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On Wed Mar 5 18:24:58 GMT 2003, jeff pollard ( wales) from said:

even after all this time the songs and lyrics still move me, what a gift he had, we are lucky he chose to share his thoughts with us..thank you....

On Wed Mar 5 18:43:07 GMT 2003, Ross Mooney (England ( from said:

I've been one of the select few who have had a sneaky listen to the new album "work in progress" and i would just like to say how marvelous it is and its nice to have an insight to how these songs first started out. Hope there's another one out soon!

On Thur Mar 6 21:12:33 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England. said:

Hello friends,

Best kept secrets! Did you know that "Julia And Other Friends" has been re-released on a Cherry Red CD? Apparently it is in the shops! Why have we not seen any publicity or are we not expected to buy a copy? There are some bonus tracks including "Heaven" and "Lost In The Flow Of Your Love". These need to be requested on all radio programmes that may play quality music. Get on with it and email your local and national stations. We got Cliff to number 4 in last year's BBC poll we can do it again!

BIG, BIG NEWS. "Both Of Us" is to be released by Cherry Red in May. I believe that this is Cliff's best. We MUST pull together and request "The Best Is Yet To Come" on all national stations. Inundate Tery Wogan with requests. He will love "Before The World Was Round" just for the guitar solo!

If we cannot get this CD some airplay then the world has gone completely BONKERS. There are some great songs on "Both Of Us" that really do deserve some airplay. It is up to us to make sure that any quality release of Clifford T. Ward's music must be backed 100%.

I hope that Cherry Red recognise the power of 'the friends of Clifford T. Ward' and let us help them sell loads of CD's so that Pat can get the benefit of Cliffs music heritage.

I cannot for the life of me understand the thinking of the music industry. Here we have a MAJOR influence in popular music with re-releases of superb CD's and they are kept secret. Quite amazing!

Keep up the pressure. Keep the faith. I am convinced that eventually someone somewhere will see the light!

MORE BIG NEWS. WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT! 'the friends of Clifford T. Ward' now have a dedicated website to compliment Mick's brilliant site. This is a new site. Search for:

Your comments will be welcomed on this interactive website. Peter Jacques who is a dedicated fan is running this site and will welcome your input.

Don't forget to email and write to all radio stations NOW!

Bet wishes to all our 'friends'

Stephen Bagust

On Sat Mar 8 23:33:37 GMT 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK from said:

Hi Ross, Good to see your posting here. I am really looking forward to hearing the new CD. I also look forward to hearing a CD by yourself Ian and Owen sometime. I have really enjoyed your interpretations of Cliff's music over the past couple of years at the conventions. All the best Nigel

On Tue Mar 11 12:50:27 GMT 2003, mike ross (mike.2 from said:

nice to see cherry red bringing out both of us . i think this was the first " copy cd " i got from the friends of ctw , and i love it [ scratches and all } . its a great cd and even though the new one will be better quality , the old copy i have has love in every sratch regards mike ross

On Tue Mar 11 19:21:17 GMT 2003, Pat ( from said:

Pleased to see there is so much interest in the forthcoming c.d. It will be well worth the wait. Thanks to everyone once again. See you all soon. love Pat.

On Tue Mar 11 22:31:49 GMT 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK) from said:

and a big 'Thank You' to you Pat, for making these recordings available to us.



On Wed Mar 12 22:51:25 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England ><) said:

Dear Friends,

May I add some extra thanks regarding the forthcoming 'Both Of Us' CD

David Johnson and Dave Stubbs do some magnificent work behind the scenes getting the original master tapes into a recordable condition. Without their genius we would not have the opportunity to hear the wonderful digitally remastered sound.

Don't think that because the CD has the same title and tracks that it is just a duplicate of 'our' original. David Johnson told me tonight that it will 'blow our minds' the sheer quality of the product. When you hear that it is released then get out and buy one.

I agree with Nigel that a big thank you must go to Pat for allowing us the chance to hear this magnificent album how Cliff intended it to sound.

Don't forget to log onto and enter the world of good music.

Regards to all


On Fri Mar 14 17:12:28 GMT 2003, David Johnson (England) from said:


I would just like to explain that the messages from Pat and Nigel sent 11-03-03 refer to the "Work in Progress" CD which will soon be available.

Also a big thankyou to Mick Armitage for this wonderful web-site. I've spent many a happy hour reading all the information and messages. The song lyrics are very accurately presented and the audio clips are good quality too.


David Johnson

On Fri Mar 14 18:28:33 GMT 2003, Dave Young ( from said:

Just like to say a big hello to everyone. I lost all internet access about eight weeks ago whilst trying to go Broadband but it's all up and running again. Note the new e-mail address. Can't wait for the new CDs. Both of Us on CD sounds wonderful. The next issue of Waves is in preparation. If anyone has any contributions, I would love to receive them. It should be out by early April. Anything right up to the last day is always accepted!! Great to see Clifford on the Old Grey Whistle Test.

On Mon Mar 17 12:06:08 GMT 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port england) from said:

stephen , i was very happy with my old copy of " both of us " , but now your winding me up with words like " brilliant quality " , a must for every fan , etc , looks as though i will have to buy it after all thanks mike ross

On Mon Mar 17 18:12:46 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England ><) said:

I never had Mike Ross down as a 'cheapskate scouser' Just a cheapskate!

I'm glad that a response was provoked. Mike, like you, I will have to dig deep into the innermost corners of my wallet to buy 'Both Of Us'. It is my favourite album and I am so impatient to hear the music as intended by Cliff. To all fans everywhere. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this release. We MUST get airplay. I will put a message on all websites with email addresses of as many radio stations as I can muster although, just searching BBC will get you there. Look in the Radio Times for other webaddresses etc. Make your voice heard!

Thanks Mike, You are a great bloke and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kind regards


On Tue Mar 18 08:51:41 GMT 2003, Pui Ming WONG ( from said:

Hello Dave Young and all others who've contributed to CTW, Dave, it's good to see you are back online. Saw the other Cliff in concert here in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago. His backing group (plus the 10 violinists string section) was really good. Funny he was always made fun of by the DJs esp. his intro in "Julia and other stories".

I'm so glad to hear Both of Us will be on CD soon. It will definitely bring the joyous tears to my eyes if I hear the CD again

On Thu Mar 20 22:39:41 GMT 2003, Peter Torgersson (Sweden, from said:

Dear Clifford fans all over the world!

Not being in London since 15 years I was there for business (visiting Living Home at Earls Court). After visiting the exhibition my main goal was to find some new (for me) records of my music partner since 1972. We took the bus to Oxford Street and visited the HMV music shop. And guess, I found three fantastic CD´s by Clifford T. Ward. This happiness was pure, single joy. I´ve been visiting many hundreds of record shops both in Sweden and in several other countries without success. I just want to share the fantastic feeling with you all - where ever you are. My good friend Hans Carlsson in Fjärås, Sweden has also visiting the internet and been loading about 40 songs from Clifford. He is very impressed and is grateful for been discover this great composer/singer that probably will be place him in the musical history more than we can imagine today.

At last, let´s all pray for peace and that the wore soon will be over. And dear God - save all innocent people, specially the children. Let´s hope and pray for a much better world with love and peace around us. Even if many of us doubt it! Carpe Diem from one of the most truthful Clifford fans - in the great country in Scandinavia - Heja Sverige!


Peter Torgersson - please write and make me happy!

On Fri Mar 21 09:33:52 GMT 2003, Robert Lambert ( from said:

I am writing this from Zawiercie in Poland, where I teach English. I first found out about Cliff T Ward when I was at teacher training college in the UK around the middle of 1973. The first album I bought by CTW was Mantlepieces, which remains to this day one of my favourite records. I know most people prefer Homethoughts, but this is my favourite. During the period 1973 to date, I have acquired virtually all CTWs work. I lived in Malvern, Worcestershire during the period 1962-1968 and I'm very diappointed I never saw Clifford and his band the Secrets, although I must have seen most of the Worcestershire groups during that time. I was also intrigued to discover that CTW was in training around the same time that I was undergoing training in Milton Keynes. Thanks for the wonderful website, I really enjoyed reading everything on it. Waves is also a favourite album of mine.

On Fri Mar 21 11:36:46 GMT 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port england) from said:

stephen, do the friends of ctw send copies of any ctw albums to terry wogan ? as he is a big fan , it might encourage him to play more ctw if he had them on cd ? just a thought . regards mike ross

On Fri Mar 21 20:26:54 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England .><) said:

Hi Mike,

In answer to your question:- Does anyone send Terry Wogan a copy of Cliff's CD's? I don't know. Roy could you arrange for us to send Terry some copies? Even if we do it one at a time. I'm sure that Terry would enjoy listening in his car if nothing else. We should get him a copy of 'Julia' to him direct with our compliments. Perhaps we could get a copy of the track where he is replaced by 'That Scotsman' as played by David Johnson at last year's concert?

Mike, sometimes the obvious needs stating. Thanks!


On Sat Mar 22 15:52:27 GMT 2003, debbie ward ( from said:

hi deb here, just caught up with the 21st centuary and now have own computer!!! currently celebrating my birthday (Dont ask my age!) but fair and fat may help!!! thanks for all messages catch up again soon xxx

Happy birthday, Debbie. Nice to see you posting to the Guest Book.   . . . Mick.

On Sat Mar 22 15:52:27 GMT 2003, Nigel Rathbone (UK) said:

like me 21 again eh Deb? belated 'happy birthday'. Must say how nice it is to see our overseas friends sharing their thoughts and favourite songs by Clifford on these notice boards.

On Mon Mar 24 22:57:15 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi There everyone,

Just a quick update on Cliff's New cd "Work in Progress" as i speak the discs are being pressed and the artwork is being printed so please be patient i will send them out as soon as i recieve both items back. DON'T FORGET THIS CD IS EXCLUSIVE TO ALL FAN CLUB MEMBERS UNTIL THE END OF SEPTEMBER AND WILL CONTAIN A MINIATURE LIVE PHOTO OF CLIFF THIS PHOTO WILL NOT BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC SO IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY SEND FOR IT NOW!. DON'T FORGET YOUR DISCOUNT.

Take care Roy

On Sat Mar 22 15:52:27 GMT 2003, Howard Coleman (Loughborough, UK said:

Greetings to all CTW family, friends and fans. I've been reading all the latest messages with great interest. Roy, my cheque will be with you this week for the new "Work In Progress" CD. Can't wait to hear it.

I have compiled my own "Best of CTW" CD by way of transferring favourite tracks from all my CTW CDs onto my computer and then burning them onto one CD disc. The wonders of modern science! This 21 track CD (I couldn't fit any more tracks on it) is a permanent fixture in the car. It's time I started on Volume 2.

Would I be breaking any copyright laws if I made a copy of my CD and sent it to the BBC, Terry Wogan, etc. so they could appreciate some different songs to the ones we usually hear on the radio? Can anyone help me out here? And does anybody think it's a good idea or not? For those interested my selected songs are: Give Me One More Chance (Mantlepieces)/Everything Goes Out The Window/The Traveller/A Day To Myself (my all-time favourite!)/Rayne/Are You Really Interested/Where Would That Leave Me/Someone I Know/ Home Thoughts From Abroad/The Dancer/Wayward/Gaye/Sympathy/Moonlight/Wherewithal/Contrary/Maybe I'm Right/Escalator/Watchin' The TV News/The Way Of Love/For Debbie And Her Friends.

I wanted to include The Best Is Yet To Come but for some reason it wouldn't record onto the computer. Gremlins again!

Bye for now. Look forward to hearing from you.

Howard Coleman

On Thu Mar 27 07:54:46 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England ><) from said:

Dear All,

In response to Howard Coleman's enquiry about sending a 'copy' CD to Terry Wogan at Radio 2.

The main problem is that the Beeb can't play copies. They need the reference number off the Original CD and as these were copied off vinyl then they never existed on a CD.

The question of copyright is best left unanswered.

Howard it's good to know that you are thinking positively and that your choice of tracks is superb. With a couple of changes you and I would have the same taste in CTW terms.

Keep trying to get any 'Official' CD tracks played we will prevail.



On Fri Mar 28 12:44:53 GMT 2003, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england) from said:

in reply to howard . i did suggest the "friends of ctw " send cds to terry wogan , but i meant all the cds that are on general issue . ie the new cd both of us etc not the copy cds as i am sure he would not be able to play those because of copy right etc . if he was sent copy cds he could keep them in his own collection maybe ? i also make up my own ctw cds for the car , in fact i think i have more cds in the car than at home !!!! regards mike ross

On Fri Mar 28 19:49:04 GMT 2003, Andy Langran ( from said:

I bought the original album version of 'Laugh it Off' when it came out and more recently bought the CD version. The LP seems to have got mislaid and what I would really like is the notes that appeared alongside some of the tracks on the back of the album cover. Be grateful if someone could scan the back cover and email them as a .jpg attachment or type them out if they type quick! My thanks Andy Langran

On Fri Mar 28 22:23:50 GMT 2003, Nigel (UK) from said:

I like your selection Howard. I'm afraid I'm still living very much in the 'Stone Age' and make up tapes from my CD's for the car here is a favourite. Gaye, Wherewithal, Homethoughts from Abroad, The Way of Love, Time The Magician, Scullery, Jigsaw Girl, The Dubious Circus Co, Up In The World, The Best is Yet to Come, For Emily, Gentle, Nightingale, Crisis, Moonlight. (Side 2) Taking The Long Way Round, Everything Goes Out the Window (bit like my typing!), Escalator, Ocean of Love, Not Waving - Drowning (both versions), The Open University, Cellophane, Contrary, Climate of Her Favour, They Must Think Me A Fool, A Day To Myself. The only things I can burn are 'toast' and 'salad' DON'T FORGET MY CD ROY! :-) ty

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