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On Tue Mar 26 00:42:04 GMT 2002, James Davey (ENGLAND JIMBOMUSIC@LINEONE.NET) from said:

Well, I have just one more song to record and the new C.D. will be finished, its taken exactly a year and Cliff was working on the songs with me even in hospital just days before he passed away, he was so enthusiastic despite being so weak.

The song titles are as follows:

1. Passion ( Cliff's favourite )
2. Signs
3. Give Up This Younger Man
4. So Bright
5. Don't Cry Elaine (for my wife)
6. Let's Be Fools Again
7. I'd Like To Take You Out Tonight
8. Bring It On Back (in progress)

Does anyone have any suggestions for an album title? Please feel free to E mail me.

The songs on this album are mainly played on keyboards unlike previous recordings I have made which were mainly acoustic guitar, my aim was to interpret them as Cliff would have done had he been well enough, I hope I have done them justice.

Hope to see you all in Ireland in May

All the best


On Tue Mar 26 23:49:00 GMT 2002, Stephen Boyle (Bahamas, said:

Dear James,

I think that it would be best to call the album 'Passion' because it was Cliff's favorite.

On Thu Mar 28 12:41:19 GMT 2002, mike ross (ellesmere port cheshire england) from said:


On Fri Mar 29 20:01:32 GMT 2002, Stephen Bagust (England: from said:


It's Good Friday and good news for all Clifford T Ward fans. The Clifford T Ward Tribute Concert will be held in Dublin on Sunday 2nd June. Full details will be posted on the website when all the arrangements have been finalised.

We will have some spare capacity for UK fans who wish to make the trip. Please contact Roy Smith by e-mail on: or telephone 01299 825809 (at any reasonable time) to reserve your place. We intend to leave Kidderminster on Saturday morning 1st June and return Monday 3rd.

This will be an amazing experience and should not be missed.

Because the date was only confirmed 30 minutes ago we do not yet have costs or times but these will be sorted out within the next few days.

As usual we will be royally entertained by School of thought and James Davey with the possibility of some surprise guests.

See you there.


On Fri Mar 29 23:04:54 GMT 2002, Peter Torgersson (Sweden - from said:

Dear musiclovers to CTW!

Now I really chocked; I didn´t know that Cliff had left life on earth. I knew what disease he was suffered from, but I wasn´t at all aware that he´s not anymore with us. Cliff is a genious in music and in lyrics about love themes and other subjects. Tell me, how come that not more people around the world had discovered the great harmonies and fantastic melodies that will be classical and timeless. Please help me with an reasonable explantion? Is it like the fairy tale about good and bad? Is it that simple? Or don´t people of today have a clean and openminded heart? Where is it going to end......! (I think that Cliff used this sentence in one of his songs.)

Best Regards from Sweden´s No 1 fan to Cliff Since I heard Scullery on the radioprogram "Tio i topp" Thanks for all the years Cliff - let´s stick together anyhow!

Your friend

Peter Torgersson
in Fjärås, south from Göteborg

On Sat Mar 30 23:41:39 GMT 2002, Kimberly Martin ( from said:

I have been a Clifford T Ward fan now for many years. My family were fans back when I was a teenager in the 80's. My little brother could never say Cliff's name properly and so he became known in our house as 'Clipperty'. We still refer to Cliff that way now rarther lovingly.

My favourite song will always be 'Home Thoughts' which reminds me of many personal things of my youth.

I would like to send my thoughts to 'Pat' Cliff's wife to let her know that we still think of her and hope that she's ok and coping with everything that is happening to her. I also send my thoughts to their children and grand child.

My brother in law was playing a song one evening that he did not expect us to know. He was quite surprised to see me singing along to Gaye and Home Thoughts. He didn't realise that another fan would be quite to close to home! Cliff's music spread all over in a subtle way that has put him into our hearts.

On Sun Mar 31 12:05:01 BST 2002, pat ward (england ( from said:

Hi, this is just a quick note to thank everyone for your messages and if u wish to e-mail me then you can do so at the above address x

On Sun Mar 31 18:05:08 BST 2002, Tony Poulter (England - from said:

Clifford T Ward has always been very important in my life. I play his music often, I have the video of him and treasure it. He was, and is still, a most important part of 20 century popular music culture. His writings are erudite, his songs are magical and moving, and his voice was beyond par. In my humble opinion his own versions of his own songs were far superior to any covers by more popular artists.

Despite his humanist views, some of his song-writing is quite religious and I therefore personally pray that God will bless him and keep his family safe.

Rest in peace Clifford. Thank you for all you have given me and many many others.

On Tue Apr 2 23:14:38 BST 2002, Emma Parkinson (England from said:

My name is Emma Parkinson, I am just 15 years old, but despite my age I have had many times when the only thing in the world I felt I could rely upon with all my heart was Clifford T Ward. His music is an inspiration to everyone in the world. He is a shining example of what all people should be like. You may think upon what grounds I have, a young girl who never met this fantastic man, to say how wonderful a person he was. I say to you that any person in the whole of the world would be moved by lullaby, or the countless times I have listened to Mantlepieces and Home Thoughts gives me much room to say that what Clifford T. Ward has acccomplished or portrayed through his music has never been done before and will, most likely never happen again. It is with great sadness I hear the news of Clifford's passing but remain postive that through his music he will live on. Clifford, I am sure was not aware enough in his life the great adoration people feel for him and the great loss felt now. The only thing Clifford ever got wrong was in his song "Nightingale" where he wrote 'You have been admired for a very long time, and I know your song will live much longer than mine". If I have my way Clifford T Ward's song will last forever. With much love and undying respect, Emma x

On Mon Apr 8 23:12:50 BST 2002, Godfrey W Wilson (Merseyside, UK. from said:

Clifford T. always held a place in my affections from my undergraduate days at Leicester in the early 70's right up to his tragic death last year. Anyone that can write a "pop" song about "Browning, Keates and William Wordsworth" and then move into falling in love with an air hostess on Air France was a man after my own heart! I was always disappointed that his albums were not transfered to CD but his "Gaye and other Stories" will do for now. He was a very special talent and a friend to me when I needed one. Deepest sympathy to all who knew him and loved him.

On Tue Apr 9 20:16:38 BST 2002, Finn Bjelke ( Norway ( from said:

Hi! Just a few words to tell you that I'll be doing a retrospective on Clifford on Norwegian National Radio (like the Beeb)on May Songs that will get an airing are: Gaye, Cellophane, The Dubious Circus Co., Not Waving - Drowning, Jayne (From Andromeda Spiral), Home Thoughts From Abroad and Time The Magician.

On Fri Apr 12 20:58:00 BST 2002, clive davies (south wales from said:

clifford t ward is i think one of the best singer songwriters, one of my favourites, along with the eagles, neil young and the everly brothers. great music.

On Mon Apr 15 18:35:53 BST 2002, mike lynch (ireland dublin from said:


On Mon Apr 15 23:10:39 BST 2002, Ricardo Ernesto Trimboli (Argentina from said:

Hi dear friends, I'm writing this mail from Argentina just to share my "Passion" for this wonderful artist that will always live in our hearts for ever and ever. So I'd like to say GOD BLESS YOU DEAR CLIFFORD T. WARD, for the magic music and poetry that you gave us. Ricardo Ernesto Trimboli

On Fri Apr 26 20:48:20 BST 2002, Ian Cunningham (UK/China/USA from said:

I am sad and ashamed that I just found out a few days ago from the BBC web site that CTW died in December 2001. How pathetic that in these days of celebrity obsession we know more about some stupid weathergirl who has been flirting with the England football manager than the untimely passing of one of the UK's greatest ever songwriters. I am not a celeb worshipper and not a fan of anything or anyone really but I swear that I genuinely feel great sadness, at the loss of Clifford T Ward. I never really knew a lot about him. I have just loved his music. I have his three main albums as well as a Compilation and I always bring them out to "share my secerets" with visiting friends and family. His music was always succesful at getting a terrific response from anyone who was forced to listen! When I found out about his passing; it prompted me to do some research about the man and his music. I found this and other wonderful web sites, as well as a little background information about the man, husband and father. He seemed to be every bit as loved, loving and sensitive as his lyrics hinted. I wish I could have met him. His fans seem to be very nice people too. No surprise there I suppose- Maybe his music attracts just nice people, and well let's face it maybe there aren't enough of us anymore. But I really want to make the Dublin trip I read about- so please update the information about this. My closing wish is that Clifford T Wards music gets the real and global recognition it deserves and that his Wife and family live to witness it- for one thing is for sure, just like all great artists and poets- he will get this Global recognition but I hope that our generation can utter the words "I told you so!" and afford a contented smile. In the meantime- the BBC is running a poll to find the best British song of the last 50 years. We could all help Clifford T Wards family by voting for "Home Thoughts from Abroad". Even though this may not be everyones favourite CTW track- it has the best chance of topping this chart. Please go to the BBC site and vote for it. the URL is For me Home Thoughts From Abroad is the most perfect British Song; it has warmth, love, melody, charm, melancholy, poetry and prose all wrapped up in about three minutes. Thank you for providing this web site. Please everyone; keep it alive. Ian

On Sat Apr 27 11:56:36 BST 2002, Jon Jones (New Zealand ( from said:

I 'found' his music again tonight - and it prompted me to look him up on the web. A great loss.

On Sat Apr 27 20:13:04 BST 2002, Michael O'Carroll (Ireland - from said:

I think Clifford's song "The best is yet to come" is unbeatable for depth and feeling. He was a genius who will be remembered when many other so called stars will be forgotten.

On Sun Apr 28 11:34:23 BST 2002, Alex Tong (Hong Kong ( from said:

I was shocked, months after the last time I visited this website, to learn that Cliff has passed away.

I know the poetry and imageries he created in our hearts will live forever.

At this far corner of the Planet Earth, his songs are still playing. Rising from the tender running tap of the scullery, or the sweet humming of the Air France jet, our hearts soar again to ethereal heights, setting our minds free from any limits to live and feel the maybe too simple basics of life.

Cliff made me feel I was not the only one. We are actually a big crowd.

On Sun Apr 28 18:33:26 BST 2002, David Young (UK, from said:

I hope everyone has received Issue 17 of Waves, the fanzine devoted to Clifford's music. I would love to hear from anyone on these pages who would like to send an article to Waves. Issue 18 will be ready for the end of September and needs lots of contributions and ideas to keep it going. Is there one song of Cliff's in particular that you love? Why? Would you like to send in a Top 10? Why has each track been chosen? Is there anything you have always wanted to know about Cliff? By joining The friends of Clifford T. Ward you are helping to keep his name and his music alive. Thanks Dave Young

On Wed May 1 00:38:17 BST 2002, Nigel Rathbone (UK) from said:

Hi Dave
Thank you for "Waves" Number 17. A great tribute to Clifford, you surpassed yourself. I would urge everybody who reads these messages to join "The Friends of Clifford T Ward" and to contribute to your excellent Newsletter. Kind regards Nigel

On Thu May 2 11:43:13 BST 2002, The Samurai Seven ( from said:

Oxford based band The Samurai Seven will be performing their own version of 'Wherewithal' as a tribute to Clifford T Ward on John Peel's BBC Radio One show tonight (Thursday 2nd May 2002). Although the band play a very different genre of music to Clifford, his songwriting and way with words have influenced the band over the last few years.

On Mon May 6 15:25:31 BST 2002, Sue and Gordon Liney (England from said:

He never got the recognition his talent derserved.

On Mon May 6 19:42:08 BST 2002, Andy ( from said:

*** NEW ALBUM *** Hi everyone, Just in case you didn't know (I didn't!) There is a new CTW compilation on sale next monday (13th may). Called "The Anthology" it contains no new material but has a mixture of tracks from the "lost tapes" of Hidden Treasures, etc, up to tracks from Escalator, Ocean of love and more. Over 20 tracks long it is released on Cherry Red records and can be pre-ordered from at only £7.99 . Buy and Enjoy !! Cliff's music will live on forever - buy loads of copies for friends and relations!.....

On Wed May 8 16:49:06 BST 2002, Ian Gaylard (England - from said:

Clifford was the finest singer/songwriter this country ( or indeed the world ) has ever seen and heard. His death is a sad loss to all who have, and indeed will ever, listen to his works. I thankyou for giving me this platform to communicate with others who feel as I do and for giving me the chance to upgrade to CD from vinyl. Keep up the good work.

On Sat May 11 22:20:49 BST 2002, aloestrael ( said:

clifford was amazing.his songs seem so simplistic but are really so intricate and beautiul. he was utterly amazing. rip.

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