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On Fri Jan 25 19:52:43 GMT 2002, kaz and marck (England) from said:

Recently discovered and re-discovered CTW. Like Robyn Hitchcock, how did we miss such good songs?. All will be remedied soon. Like this site, very informative....we will return on a regular basis......keep cool.

The Strange-Trains

On Fri Jan 25 21:35:10 GMT 2002, MATTHEW (IRELAND MATTHEWLAMING@YAHOO.COM) from said:


On Sat Jan 26 01:31:06 GMT 2002, Terry Slade (United Kingdom - ) from said:

As usual Ime working late at my PC listening to CTW's majical compositions. He may no longer be with us in person but his music will be with us forever.

Isn't it ironic that history shows us that geniuses never realise the recognition they deserve until its too late ! God bless ya Cliff and condolensences to his Family and all who loved and fully appreciated the Master !

On Sat Jan 26 13:07:56 GMT 2002, terry wall () from said:

On Sat Jan 26 20:45:51 GMT 2002, Richard J Plumb ( from said:

I am a fan of many types of music and remember CTW's work from the 70's. I learnt of his death via radio just before Christmas and had previously been looking for his work on CD. On hearing the sad news I immediately purchased the 'Gaye and other stories'. The words and music are the mark of a genius. Condolancies to his family and friends. His thoughtful, deeply moving lyrics will live on.

On Tue Jan 29 15:52:11 GMT 2002, Roger Gustafsson (Sweden from said:

I knew that Clifford was ill but it was a chock to read that he was dead. I have always loved his music and his beautiful voice since I first heard "Gaye" on Radio Luxenburg. It was rather difficult to find his records in Sweden but I found "Homethoughts" at last, and I still thinks that It is one of the best records that ever have being made. But my favourite tunes are "Scullery", "Jigzaw Girl" and "The best is yet to come". I hope that Pat is okey and I wish her all luck in the world. Regards Roger Gustafsson Laholm (a small town in southern Sweden).

On Thu Jan 31 16:26:23 GMT 2002, HONOR BURNARD (england from said:


On Fri Feb 1 11:22:09 GMT 2002, Liz Denton ( Scotland from said:

Bought Mantlepieces and Home Thoughts in the 70's and still have both. Only recently after Cliff's death was announced and I started to 'poke' at the internet and then discovered the web sites and existence of the 'Friends'. Have now bought all I can get my hands on and will be ordering 'Hidden Treasures' soon. Wonderful voice and lyrics - a great loss.

On Sat Feb 2 17:40:44 GMT 2002, Paul Holmes (England, from said:

I'd just like to record my thanks for the pleasure Clifford's work has brought to me. I think 'Home Thoughts From Abroad' is the most beautiful love song ever written.

On Sun Feb 3 19:35:40 GMT 2002, Steve Reynolds (Redditch, England - from said:

My wife (Bev) and I have just rediscovered Clifford's music, in all honesty in the wake of his obituary I read in one of the broadsheets just before Xmas.

We are enjoying Cliff's music so very much - so much so I plan to buy as much of his back-catalogue as possible.

I am also very pleased to have discovered this web-site.

Clifford was undoubtedly extremely under-rated and it is such a great tragedy that he contracted MS so early in his life - thank goodness there is so much good music to pay testimony to Cliff's talent.

Steve Reynolds

On Sun Feb 3 21:19:55 GMT 2002, Anton Gibbs ( from said:

I found this site too late. It is with much sadness that yet another special light has gone out on us.

I remember with much fondness your early albums and have only just started to collected them once again on CD.

Thank you for the way you have contributed to my own life. You are very much missed.

On Sun Feb 3 21:59:03 GMT 2002, Tony Kitchen ( from said:

Like everyone saddened and shocked by cliff's death, from hearing Gaye was addicted, to his voice, "Mantlepieces" was a source of great emotional support. His music will live on.

On Mon Feb 4 11:53:36 GMT 2002, karl jones (england: from said:

how very sad i was to hear of the death of our 20th century poet. I am sure that the works of clifford will remain in many hearts for years to come. i hope that pat and the family are well and coping the best possible way they can. lots of love to you all. unforunatley time the magican played his last trick, but all fans of clifford should remember the good times (and songs) which make every day the 1st day of spring. a beautiful man with a pure talent for writing words which suggest so much more than they say. but we long for new material to be discovered and we know that the best is still to come. many thanks to clifford for gracing us with his songs.

lots of love


On Mon Feb 4 13:43:23 GMT 2002, T A Henn (England) from said:

Dear Cliff,
You are an inspiration to me. I bet you visited kidderminster waitrose, good kumquats eh? What a bugger that you died. What were you doing with bloody pneumonia? Its always the good ones. Youll always live on through "Gaye...". Take care

Minty Henn

On Mon Feb 4 15:33:21 GMT 2002, David williams (England, from said:

I was very sad to hear the news of clifford's untimely death, my condolences go out to his wife Pat and family. In my opinion Clifford t. ward, is undoubtedly the finest singer/songwriter i have ever heard. Long may his fame continue. I thank him for all the listening pleasure he has given me over the last 29 years!

On Tue Feb 5 10:55:07 GMT 2002, Ted O Neill (Ireland from said:

After a fairly bumpy plane journey, I arrived back in Dublin after the memorial concert for Cliff on Sunday last. I would fly over every week in the same weather if the concert was repeated every Sunday. What a great performance by School of thought and what a terrific band. Ross, Ian and Owen were an inspiration, picking extremely difficult songs and performing them brilliantly, the future looks brigter than ever for Cliff's music. The best compliment I can pay James Davey is, as I told him on Sunday, if you closed your eyes when he was singing particular songs, you would swear Cliff was still with us on stage. It was also nice putting faces to all the e-mail friends of Clifford T Ward, and I now look forward to not having to fly for the concert in May. To finish, all I would say to Cliff is, and I know he was probably sitting somewhere at the back of the hall on Sunday with George Harrison and John Lennon, Jim Croce etc. listening to the concert, your legacy is in good hands.

Ted O Neill

On Tue Feb 5 17:20:55 GMT 2002, Shirley & Patrick Taylor ( England) from said:

We attended the wonderful memorial concert for Clifford on Sunday where we purchased 3 more cds and the video. We spent the whole of yesterday just watching the video and listening to his wonderful music. We are completely hooked now and feel so sad that we have only really discovered his wonderful music after his sad passing. We have sent off our membership to the friendship society and are looking forward to many more concerts. James Davey, School of Thought, and RIO were excellent. We felt very privilliged to be able to attend just as my wife felt to have been able to nurse Cliff in his final days at Tenbury Hospital. Our best wishes to Pat and all his family.

On Wed Feb 6 18:18:34 GMT 2002, Clive Handy ( from said:

I've bought 4 albums over the years starting with Home Thoughts and ending with Gaye and other stories. My sincere condolences go his family, who he adored. I read an article about him in The Mail on Sunday a few years ago, and he was quite poorly then. I only found out on Radio the other day when a presenter said a new song was reminiscient of the 'Late' Clifford T Ward. I couldn't believe it as I have played and sung his songs myself, they were ethereal and haunting and always had a story. He will be sorely missed.

On Thu Feb 7 00:46:30 GMT 2002, carol brown (east lothian, scotland from said:

My sister & I were also at the memorial concert - it took me 5 trains to get there but I wouldn't have missed it for the world! I echo Ted O'Neill's comments earlier re James Davey, School of Thought, and Ross, Ian and Owen. (Did anyone else think the lead singer of 'RIO' had an uncanny resemblence to Cliff, despite having short hair?!). Also that we had faces to names of the people behind the scenes. I, too, have a membership application and shall be applying for more of his music. I had never heard "Escalator" before, having only bought "Gaye and Other Stories", but a remarkable thing happened to me on the bus on my way to work this morning - suddenly the chords of the chorus came to me and that was when I had "Gaye..." on my headphones! There's not many songs nowadays that you can say you get that experience with! I've thought about nothing else but the concert since I left it - I admit to feeling sad on our way home, but we talked about it all the way and then again the next day. As someone else described Pat at a previous convention, she was looking stunning, and she seemed quite bubbly as we bade our farewells. I hope the occasion helped her and the family. It will take a long time for these memories to fade (the longer the better!) but am grateful that the weather let up enough for us to get there. (Did Cliff have a hand in that perhaps?) I also hadn't heard the track "Heaven" before and was a bit disappointed when we weren't able to hear a CD of Cliff singing it, since Pat had chosen it to be played at his funeral, but James did a brilliant job, singing it at such short notice - and it was beautiful. The words echo my thoughts, I found it really comforting.

My sister & I have even spoken about making a trip to the next convention, let's hope they can continue, and keep our memories and the music alive.

On Thu Feb 7 14:02:34 GMT 2002, MIKE ROSS (ELLESMERE PORT CHESHIRE ENGLAND) from said:


On Thu Feb 7 23:29:50 GMT 2002, dominic o connor (dublin ireland waloco ') from said:

On Fri Feb 8 14:03:51 GMT 2002, Shane Tadd (England from said:

I knew some of clifford's songs from the 70's, but I did not know who the artist was. Until I saw him last year on TOTP2, thats when I started to seek out his music, and I was very pleased that I did. God bless him for his music, and all my love to his family.


On Fri Feb 8 15:15:57 GMT 2002, Tony King (finland from said:

I am an englishman in Finland and have only just heard of the death of Clifford T Ward. I am saddened by this loss as many other fans are because his genius was never recognised in his own lifetime. I can only hope that future generations can appreciate the singer/songwriter for that which he deserves.

I would like to send home thoughts from abroad to any other Englishpersons far from home as I, and I certainly know how Robert Browning must have felt.

Keep up the good work

Tony King

On Sat Feb 9 14:13:58 GMT 2002, Stephen Bagust (England from said:



On Sun Feb 10 10:34:34 GMT 2002, Chris Byrne (Ireland from said:


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