harry Lime Theme' would ring out with the unmistakable sound of a zither.

Please keep up requests at the Beeb particularly the Terry Wogan show which is easily accessed through

Terry is being sent a copy of 'Both Of Us' by Cherry Red Records and he should be familiar with the contents. Keep up the pressure, eventually they WILL crack!

Nigel, you cannot escape - we have long tentacles!

On Tue May 6 23:03:04 BST 2003, Mandy Burnell (UK from said:

Brilliant site, heard a CTW track on radio 2 wogan today and thought about it all day at work, thanks for reminding me how great he was, is..............

On Wed May 7 10:10:53 BST 2003, len bretel ( from said:

message for Mike Ross ( and sundry ) The Len you met at CTW 2002 concert, yes I am he! After the sad loss of Clifford in DEC 2001, I just had to get to the tribute concert in Feb 2002, although it was right in the middle of building a new house. Roy sent us some B+Bs and we booked up, here by hangs 3 coincidences, when we arrived to catch our plane at Guernsey airport, our flight had been changed to an AIR FRANCE plane, and on arriving at the B+B we found the landlady's name was NIGHTINGALE, two main lyrics from Cliff's songs, AIR HOSTESS,& NIGHTINGALE. Although I never met the Man himself, I met PAT, it was nice to meet her, and to put my hand in the hand that had held Cliff's. The concert was very entertaining and worth the expence, we hope to do it all again sometime. The CD recorded of the tribute concert, For Cliff and his Friends, is a must for all CTW fans. The 3rd coincidence? well at the end of the CD amid the applause you hear a whistle, thats mine and I can prove it listen... PHTWEEEEEEEEEEE!!! by 4 now Len

On Fri May 9 18:50:59 BST 2003, Rüdiger Schreyer (Germany/Deutschland (Hannover)) from said:

Du hast mich durch viele Jahre meines Lebens begleitet. Deine Lieder haben meinen Alltag erfreut, mich unterhalten und manchmal auch nachdenklich gemacht. Dein Tod hat mich sehr traurig gestimmt. Leider ist es mir bisher nicht vergönnt all die LPs/CDs, die du veröffentlicht hast, zu besitzen, ich arbeite daran, es ist mein Vermächtnis für dich. Habe Frieden dort, wo du bist.

Uh? Haven't a clue what this says, but I'm sure I agree with every word!!!   ;-)   . . . Mick.

On Fri May 9 20:23:31 BST 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England ><) from said:

Roy, The last message from Hanover is for you. Please reply promptly! Regards, Stephen

On Sat May 10 15:58:51 BST 2003, Helen McAteer (England) from said:

In 1978, at the age of 25 years and during a particularly difficult period in my life, I heard "No more Rock and Roll" and cried with the poignancy of it. I have loved and enjoyed Cliff's music ever since, but until today had not heard of his death. Again, with tears in my eyes, I can only say what a great loss and thank you for the many happy hours listening.

On Sat May 10 17:21:37 BST 2003, Gayle (malta gayle@ from said:

mum always told me i was named after the song GAYE cause my dad really liked it so much. i looked on the internet and found the song of clifford. i liked it alot altough my name is not spelled exactly the same. so i have to thank clifford for my name. THANKYOU

On Sun May 11 08:06:32 BST 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England. ><) from said:

BOTH OF US NOW AVAILABLE. CDM RED 228 is the reference. It really is brilliant. Stunning quality, good sleeve notes. Does anyone think that the spoken words add anything to the original album? Please let us know. Your comments are always of great interest.

Please contact Terry Wogan and Paul Walters through the friends website link on

Get your requests in early and often. We must get this CD played.


On Sun May 11 10:24:29 BST 2003, David Young ( from said:

This is a very rough translation of the German entry:

You accompanied me through many years of my life. Your songs delighted my everyday life, maintained me and also made me reflective sometimes. Your death made me very sad. Unfortunately I do not possess all the LPs/CDS that you published, I am working on that, it my legacy for you. Peace be where you are.

On Sun May 11 22:48:53 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi David,
          Thanks for the translation I wuz just about two get me dictionary out but ewe beat me two it.
Take care Roy

On Tue May 13 00:52:29 BST 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK from said:

(Aghast) "STEPHEN BAGUST!... YOU CAN"T SAY THAT HERE!!!"... No, my mistake, I need an eye test "Tentacles" is ok :-)

P.S. Will somebody shut that Zither player up

On Tue May 13 12:54:48 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port , england) from said:

anyone remember shirley abacare [ i think thats her name ] she used to play the zither . like the question and answer with pat in the latest waves mag . i saw beth neilson chapman in chester a few months ago and had my photo taken with her , yes i know , im not only a friend of ctw , i am now a friend of b.n.c. . not sure i can cope !!!!!!!! regards mike ross

On Tue May 13 21:26:54 BST 2003, Andy Rogers ( from said:

Can't believe I'm the first to writs about the "new" version of Both of Us ! Got my copy yesterday morning (day of release), pre-ordered from . I was hoping the sound would be good but It would be not exaggeration to say I was staggered - the sound is unbelievable !! I don't know who mastered it (Dave Johnson?) but WOW!! it's just amazing. I'm hearing instruments I've never heard before, I'm hearing the cleverness of Cliff's lyrics in a new dimension, The whole album has been lifted into a new dimension...and Dave's spoken piece at the end is very moving . Basically, you CTW fans out there who are not buying this album because you have the club version are missing SO MUCH.. it's like comparing a black and white silent movie with the latest DVD . GO out . Buy it. It is truly fabulous and TELL THE WORLD!!! All the best , Andy.

On Tue May 13 22:22:48 BST 2003, Howard Coleman ( from said:

Anybody hoping to buy the new "Both of Us" CD in Loughborough will have to order it now, since I've just bought the only copy in town! I eventually tracked it down in Andy's Records. I should have gone there first but they tend to be more expensive than elsewhere. Anyway, it's been well worth the search. A big improvement on the "Friends of CTW" vinyl-transferred copy. Buy it and enjoy with fresh ears!

Roy, any information on who might be performing at the Convention this year? Am I right in thinking that School For Thought may not attend? A big shame if they don't.

Thanks for the German translation, David. I thought it said "My wall has six bricks missing and my tandem has developed another saddlebag!" No wonder I couldn't relate it to Clifford T! I think I need to ask for my money back from the "Learn German at Home in Six Easy Lessons"!

Regards to all.


On Wed May 14 18:10:28 BST 2003, Steve (London) from said:

What a sad story. I know nothing of CTW but the song 'Gaye' and his name for some reason lurked in the back of my mind. I visited this site only because, inexplicably, I could not get the song 'Gaye' out of my head, and thought looking him up would rid me of it! I was 11 in June 1973 (and it seems like yesterday)and I do remember it from first time round. At that time of Glam Rock CTW seemed very out of place but isn't it funny that now I'm in my 40's and much more experienced in the ways of the world I have grown into it while my Glam Rock days embarrass me slightly. Life just seems so unfair when a man with such talent can pass away in such modest circumstances but as a man who has lost the lot including homes, family and children he enjoyed much more than I do, and left an idelible mark on the world which most of us could only apsire to. Well done Cliff, and rest in peace mate.

On Thu May 15 16:27:34 BST 2003, Len Bretel ( from said:

Hi CTW friends, just received my WAVES Fanzine #19, it is a very good read, I always 'drop everything' when it arrives. A well done to David Young for producing a great news booklet. I was pleasantly surprised to find my tribute song to Clifford "Jigsaw Game", selected from Mick Armitage's guest book, and entered therein. My wife had a giggle when reading An Interview With Pat Ward, and how Pat remembers that Cliff always had a pen and notebook ready, to jot down thoughts, any time day or night, to use or later discard. It happend to us last week end, walking across a Jersey beach, (we had an inter-insular table tennis match in the other Island of Jersey,) me stopping to jot down lines for a song about table tennis, which will be used this week end at our annual dinner, and then having to run to catch her up. I must tell you all, we beat Jersey 63 games to 37 and our son Peter won Man of the Match award. Sorry to waffle on! Don't forget to go and order the new Both of Us cd. ref code: 'CDMRED 228' I'm going to get one for our local library. bye 4 now Len

On Thu May 15 20:16:50 BST 2003, Martie (USA said:

I'm shocked to hear of Clifford's death! I had not been in contact with him since the early 80's, and though I tried, could not make connections with him for many years. A link from another web site brought me here, and exposed the sad news. I am grateful I got to work with him on the "New England Days" album, as a musician and co-writer of "Nothing New". It was a wonderful two week stint at Long View Farm Studios in Boston, Mass. USA, and we shared so many great stories.....and lyrics......and I feel lucky that I got to know him as a person, not just a singer/songwriter. He had a wonderful gift as a writer, be it song or story. He was a delightful human being. He will be missed.

Martie Echito

On Fri May 16 11:08:08 BST 2003, Denniss Haggerty ((UK) from said:

Clifford T Ward....Thank You For Your Words...Thank You For Your Music.....Thank You For Your Heart...

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