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On Thu Jan 23 21:49:05 GMT 2003, Janine () from said:

Dear Roy, Are we then supposed to buy this new Cd sight unseen? A track listing surely should be possible?

On Sat Jan 25 14:14:40 GMT 2003, Howard Coleman ( (Loughborough, UK)) from said:

Roy, I totally agree with Janine. We must have a track listing including a mention of any alternate versions. Otherwise, you may lose several potential buyers ! Or is there a reason for keeping us in the dark ? Regards to all. Howard.

On Sat Jan 25 15:04:44 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi Janine, Howard & All Clifford T Ward fans
Take care Roy

On Sat Jan 25 15:05:54 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi Janine, Howard & All Clifford T Ward fans
WATCH THIS SPACE for more new cd info.
Take care Roy

On Mon Jan 27 21:46:54 GMT 2003, Clifford T.Ward, thoroughbred horse ( said:

My name is Clifford T.Ward, and I am a three-year-old racehorse. My owner, Alan Kenworthy, loves the music of Clifford T.Ward and wants me to go into racing in honour of his beloved Clifford. When I win, the voice of Clifford T.Ward will be heard by everyone at the races. My sire Silver Wizard was a top-class sprinter and miler and my dam Moonduster won on the flat and over hurdles, and has already borne winners. I want to go to an excellent young trainer called Kirsty Boutflower in Oxfordshire. Kirsty is very keen to have me because I am good material and my brothers and sisters have already won as two-year-olds. I will be on lease for 6 months in the spring. My racing owners will be called Clifford T.Ward racing, and each member will have to pay about £90 per month for a share in my career. If I can find more than ten owners this may be reduced. If this sounds like fun, please email Alan at, or Kirsty at for details. For me, the best is yet to come, but remember I can't race without your support. Clifford.

On Mon Jan 27 21:59:41 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, said:

I was wondering why Roy has been keeping a low profile. This CD, 'Work In Progress' sounds fascinating!

I will send my money to Roy for this CD. Is it a limited edition? If so will they be numbered and certified? I know I will be!

I wish to reserve a low number. Preferably Number 1.

Roy, don't forget my shower door. The water is spraying all over the carpet every time I shower. Ring me ASAP.

This new CD is great news for all CTW fans everywhere, whatever it may contain.

Best wishes to all fans of CTW all around the world. Let's all hope that we can help to put a kick up the backside of all radio stations to play the music of The Maestro.

On Wed Jan 29 08:00:53 GMT 2003, Janine () from said:

Its been 4 days now Roy. Surely plenty of time to type 12 song titles? You DID say you knew what they were! Janine

On Wed Jan 29 13:29:33 GMT 2003, Rob Townsend ( said:

So, Roy, if the tracklist is not forthcoming, give us all a little background information regarding the recordings. At what period in Cliff's life were they made, are they all home demo songs, that is, say piano and vocal, or did they find their way into the recording studio. We need answers, Roy!!!.

Love and peace,


On Wed Jan 29 17:28:29 GMT 2003, David Johnson (England) said:

Dear readers.

We have not completed the selection process for the forthcoming CD of CTW material. It will contain songs performed by CTW that we all know and love and they will all be different versions and recordings to those already issued. Some of the songs will be CTW at the piano, singing songs from New England Days era. These performances are very special, full of vitality and beauty. More information will follow as soon as it is available.

David Johnson

On Wed Jan 29 19:19:58 GMT 2003, Nigel (UK said:

There's something very "fishy" going on here. Roy has done a "Reggie Perrin". Still no news on the tracklisting of Cliff's CD, Stephen's shower goes unattended and, a "Bates Motel" opens up for business in Kiddie! can only mean one thing. Roy? Norman? are you there?

On Thur Jan 30 17:05:13 GMT 2003, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire. said:

To everyone who is asking Roy to divulge the secrets of the CD. Keep up the pressure - he will eventually crack!

I spoke to Roy today and his PC is on the blink so he has not yet seen all the messages.

I have so enjoyed reading all the messages. We seem to have found a rich vein of humour running through the messages. Why shouldn't we all use it as a 'chat room'? Perhaps we could put some details of ourselves into the messages.

Speak soon

Regards to all, Stephen.

On Fri Jan 31 23:50:58 GMT 2003, Shameena Boyle (Bahamas, said:

Hi Roy, While the others are having a go, I had better get in my penny's worth.......It is only fair to make this new CD available to all fans, considering us poor souls across the Atlantic. It is bad enough that we have such a limited source....PLEASE, with syrup on top. S. x

On Sun Feb 2 19:15:09 GMT 2003, Ian Varey (Staffordshire, England from said:

Bought your albums on vinyl all those years ago and still have them. Now collecting on CD. Oh Cliff what have you done to me. Playing Bittersweet as I type this. Am close to tears. How I would love to get hold of your biography. Cliff, love you lots. Lots of love to Pat and the family. Your music lives on forever.

On Tue Feb 4 22:31:34 GMT 2003, Carol ( said:

Roy will have to give in in the end!!. he is winding you all up. But OH the anticipation!!
It is only Fair that Members get the benefit of the exclusive CD if as you say you appreciate the talent of Cliff and his incomparable music why are you not a member & helping to promote his lifetimes work?...Get your membership forms in NOW!!!!

On Tue Feb 4 23:01:48 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England said:

Hi There all CTW Fans,
Sorry I've not been in touch but my Phone line has been down for over a week (I love the speed with which BT do there repairs. I hope they use the same speed when sending my next bill). After the odd comment or two i have decided to let you see some of the tracks that will be on Cliff's new CD, so tune in next week for the first instalment.
Take care Roy

On Thu Feb 6 11:24:13 GMT 2003, catherine v. harrison (england) from said:

My husband was in a group in the l970s, after they'd argued and practised for the next gig, in our home, whilst my three year old slept, ha ha, we'd all sit around in the front room and listen to Clifford T. Ward L.Ps. especially his Home thoughts from Abroad, which is so lovely, his music seemed to fit our every mood, his gentle voice and the songs were more like poetry. What a great time it was, we were young, loved music, and we had his lovely voice to sooth us, unforgettable.

On Fri Feb 7 20:15:44 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi There CTW fans,

I now have the almost complete track listing for the new CD and what a line up it is. Although all of the songs will be familiar too you i know that you will not of heard these versions, most of them are just Cliff and his piano.


Take care Roy.

On Sat Feb 8 20:51:32 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:

Hi There all CTW fans,
              as promised the first part of the track listing for Cliff's new cd

1/ Reckless
2/ Sal
3/ You're no angel
4/ Someone i know
5/ Losin'after all (nothin' new)

All the above tracks are just Cliff and his piano ,Great versions This cd will be exclusive to fan club members until Oct 2003 then it will be available to the general public. (fan club members will recieve a free photo with there copy )
Take care Roy

On Mon Feb 10 19:15:54 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:


I have just acquired a copy of "BITTERSWEET" The Clifford T Ward Story. If anyone is interested it will go to the highest bidder. All the proceeds will go to Pat, so start your bidding Now. This is a rare chance to own the book. Closing date will bethe last day of Feb 2003.

Good luck Roy

On Sun Feb 16 20:11:46 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England from said:


Hi There,
              Part two Track listing for the NEW CLIFFORD T WARD cd


As with the first batch these are all piano versions. is there any more tracks wait and see.
Take care Roy

On Tue Feb 18 17:00:37 GMT 2003, Richard Harmer (UK - from said:

Just been reading some of the comments placed shortly after Clifford's tragic death, I am sat here in tears once again. What can I say? He is a legend that will always live in my heart and the hearts of thousands of others who have been touched by his music. I was never fortunate enough to have met Clifford as i am only 19, but i am forever thankfull to him, and my father for introducing me to his works. Home Thoughts From Abroad made me realise how strong emotions can be. God bless you clifford, I sincerely hope I may meet you yet.

On Tue Feb 25 07:01:58 GMT 2003, Sam Ward (Denmark. from said:

Dear Roy, I like the sound of this new compilation- send me a copy-will you?- please?? Keep up the good work Roy, and if you get the time our shower´s playing up too! Ryan air do cheap flights to Denmark. Regards Sam.

On Fri Feb 28 15:56:41 GMT 2003, Karen Moore ( from said:

I saw CTW on Whistle Test the other night and I'd forgotten how good his music was. I loved Scullery, but also all the other songs he wrote. Some I haven't heard but would like to. So sorry to read that he has died. Really enjoyed the web sites with lots of information, and lyrics...

On Mon Mar 03 22:49:28 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England said:

Hi There all CTW fans,
        The final listing for Cliff's new Cd is

1/ Reckless
2/ Losin' after all
3/ Sal
4/ You're no angel
5/ Someone i know
6/ Detriment
7/ Laugh it off
8/ Somebody stole my woman
9/ If I had known
All the above are piano versions
10/ Takin the long way round
11/ Convertible
12/ Before the world was round
13/ Change of heart
The remaining 4 tracks are in Demo form.
Now you know the listing don't forget to send your order in NOW.
Let's make this a cd to remember.
Take care Roy

On Tue Mar 4 20:08:07 GMT 2003, Roy Smith (England said:

Hi Sam, Hanna & family
       Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about your shower, have you tried using the bath.
See ya soon take care Roy

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