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On Mon Aug 26 20:25:42 BST 2002, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire ><) from said:


Additions to the auction items at the concert on 29th September.

Cliff's home recording equipment is to be sold. Serious offers will be invited. Further details of the technical specifications will be posted on the guest pages soon.

Keep looking!

On Tue Aug 27 20:21:27 BST 2002, Graham Clark (England from said:

Read a poignant article on Cliff in the Daily Mailís weekend supplement a while back. This is my first visit to the site for a couple of years and so I was unaware of his passing. Sorry to hear the sad news, he seemed a really nice guy. I only really know of his work through the Home Thoughts album, which I still find myself humming every so often. It still sounds good. That timeless collection alone would have made an excellent legacy.

On Tue Aug 27 22:12:24 BST 2002, Stephen Boyle (Bahamas, from said:

I got the CD "Passions" today and when i took out the old CD from the player and put in the new one i paused for a second and wondered if i had made a mistake! James Davey really sounds a lot like Cliff. All of the songs sound so great! I can't get enough.
        Great CD!

On Wed Aug 28 21:17:51 BST 2002, Nigel Rathbone ( said:

I would just like to say thanks Juca and echo you're sentiments. I hope there are many more like minded fans with such excellent musical taste in Portugal. Wouldn't it be truly wonderful to hear of other CTW conventions no matter how large or small happening around the world.

On Sat Aug 31 11:45:31 BST 2002, Maurice Flanagan ( from said:

Wrote great lyrics and melodies, I lost touch with his music from the mid 70s until his sad death. His very moving songs live on. The compilation Gaye & others means I now have many on CD

On Sun Sep 1 01:24:37 BST 2002, Shameena Boyle (Bahamas, from said:

I have just gotten the latest CD 'Passion' this week and have been unable to turn it off! It is a monumental tribute to Cliff Ward. James Davey has done a tremendous job. It is astonishing how much like Cliff Ward he sounds! Listening to 'Passion', one can discern that a great deal of thought and care went into compiling this CD album. It starts with the title song which is a masterpiece and ends with one of the most beautiful CTW songs, 'Evening'. Then there are the rest! 'Let's Be Fools Again' is preformed beautifully. 'This Was Our Love' seems like a tribute to us, his fans. 'So Bright' and 'Don't Cry Elaine' can only be for Pat, Cliff's wife; they are hauntingly beautiful. And on and on. 'Passion' = Perfection. It is another masterpiece! So, to those of you who have not gotten this CD yet; what are you waiting for?! Get in touch with Roy Smith whose address and other necessary information can be found on page 35. Not only must you get 'Passion' for yourself but get one for each of the people you love the most. Love to you all.........I always feel like I am visiting family when I view this site. Thanks to Mick Armitage, Roy Smith, James Davey and all others who have made Cliff Ward accessible to those of us who live in far flung countries. God bless. Shameena.

. . . And thanks for your lovely messages in this Guest Book, Shameena.   . . . Mick.

On Thu Sep 5 14:00:17 BST 2002, Cliff Lewis (UK from said:

From the first time I heard 'Gaye' on radio 1 I have valued the music of Clifford T Ward. Gaye, Home Thoughts, Scullery, Jigsaw Girl, Wherewithall; what wonderful lyrics and wonderful tunes. These songs, like a favourite labrador, have been my companions since I was a teenager.

Clifford's illness and death was a tragedy and a real loss to a planet where mediocrity and worship of so called 'celebrity' now seems to rule. Unfortunately, to corrupt a standard, I am sure that "The best is" no loger "yet to come".......

On Fri Sep 6 15:47:44 BST 2002, Michael Coller ( from said:

I met Cliff twice in 1976, never will I meet anyone so kind and as understanding as him. The music he wrote and sang will live on forever, although I never met him again he touched my heart and all my thoughts and prayers go to his family. And in my mind Cliff Richard once sang his version of "up in the world" surely "A day to myself" needs his voice behind it as a tribute.

On Sun Sep 8 11:56:34 BST 2002, lol bishop (england from said:

CTW was a class above many of his contemporaries, he sang of the gentle things in life so often unheard, but felt none the less by kindred spirits everywhere. WATER, is a beautiful, if painful reminder of his tragic suffering, and few songs capture the human spirit and it's vulnerability as he does here. So much so that it inspired me to cycle the (end to end) in England in his memory raising funds for the MS SOCIETY, having sucessfully completed the ride, I can tell you his music was in my head and heart as I pedalled. I think he would have approved of such a gentle form of transport !

Your 'ride' was a great thing to take on, Lol, and it's good to know that such things are inspired by Cliff. Well done!   . . . Mick.

On Mon Sep 9 17:20:06 BST 2002,   ( said:

Hi, just sat down and listened to some of Clifford's songs. It brought home to me what a great singer song writter he was. His music was never appreciated by the masses. This great talent never had a lot of praise showered on him which is sad. To me he managed to bring so many emotions and thoughts out in me which very few writers have ever done. He ranks amongst the very best that Britain and the US have ever produced.

On Fri Sep 13 21:56:51 BST 2002, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire from said:

The list of Cliff's studio contents for auction is now available. Please contact Roy Smith for further details. You can contact him on

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a piece of music history. Just imagine owning some equipmet that was used on many of Cliff's last recordings. Don't miss this last chance. You will have to be a serious bidder to get any of these lots.

Tickets still available for the concert; e-mail or send a SAE with your cheque @ £5.00 per head to:

Roy Smith
13 Oakapple Close
Astley Cross

See you on the 29th Don't be late!

On Sun Sep 15 20:27:31 BST 2002, David Filce ( from said:

CTW's reluctance to take on the usual trappings of stardom showed that he was true to his craft. It is quite clear that his songs were freely given to those of us who enjoyed his work, rather than imposed on us by an over-zealous media.

His simple lyric and tantalising melody will live on long after his passing. The only epitaph he deserves is each and every song which we humm in the car, or hear on the radio or we are reminded of in odd places (Jayne from Andromeda Spiral always enters my head when I talk to my children about the days when TV ended with the white dot: long before 24/7 TV, and I work with a guy with the surname Birmingham!!!).

Put his songs on your stereo and turn the volume up just enough for the neighbours to hear.

On Thu Sep 19 15:34:22 BST 2002, michael mounter (uk from said:

just a quick line to say how amazing cliff's music is. sat here with Moonlight on and my mind is drifting away on his words. looking forward to the kidderminster convention. in april i contacted a fan thru the pen pal service and its great we talk everyday and have spend weekends at eachothers homes. our love of cliff's music has cemented a deep friendship, our fellow spouses are good friends too. it goes to show even after cliff's death his music lives on. thank you cliff michael mounter.

On Thu Sep 19 22:41:01 BST 2002, Nigel Rathbone (UK said:

Just like to say with the convention rapidly approaching Sunday 29th September. I hope we will get a great turnout. If you have been to one before, you know what to expect (but there are always a few surprises!). If you haven't... Make this the year you come and hear this amazing music played live and meet other afficionados of Cliff's music. Whoever you are, wherever you are. Get here if you can. You will have a wonderful day.

On Sat Sep 21 21:08:30 BST 2002, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershir, England > <) from said:

Only 1 week to go. The 2002 Clifford T Ward 'The Legacy Concert' at The Gainsborough House Hotel, Kidderminster on Sunday 29th September. BE THERE! 1.00 start, doors open at noon.

If anyone is travelling on Saturday and staying overnight you may be interested in meeting up for a meal at a local pub on the Saturday evening. Contact Roy Smith on 01299 825809 for details or e-mail him on

There is usually about 15 - 20 of us and we always have an enjoyable evening. It makes a great start to the event.

There are still tickets available. Please get in touch with Roy if you need any information

See you there!


On Wed Sep 25 16:42:35 BST 2002, gary brown (england from said:

although not a devout fan i loved his music for years a sad day when he passed on

On Fri Sep 27 14:21:00 BST 2002, Charles Mansueto (Malta, ) from said:

I was about 16 when clifford had his hit song Gaye. His way to express himself and the soft and slow melody made this song a lifetime favourite.

God Bless his soul.

On Sun Sep 29 09:10:49 BST 2002, Cathie Mackenzie ( from said:

Wanted to find more information on the artist, and will be visiting my local music store to purchase 'Gaye and Other Stories' today. Thanks!

On Tue Oct 1 20:37:35 BST 2002, lesley bowes (england from said:

Have just finished listening to James Davey's CD 'Passion', his tribute to Cliff and featuring the last songs which Cliff wrote before he died.

It's an absolute delight - I'm completely bowled over by it and would urge you to get a copy (from the Fan Club).

You won't regret it.

On Sat Oct 5 00:24:36 BST 2002, Harry (UK ) from said:

I have recently aquired a CD copy of Clifford T Ward's greatest hits: 'Gaye and other stories'; having enjoyed this album greaty, i am looking for information on any other studio albums available on CD. Any information would be much appreciated

On Sun Oct 13 19:24:14 BST 2002, Cheryl Dianne Burgon (England. from said:

Clifford T Ward has been an inspiration to me, both his songs and his lyrics have had a profound effect, and his life, including his awful illness and tragic circumstances, have made me count my blessings - I thank God for Clifford T Ward, and now he is singing to our God and making his wonderful music in Heaven, where he will be appeciated as he never was in his own time and era. We who loved his style and music count ourselves lucky to have understood what he tried to convey with his "Home thoughts from Abroad" and the poignant "A day to myself" nostalgic and wonderful, the lyrics and tune say a thank you to all those who have gone before and given so much.

Thanks to all who have set up this website and for all the efforts on behalf of Clifford's family to help them - I had no idea of the help they needed - so sorry I didn't know before.

God Bless you all.
Cheryl D Burgon

On Mon Oct 14 20:22:12 BST 2002, Pat Ward ( from said:

Hello. Have just been reading all your very kind messages and would like to say "thanks". Please keep them coming. Love to everyone, Pat x

On Tue Oct 15 18:56:00 BST 2002, Pat Ward (Patricia B said:

Just a quick note to let you all know I have a new e-mail address, love pat x

On Wed Oct 16 13:22:07 BST 2002, mike ross (ellesmere port england) from said:

i cant believe it, no one has added to the guest book since august, anyway here goes, thanks to roy, stephen, and school of thought for an excellent day on the 29/9/02 . i really enjoyed the " outakes " which david played , especially the one about "wogan " it sent shivers up my spine when i heard cliffs voice, it was so clear and such a good story . thanks to david for letting us hear it . more please . can these songs ever be released ? good to see pat looking so well . regards mike ross

On Wed Oct 23 23:01:48 BST 2002, Adrian Lee (ford 1954@vivvavi .net Droitwich worc) from said:

What a fantastic day I had at the Convention. It was great to hear CTW's music being played live. It will be a day I will never forget.

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