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On Mon Feb 11 10:49:30 GMT 2002, Pat Jordan ( from said:

Just a short note to say that the family and I were thinking about Cliff yesterday 10th Feb. It would have been Clifford's birthday. He will be in our thoughts for many more years to come. I hope Pat, Polly, Debbie, Martin and Sam are keeping well.

Pat J.

On Mon Feb 11 15:31:32 GMT 2002, MIKE ROSS (ELLESMERE PORT CHESHIRE ENGLAND ) from said:


On Mon Feb 11 15:47:00 GMT 2002, MIKE ROSS (ELLESMERE PORT CHESHIRE ENGLAND) from said:


On Thu Feb 14 22:15:02 GMT 2002, rob holborow (uk from said:

cliffs music will stay in my heart for ever.

On Sat Feb 16 16:43:57 GMT 2002, Paul Carlin (N. Ireland from said:

It was artists like Clifford who got me through some wierd teen years and home thoughts WAS a beautiful poem. Thanks and it was a privilage to have shared in the music.

On Wed Feb 20 19:52:33 GMT 2002, alan pritchard (england from said:

A very sad loss to music,truly he can be listed among the true great's of the music industry. He will be sorely missed,

Rest in peace Clifford.

On Thu Feb 21 09:27:17 GMT 2002, Juca Costa ( from said:

My name is Juca, I'm a pro musician from Portugal and concerning Clifford T. Ward, this is my story. Around 1973/74 I went on a school trip and by the end of the day as we were returning home, I heard from the very bad bus speakers "I wish I had the wherewithall to attract your attention..." and I thought "if this sounds so good in such bad speakers, how will it sound if played properly?" And so I went to buy the single. Only some time later I found a Cliff album that was "Escalator" that I bought as well, and when I heard "The way of love" that was it. Who the hell is this guy? It's simply one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard even now almost 30 years later. And so the years went on, with no more news and when the Cd format showed up, I made a list of some artists that the music business treated in a very unkind way, promising me that one day I would have in this new format all their discography. Those artists are : Clifford T. Ward and John Miles from England and Eric Carmen and John David Souther from America. These were some of the finest artists of the XX century that the industry dropped down maybe and simply because probably they didn't sell as much as they should as if they were to be blaimed for that. I have exactly the same problem with my musical work here in Portugal. So, now that I've found Lisa I will order from her all Cliff's "Cdgraphy". I have much more to say, but for a first comment I wouldn't like to extend much more. As for December 18th, he didn't die, he just left us; his musical legacy will continue his life.
May he rest in peace.

On Fri Feb 22 10:48:36 GMT 2002, David_Wheatcroft ( from said:

I really enjoyed his music. and thought 'Gaye' was a classic song.

On Sat Feb 23 01:14:56 GMT 2002, Wayne N. Callais (USA from said:

Home Thoughts was the first I had heard, way back when.
Found out today he passed on. Pity. Wish this Yank could have known him.
Love to his family.

On Tue Feb 26 14:12:39 GMT 2002, Jörgen Johansson/Sweden ( from said:

Later then usual i picked up my Febr.´02 copy of the RECORD COLLECTOR mag. in my local newspaper/magazine shop here in Lidköping, Sweden and was very sad to see the obituary regarding Clifford´s death. NOTHING has been mentioned in Swedish press regarding his sad death; though i´ve been trying for many years to spread his "gospel" over here to friends and lovers, he´s still an "unsung hero" here. My favourite song by Clifford is "A sad cliché" from MANTLE PIECES. My first encounter with Clifford was when Swedish singer/songwriter BASSE WICKMAN listed some of his fave artists and Clifford and another "lost" UK act; STARRY-EYED AND LAUGHING was mentioned (Starry eyed...made 2 albums in the mid 70´s and especially their first LP is GREAT!). I was also amazed to see in R.C. that Clifford T Ward had written one of my fave, obscure UK psych trax fr. the 60´s; THE FACTORY´s "Path through the forest". I´m sure that more people will now discover this great tallent (Nick Drake has since his death 1974 sold loads of his classic 3 albums fr. 1969-1972, so hopefully Clifford T Ward´s records will get the same attention!) Peace, Jörgen

On Wed Feb 27 15:05:16 GMT 2002, roger horton ( from said:

a wonderful lyricist . greatly missed

On Thu Feb 28 12:59:49 GMT 2002, John Crombie ( from said:

I must be well out of date but I have only just read the sad news. My sympathies to Pat and the rest of the family.

Clifford's songs meant so much to me as I was growing up - and they still do!

Of all his albums I think Escalator was his greatest. The good news is my children also love his music and his memory can live on thanks to LPs and CDs.

Thank-you Cliff and God bless.


On Fri Mar 1 15:33:45 GMT 2002, Steve Lench (Kidderminster UK - from said:

For the last 2 or 3 years, while Cliff was suffering, I kept saying to myself - I must go to one of CTW's "support" nights at the Gainsborough. I never went - and now it's too late. Sorry. Life is just too short.

On Sun Mar 3 22:11:28 GMT 2002, paddy doyle ( ireland) from said:

I Consider Clifford T Ward To Be The Greatest Singer Songwriter Ever. He Has Given Me Many Years Of Plesure Many Thanks

On Tue Mar 5 06:06:27 GMT 2002, Ryan Evans (England - said:

I think i may be one of Clifford T Ward's youngest fans, i'm 20 now, but i've loved his music since i was about 14. I dont know what i can say that people haven't said before me only better, we all know he was an amazing singer/songwriter, but more than that, some of his songs touched me so deeply they changed the way i think entirely. For someone so talented to pass away in such a way seems so cruel, but we still have his amazing music to listen to. It seems funny that i'm young and wasn't even around or listening to music when he was releasing it, but his death really saddened me, and seeing this site, i felt compelled to write and express my feelings.

Thankyou for changing the way i look at music, and giving me songs that i can pass onto my kids like my dad did to me.

You will be sadly missed.

On Sat Mar 9 03:12:23 GMT 2002, Neil Irvine (Scotland / from said:

Words cant express the feeling of condolences to his family......and at least we have a legacy in his music.....particularly his re-emergence and renewed recognition......over the last 5 years.

On Sun Mar 10 21:15:10 GMT 2002, MALC WILLIS ( said:

great singer songwriter, up with the best, a very sad loss!
my favourite song - moonlight - what a song!

On Sun Mar 17 14:18:31 GMT 2002, Stephen Bagust (ENGLAND from said:

Log onto the bbc radio2 webpages and place your vote for your favourite piece of music during The Queen's reign. The results will be broadcast in a special programme on June 1st hosted by Simon Mayo.

Terry Wogan's choice is none other than our very own Clfford T. Ward singing "Home Thoughts From Abroad" What a wise man!

I have followed Terry's example and suggest that all fans do the same to maximise our potential.

Do it NOW!

or phone 08700 100 200

Keep watching these guest pages for updates on The Dublin Tribute Concert proposed for Sunday May 26th 2002. It will be the Clifford T. Ward musical event of the year. Don't miss it!

On Sun Mar 17 16:48:40 GMT 2002, carol brown (scotland from said:

BBC Radio 2 is celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee year by having a poll for listeners favourite piece of popular British music from the past 50 years. It's to be broadcast on 1st June (Simon Mayo). Terry Wogan launched it on his show last Monday and if you go into the website there is a feature which has Terry's own choice - "Home Thoughts from Abroad". I was going to nominate "Gaye", thinking it was just chart hits but have now voted for his choice also, as it is one of my favourites. Votes can only be cast for British groups or singers and the 50 most popular tunes voted for will be played in a special chart countdown over that weekend. Votes can be cast by phone 0870 010 0200, online at, or by writing to: Best of British, BBC Radio 2, London W1A 1AA. Get voting for Cliff! Needless to say, Cliff is constantly in my thoughts, as is Pat and the family. To Steve Lench of Kidderminster who regrets not going to the "support nights" at the Gainsborough, I, too, found out too late but went to the memorial concert in February. I would have regretted not going to that, even though the journey seemed daunting at the time and I was travelling from Scotland! It's Pat and her family who need our support now. Make plans to go to the next convention in Dublin on 26th May. See you there!

On Tue Mar 19 18:45:34 GMT 2002, shani hollis (scotland. from said:

The music will live on forever.

On Wed Mar 20 12:46:22 GMT 2002, cliff webb ( from said:

i to have voted for home thoughts from abroad, on radio2 poll. if all cliffs fans do the same he must surely be no 1, where he deserves to be. all the best. cliff webb

On Fri Mar 22 18:24:17 GMT 2002, Nigel Rathbone (UK ) said:

So good to see so many familiar names on this site. I too have voted for "Home Thoughts From Abroad" in the BBC Radio 2 Poll. Great song but not my favourite. Resisted the temptation, for fear of splitting the vote. If we all just vote for this one we should be able to get Cliff into a very prominant position. Then hopefully, people will discover the "Hidden Treasures". Not trying to vote-rig of course! oh dear, I fear I may sound like a 'Spin Doctor'. Best Wishes to everyone

On Mon Mar 25 01:15:14 GMT 2002, Phil Vivian (England: from said:

I tend not to read a newspaper regularly so it's only while surfing the net to lok for sites linked to some personal musical favourites that I've come across the news of Cliff's passing. I'd known about his illness but still feel an enormous sadness. There is, I'm sure, nothing new that I could say. Anyone reading this knows the feeling. I came across his music as a student, training to be a teacher of English and Drama, in the early/mid-seventies. Whether it's poetry or song, you don't think about the fact that someone is saying what's been in your own head, but far more eloquently - you just gasp at the humanity, the lyricism and the musical accomplishment fused together so powerfully.

I bought both 'Home thoughts...' and 'Mantlepieces' and years later borrowed 'Escalator' from one of my own sixth form students. A voice like Cliff's speaks across the generations. There are, despite all the frustrations, rewards to be gained from teaching English but, oh, to have written anything as sublime as some of my favourites from Cliff's repertoire!

Our over-commercialised, hyped and too often trite age cannot afford to neglect or let pass from our hearing a voice so sweet and so strong, so distinctive and so instantly special as Cliff's. Amid all the air time, where is a station that will concentrate on articulate and thoughtful reflections on the human condition, as we all experience it, however "ordinary", such as is to be found throughout Cliff's portfolio? What on earth does it say about us when cloned boy bands can be given so elevated a place in our culture compared with the neglect of those who are truly talented, truly unique and truly enduring?

On Mon Mar 25 16:21:31 GMT 2002, Jo Driver (UK from said:

I have just today found this web site and learned of the tragic passing away of Cliff. Cliff was my English teacher at Bromsgrove High School back in the early 70's, he was the best teacher I ever had and I have such happy memories of him and his music. Is is a privilege to have known him.

It would be great to hear from anyone out there who remembers Cliff at Bromsgrove - do get in touch. I find it quite overwhelming to find so many fans from all the world.

On Wed Mar 27 19:09:07 GMT 2002, Yke Hiemstra (Holland / said:

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