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On Thu Apr 3 14:10:31 BST 2003, NEIL BARTHOLOMEW (ENGLAND) from said:


On Fri Apr 4 21:24:06 BST 2003, Alan Kenworthy ( from said:

Just back from Nidri in Leukas, where I had to go to sell my big yacht, in the worst winter in Greece for 7o years, I read the lists of favourite songs By Clifford, and can't help commenting that my own list seems to vary from week to week: currently I wallow in Wardian whimsy with songs like No More Rock'n'Roll, Sal, Still Not Free, Change of Heart, April, Jackdaw, Heaven, Reckless, Where Do Angels Really Come From?, Home (seriously the best Christmas song ever), If I had Known, American Dream, Avenue Dreams, and Next to You, all of which I never tire of hearing. No one can match Clifford's perfect blend of melody with charming lyrics. Some of the piano intros are great, too: are they all by Mark Tibenham? And my current choice for the best "ordinary" pop song ever: Before the World was Round!
News of Clifford T.Ward the racehorse: he has now been at Lawnhead in Staffordshire for a month starting, his training with an expert horseman and veteran jump jockey, David Verco. He is being ridden now, and has taken everything, new home and new routine, in his stride. It's early days yet but I hope he will be galloping and showing some ability by midsummer. Meanwhile I will send you all a good photo of him very soon and if you would like to be part of the Clifford T.Ward Racing Group or would just like to see Clifford at Lawnhead, please let me know. Have backed Behrajan in the National tomorrow at 28 to 1, and Aberleigh House at 33 to 1. A fool and his money are easily parted!

On Sun Apr 6 10:01:51 BST 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England. ><) from said:


It is almost certain that 'Bittersweet' the biography will be available in paperback well before Christmas (is that the first reference of the year?) in an updated version. We will keep you informed of developments nearer the time (probable release date October 2003)

Dont forget to keep looking at these guest pages to keep up to date on new developments.

Things are well under way to establish a charitable foundation as a memorial to Cliff. Hopefully more good news soon.

For contact with 'the friends of Clifford T. Ward' either use this excellent site or log onto Alternatively we have a dedicated P.O Box for land mail.

friends of Clifford T. Ward
PO Box 3514
DY10 2WT

This will put you in touch with all departments of the fan club.

Keep the faith.

Regards to all

Stephen Bagust.

On Mon Apr 7 21:39:23 BST 2003, shi fan (Birmingham (Enland) said:

Paul Mcartney, i'm sure, would have been proud to have penned such beautiful song as gaye, its just a wonderfull melodic simple song so haunting. Nice one clifford where ever you are...

On Thu Apr 10 22:22:43 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:


The New Clifford T Ward cd "WORK IN PROGRESS"is now available. Any fan club member wishing to order a copy please do so now as the first batch is already nearly SOLD OUT. So don't delay order it today.

Take care Roy

On Sun Apr 13 09:55:22 BST 2003, Andy Rogers ( from said:

CLIFF ON ANOTHER NEW COMPILATION : watch out for a new double cd being released tomorrow (14th April) - called "Capital Gold British Legends" . On cd2 track 4 (tucked between 10cc and Elton John) you will find "Home Thoughts" : If only we could have got all this exposure for Cliff while he was around to enjoy it... All the best , Andy.

On Sun Apr 13 16:54:53 BST 2003, Len Bretel ( from said:

I found Clifford T Ward by chance while surfing the internet for singer/songerwriters, about 4 yeas ago. When I heard his music I called my wife, 'come and listen to this guy he's sensational',The next day I went to the music shop to see what I could find, Gaye and Other Stories was there waiting for me. We flew to USA the next day for hols and the CD was played constantly on my player while we traveled on coach rides to view the autumn colours, what a lovely holiday, beutiful scenary and all set to Cliffs wonderful music. I have now collected all 15 cds the book 'Bittersweet' by Dave Cartwrite, a lovely copy of the pastel drawing of Clifford by Lynne Castell, which hangs on my studio wall, I also look forward to 'Waves' CTW Fanzine. We managed to get to Cliffs Memorial concert last year (February) and was moved to tears when School of Thought performed 'If I Had Known'.

Cliffs music has rekindled the songwriter in me and to all you friends out there, here is my tribute to the greatest singer songwriter of them all. enitled:

'Jigsaw Game'

First breath, loud applaud,
It's a boy call him Clifford Ward
Heaven knows his destiny
A teacher or a singer he will be.
There's a singer at the gate won't somebody let him in
He said he's tired of waiting and he's bored
His hair is very long in his heart he holds a song
He says he wants to sing it to the Lord.

It's a jigsaw game,
Life is just a puzzel to be played
Heaven calls your name,
You know the game is over
When the final piece is laid

First love, new bride
They're on a rollercoaster ride
At the end waiting there
A legasy of songs for all to share
There's a singer at the gate won't somebody let him in
He said he's tired of waiting and he's bored
His hair is very long in his heart he holds a song
He says he wants to sing it to the Lord.

It's a jigsaw game,
Life is just a puzzel to be played
Heaven calls your name,
You know the game is over
When the final piece is laid

Thank you for any comments you wish to make be they good or bad. Good by for now, Len.

On Sun Apr 13 17:47:29 BST 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England ><) from said:

To All True Clifford T. Ward Fans,

I have just received my copy of 'Work In Progress'. Although I have heard all of the tracks individually at different times over the last few years I am astounded at the quality of the recording. BIG thanks to the two Daves: Johnson and Stubbs. Without them this would have sunk without trace. We will never know just how much we owe to these guys. Whilst they are both shy, retiring types nevertheless their contribution to the music of the maestro is incalculable. Pat must be thanked for her brave contributions. All other thanks are on the sleeve notes.

If you have't already placed your order do so NOW! This is a milestone in the career of the music of CTW. You can hear how the songs are developed and it is almost as though one is eavesdropping on the composer while he is working on the songs. My mental picture of him at Castle Weir at his upright piano is indelibly printed on my brain. You will hear Cliff, although in the raw, still shine through as the great composer and lyricist that he was, and always will remain.

I'm sorry that I am seemingly always posting messages on this wonderful website but someone must do it.

Let us have your responses when you have listened to this fascinating CD.

Keep the faith

Regards to all,

On Mon Apr 14 16:01:33 BST 2003, Pat Ward ( from said:

Thanks Andy Rogers for alerting me to another new c.d. and thanks also to Stephen for his comments regarding 'Work in Progress' and for driving me so carefully to York last weekend. love to everyone, Pat.

On Mon Apr 14 18:32:15 BST 2003, Nigel (UK) from said:

I was listening to Capital Gold at work today when at 12.15 on the David Jenson show I heard the opening strains of "Home Thoughts" how wonderful to hear Cliff on the radio. After DJ said "What a beautiful song from Clifford T. Ward" and he dedicated it to all the UK troops in the Gulf. Maybe this would be an appropriate time for "The Friends of Clifford T. Ward" to contact him about "A Day To Myself" and Clifford's back catalogue? Apparently, Capital Radio have just released a new CD called "Legends" and "Home Thoughts" is on it, I was so delighted to hear. Mick, I was wondering if others from around the UK and further afield could post and let us know about airplay on their local radio stations, would be nice to know, don't you think? Best wishes to you all.

Sounds good to me, Nigel. Yes, everyone is invited to write in and report any 'sightings' . . . er . . . rather 'hearings' of Cliff's music on radio!!   . . . Mick.

On Wed Apr 16 15:53:28 BST 2003, Carol Quaile (UK said:

Congratulations to the talented people who have put 'Work in Progress' together. What a wonderful tribute to Cliff he would be so proud! The whole project is so professional a complete joy to listen to. I suggest if you havent yet received a copy do so at the earliest opportunity. Carol

On Wed Apr 16 22:24:28 BST 2003, Alan Kenworthy ( said:

Have just heard "Work in Progress" and am astonished. I agree with everything Stephen Bagust says about it, if you close your eyes you are standing next to the piano while Cliff is playing, he is so clear and his voice so young and confident at the height of his creative powers so many years ago. The songs are sheer magic and although his piano playing is simple chords and runs of notes there is unmistakeable mastery of composition and performance. Here is the original Clifford T.Ward lovingly performing his new songs, which thanks to this recording will always be new and uniquely his. You gasp with admiration and affection and say, this is indeed our best songwriter. And amazingly, you hear Clifford whistling and improvising in places, where it is apparent that he has not finished the song yet What a gem of a CD, congratulations to Dave Young and Dave Johnson and to all concerned in its production. This is a real treasure. But I think a better title would have been "Close to Genius" since this is no ordinary artist at work. Clifford , you were wonderful, your April blossoms last forever.... Alan Kenworthy

'Close', Alan? I think most people would agree that he's been all the way there for a long time!!   ;^)   . . . Mick.

On Thu Apr 17 11:47:10 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england) from said:

just received my copy of " work in progress " . a fantastic cd . a big thankyou to pat and all the backroom boys for spending so much time and effort in giving all the " ctw fans " a quite remarkable cd. i like all the " squeaks and bumps " as well . one question though , was cliff wearing his " hob nailed boots " when he was walking between the tape and the piano ? maybe if he had his trainers on we would have got more tracks on the cd ????????? thanks again mike ross

On Thu Apr 17 12:55:32 BST 2003, Peter Horton ( from said:

Work In Progress CD

I can hardly believe that old tapes of that quality are still out there waiting to be put on CD

This new CD is absolutely excellent. One amazing feature is the seemingly effortless way Cliff sings. The different lyrics to some of the songs make them brand new even to us who have been listening for years. What about 'Before The World Was Round'.

I hope that there is more to follow. Keep there CDs coming!


Peter Horton - Lichfield

On Thu Apr 17 16:59:05 BST 2003, Bob (USA ; said:

Many happy hors spent listening to Clifford T. Was so sad to read about his death RIP gentle man

On Thu Apr 17 17:57:08 BST 2003, Pat Ward (patriciabward@aol) said:

Cliff wearing trainers, Mike Ross. I don't think so. love Pat

On Sat Apr 19 14:22:19 BST 2003, Micheal Reynolds ( Australia) from said:

I was a big fan back in the 70's but just recently had all my LP's shipped over from Ireland and came across his one's. I have never seen any cd's of Clifford's in the shops here and went online to see if I could find any, I very sorry to see he died a few years ago. I do a radio show here in Melbourne "THE Irish-Aussie Hour" and like to put in other singers from time to time and I had Clifford in mind. Great to find so many fan's out there and I'm sure to drop into your great site again soon.

Regards, Mick.

On Mon Apr 21 19:25:38 BST 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK) from said:

From "Mantle Pieces" to "Master Pieces"
"Work In Progress"
The title by its name underplays what a truly amazing recording this is. So much so, that I venture to say that THIS is the REAL "Hidden Treasure" as Clifford opens the lid of the chest brimming with an assortment of unfinished symphonies (unfinished in the sense that the orhestra have yet to record their parts). This collection of songs are so much more than just demos, they are in my humble opinion very near completion and at once engage the listener and envelop them because of their captivating "Unplugged" style making them unique renditions of our much-loved favourites. There is something extra special about hearing a songwriter perform his own work solo before musical arrangements are added. "Work In Progress" is like having a personal concert and could well become I suspect my most played CD by Clifford. If you haven't guessed by now I LOVE THIS RECORDING and if you are not a member of "The Friends of Clifford T. Ward" I urge you to join straight away to get access to this piece of musical history, I would do it soon because once the word gets out this run of CD's will sell out! The acoustics and recording quality are superb thanks to Clifford being meticulous and the care and love of everyone involved who made this project a reality. A big "Thank You" this is the Clifford T. Ward CD I always wanted and I really think you have all done Clifford proud thank you so much. I loved the "cough", the improvised singing and, ad-lib at the end and without spoiling it for anyone yet to hear it I would just say "Thank You Cliff, me too!" If you love this man's music (and let's face it,you wouldn't be hear if you didn't) you owe it to yourself. You MUST get this CD.

On Mon Apr 21 19:28:07 BST 2003, Andy ( from said:

Re the new cd "Work in progress"... What a fantastic CD it truly is. I've always felt that the songs on New England days were a long way from Cliff's best but this new cd has changed my opinion completely. The simplicity and "purity" of these early takes shows the songs to be up there with his finest material and in fact shows that even the best songs can be devalued by over-production. OH, Pat, what a shame that you had to hear from the guestbook that Cliff was on a new cd, You'd have thought they'd have let you know before it came out!!... All The Best. Andy.

On Thu Apr 24 01:50:19 BST 2003, Eric Horridge (Australia - from said:

Being ex expat who left the UK at 14 (in 1973) and spent 27 years in South Africa before emigrating to Australia in 2000, I was shocked and saddened to hear of CTW's passing as long ago as 2001...indeed I only found out yesterday.while looking for more of his albums.

"Home thoughts from abroad" has always been a favourite of mine along with "Gaye" ever since I first saw CTW on top of the pops in the early 70's. "HTFA" will always remain with me forever as a symbol of where I came from!!

Best Wishes

On Fri Apr 25 13:32:33 BST 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england) from said:

re nigel rathbones wonderfull comments . are you being paid by roy smith to say all those nice things ?????????? just joking ! or am i !!!!! i agree entirely with your comments . i think the " work in progress " is a classic and the next cd release is going to have to be very good to match the quality and enjoyment . [ roy i would start work on the next cd now ] a freind of mine heard the first track and said " so thats where john lennon got his ideas from " , for cliff to be compared with john winston lennon , is praise indeed , regards mike ross

On Fri Apr 25 20:25:33 BST 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK) from said:

Hi Mike,
you've got me laughing. No, I'm not on "Roy's Payroll" but I think it is an excellent idea... Hang on! getting a bit like "Yesterday in Parliament" remember "Cash for questions?" wouldn't I then have to slip you a brown envelope stuffed with notes in return for your kind words? By the way, I lose brownie points for 'hear' instead of 'here' that'll teach me not to read things back before I post. Hope all is well with you.

On Sun Apr 27 21:49:47 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England said:

Dear Friends,
It is so nice to see all of your comments about Cliff's new cd. I would also like to thank you for all the wonderful letters that you have taken the time to write all of these are forwarded on to Pat for her to read.
DON'T FORGET that even if you are not a fan club member YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THIS cd from SUNDAY 28th SEPT which is the date of the next Convention if you would like to reserve a copy send an e-mail or write to me at:
Friends of Clifford T Ward
PO Box 3514
Kidderminster DY10 2WT
Take care Roy

On Mon Apr 28 13:12:50 BST 2003, MIKE ROSS (ELLESMERE PORT CHESHIRE ENGLAND) from said:


On Mon Apr 28 14:18:16 BST 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Dear Friends,
Many thanks for your comments and letters regarding Cliff's new cd. All the letters are forwarded to Pat so please keep them coming.DON'T FORGET EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN CLUB MEMBER YOU CAN STILL ORDER WORK IN PROGRESS ON OR AFTER 28th SEPT 2003.
Don't forget 28th Sept is also the date of the next Convention Tickets are now on sale £5 members £6 non members. Take care Roy

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