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On Tue Oct 29 20:13:08 GMT 2002, David Ward (UK from said:

Cliff was my uncle and I'm sure he would have appreciated the time and effort you took on this site - very good. All the best.

On Fri Nov 1 08:18:44 GMT 2002, Wendy Lingard ( from said:

This is really a message on behalf of my dad, David, who doesn't have access to the internet. My dad is a huge fan of Clifford T Ward and his music is played regularly in our house. It was a huge loss to the music industry when Cliff died last December. My mum and dad were thrilled to have been able to attend the convention last year and meet Cliff in person, a day they will never forget! They also enjoyed attending this year, and listening to James Davey, who sounds so much like Cliff. My dad has a mate, Andy, who wants to get in touch with other fans of Cliff, to maybe write to, etc. If anyone is interested would they please email me with their name and address so I can pass details on to Andy. Thanks very much. Keep playing the music!! Wendy.

On Sat Nov 2 14:46:03 GMT 2002, Edward (Australia: from said:

I just found out recently that Clifford had died. I have had the Mantlepieces tape for years and have always enjoyed the laid back style that he used. My favourite song is 'Tea Cozy'.. Wherever you are Clifford, thank you for the lovely and timeless music. Love and peace to you and your family. Edward.

On Sun Nov 3 17:34:56 GMT 2002, Pete Birks (Netherseale, Swadlincote, Derbys.) from said:

I am a devoted C.T.W. fan running a Rock/Blues8/Roots club in Derbyshire. This morning I learned of the tribute event run last year and was given a copy of the C.D. Having just spent three hours listening and viewing I would like to contact James Davey to play the Pokey Hole Music club in a tribute set to C.T.W. We book mainline bands forthcoming, Ezio, Strawbs, Animals. etc. Is their anyone out there who could help me to contact James. Pete the shirt

Pete: If you return to the 'main page' of this site, so far down you will see a link marked 'CTW-Related Contacts'. Follow that link, and you will find James' contact details. Regards, Mick.

On Sun Nov 3 20:07:30 GMT 2002, JAMES MORRISON (UKMORRISON506@AOL.COM) from said:


On Thu Nov 7 20:18:24 GMT 2002, andrew mason ( from said:

your music is with me always. rip

On Mon Nov 11 19:27:24 GMT 2002, colin aimson (england.colindb5@AOL.COM) from said:


On Tue Nov 12 09:28:25 GMT 2002, Bryan Caruso (England from said:

Dear Mike, Thanks for a wonderful website. Keeping Clifford's spirit alive is so important in this mess of a world. Listening to home thoughts I'm transported back to my teenage years, great years and a great album!
Bryan Caruso

On Tue Nov 12 16:53:58 GMT 2002, MIKE WARD (ENGLAND ( from said:

I first heard & fell in love with Clifford's music as a boy soldier at Park Hall Camp, Oswestry in 1973, it has stayed with me ever since. All I can think & say when I hear his songs are WOW. LOVE and DEEP RESPECT TO CLIFFORD and FAMILY. A FAN FOR EVER. MIKE

On Thu Nov 14 10:31:52 GMT 2002, Arty Davies (Runcorn nr Liverpool) from said:

Hi this Is Arty from Merseycats, I am the guy that got Cliff involved with the merseycats, and we brought 4 bands to Kidderminster just for Cliff, it wasn't a big attendance but we didn't worry about that, WE DID IT FOR CLIFF, as if only he had been the only person in the room. This is just to say he is still in our hearts at Merseycats, Liverpool

On Fri Nov 15 19:35:05 GMT 2002, Nigel ( from said:

Hi Arty I came up to Liverpool with Roy and saw you guys' play and thought you were brilliant! It was good to meet you all, please remember me to everyone and send them my best wishes. Let me know please if The Merseycats have any gigs in London.Thanks for what you did for Clifford.

On Tue Nov 19 07:55:59 GMT 2002, john power (ireland - from said:

The music of Clifford T Ward has stood the test of time. I have been a fan for 25 years and the songs are regularly played in our house. Clifford T Ward was very popular in Ireland and long may this site continue to have visitors. The sounds of Clifford T Ward lives on:-)))

On Tue Nov 19 17:43:36 GMT 2002, keith richards (u.k. said:

A very good site.

Thanks, Keith. Hey, you're not the Rolling Stones guy, are you?   ;-)     . . . Mick.

On Sun Nov 24 12:36:57 GMT 2002, Stephen Bagust (England from said:


True to form Terry has included 'Home Thoughts From Abroad' on his compilation CD. I must get back to Tesco to get my copy! Everyone should buy one and hopefully it will get into the charts.

When will one of the up-and-coming singers pick up on CTW music and have a BIG hit? Does anyone have a contact with Westlife, Will Young, Ronan Keating, Gareth Gates et al? How can we get through to them? If anyone has any ideas then leave a message here or contact me and I will do whatever I can to help.

Thanks again Terry. You are a star!

On Wed Nov 27 11:55:08 GMT 2002, geoff gill (england carolyn from said:

very sad to hear of cliffs death in my opinion one of the greatest song writers of our lifetime will be sadly missed and why are not all of his albums available on cd

On Sat Nov 30 15:28:45 GMT 2002, Pat Ward (England. Patricia from said:


just to say thanks again for all your support and good wishes which have kept me going over the recent months.

I'm not going to send cards this year, for obvious reasons, but I would like wish everyone a peaceful New Year.

Regards, Pat.

On Sat Nov 30 23:27:55 GMT 2002, Isabel Andrew ( said:

The most sensitive songwriter ever ....beautiful can we forget him!

On Sun Dec 1 16:48:32 GMT 2002, Stephen Bagust (England > <) from said:

Message For Geoff Gill.

Your e-mail address as posted on the guest pages is incorrect, however, all CD's are available from Roy Smith. e-mail

He is the official source of CTW related merchandise and CD's. Get in touch NOW and enjoy all the wonderful music in superb quality sound.

Happy listening!

On Thur Dec 5 13:35:00 GMT 2002, Mick Armitage (Site Owner) said:

Anniversary of Cliff's Death: A Request

We now approach the first anniversary of Cliff's death - 18th December: it would be nice if radio stations were to play a song on that day in memory of him. Can I urge all fans to please send their requests to as many radio stations as possible - both local and national.



On Wed Dec 11 10:41:13 GMT 2002, Keith Dobson (England, from said:

It is so sad to reflect on the anniversary of Clifford's tragic death at this time of year, and my thoughts are with Pat and family. I would like to tell you all that his music lives on and his "A Day to Myself" acted as the lead in to BBC Radio Humberside's Rememberance Day tribute at 11 o clock before the salute this year. What a wonderful song writer and poet !

On Wed Dec 11 20:15:11 GMT 2002, Roy Smith (England from said:


Saturday 14 th Dec on Hereford & Worcester Radio Between 10am & 12 Noon on the Mike George Show
This is to promote our link up with the MS Society & The Friends of Clifford T Ward Fan Club

On Sat Dec 14 19:13:14 GMT 2002, Roy Smith (England from said:


Sorry to all of you who tuned in to hear Cliff but for reasons beyond our control it will now take place NEXT SATURDAY (21st. December) AT THE SAME TIME .

Take care Roy

On Sun Dec 15 00:38:34 GMT 2002, freda mantle ( said:

a friend of mine introduced me to your music and i have been addicted ever since, I am 49 years of age and am sorry to say that i had never heard of Clifford T Ward until now. I get GREAT pleasure in collecting and listening to his music. Thankyou


On Mon Dec 16 12:26:11 GMT 2002, John Osborne ( from said:

Great news of radio programme. Can you advise me of frequency and wave band?

On Wed Dec 18 09:05:03 GMT 2002, John Sharp (Scotland JOCK92@HOTMAIL.COM) from said:

Sadly it is a year now since Clifford passed away. Nobody will feel it more than Pat, Debbie, Sam, Martin, and all his close friends, my thoughts are with you all today, we as fans also feel it too as his music has affected us all at sometime in our lives. I personally think we have been blessed to have had such a talent in our midst all be it for such a short time and we will cherish the music that he has left us. See you all at the next convention

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