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On Mon Jan 7 12:25:43 GMT 2002, Steven Horne (UK from said:

I learned of Cliff's death after Christmas reading a newspaper's obituaries for the year 2001. It came as a shock as I did not know he was in hospital. I usually check the website every couple of weeks but did not prior to the Christmas break. Was his passing covered on local news? If it was I missed it. Lets hope someone involved in local television can put together a tribute programe dedicated to him. His talent certainly merits it. Time is a magician. And in time the world will slowly realise his contribution to music. He will be revered as a 'great' not just by the fans he had yesterday, the fans he has today but also by the fans he will have tommorow and the day after. He is lost to us physically but the legacy he has left is timeless. He was in some ways, at the height of his career, a reluctant star. My hope for the future is that world will not be such a reluctant listener. God Bless Clifford T Ward. A great composer/singer/songwriter.

On Wed Jan 9 09:27:17 GMT 2002, PM Wong (Hong Kong ( from said:

It's a little bit late to add my condolences after Cliff's death. I truly hope the music world will be awakened to Cliff's music after his death. Didn't Nick Drake get a huge following to his music after he died in mid 70s? For me, Cliff has given us so many great songs (not one of his albums is bad) and he has left us enough so we are really blessed. This might sound a bit cruel as if i'm saying he died at the right time. But really, life is not counted for its length but its depth and truly Cliff has lived this life in full, as he has given enough to it. rld such

On Fri Jan 11 18:05:26 GMT 2002, Mike O'Grady ( from said:

This is a piece of sad news that I heard today. His songs were and are some of the best that I have ever heard. At least we still have that legacy and the memories.

On Sun Jan 13 11:13:21 GMT 2002, Michael Mørch (Denmark) from said:

Today there will a tribute for the wonderful memory of Clifford T. Ward on radiostation HNR, Copenhagen. Thanks Clifford for everything. We will never forget you and the beautiful music, it will live on in our hearts forever.

Michael Mørch

On Sun Jan 13 19:32:32 GMT 2002, Eric Fisher (England from said:

Clifford is the featured artist in next Sunday's Ed Stewart programme. You can vote for your favourite by e-mail <> and Ed will play the 3 most popular choices.

On Sun Jan 13 19:40:33 GMT 2002, Derek A. Wales ( from said:

We have lost one of the greatest singer/songwriters this country has ever known. Cliff's music will go on giving pleasure to everyone who appreciates really good music and who know how talented he was. This is the legacy he has left us and I for one will cherish and listen to his music alway's.

My thoughts are with Pat & family at this difficult time.
Derek A. Wales
Surrey. England

On Sun Jan 13 21:15:56 GMT 2002, Richard Lee (England. from said:

Your music lives on and will never be forgotten.

On Mon Jan 14 20:17:56 GMT 2002, ALAN CHAMBERS (ENGLAND from said:

Very sad to hear of Clifford's death. Loved his music since the days of Home thoughts from abroad, and his albums since then. Also loved his work writing with Kevyn Gammond for Bronco.

On Mon Jan 14 22:01:56 GMT 2002, Michel Blekemolen (Holland from said:

I've been an admirerer of Clifford ever since I first heard his music in 1973. And i have all his records now and my love for his music is still growing! Hope the pharmaceutical world will find something soon to cure MS. It's a shame that a wonderful guy like Clifford must suffer from this disease. Hope he can cope with it. Wish him the best and I thank him for the comfort his music brings to me.


On Tue Jan 15 17:23:59 GMT 2002, Dana Thompson (United States ( said:

The Internet is one of "all modern conveniences" that has nonetheless helped me to reconnect with the recordings of this special artist, and, sadly, discover the news of his recent death. I first connected with his work through the record bargain bins in the mid-seventies, not understanding, once I heard it, why he had not gained a much wider audience for this great music. He had the eyes and ears of a poet, matching lyrics and sound with his unique observations and sensibilities of life. It wasn't until this past year that I was able to obtain anything past the three albums I've had for over 20 years, and I am looking forward to the rest that has been made available through this medium. So, even for those of us across the ocean who managed to discover the work that continues to resonate, I say "thanks."

On Tue Jan 15 17:57:19 GMT 2002, John Osborne (England said:

Clifford T Ward is to be the featured artist on the Ed Stewart show this Sunday (15/01/02) BBC radio 2 5 pm.

The death of Clifford has affected me in a way i had not expected. He was a remarkable artist whose incredible talent will be sadly missed. I look forward to celebrating his life and music with as many of you as possible at the concert in February.

John Osborne
10 willow close

On Wed Jan 16 13:03:49 GMT 2002, Susan Appleby (England/ from said:

A week before Christmas my sister asked me what I wanted and I had a sudden inspiration. Home thoughts from abroard, by Clifford T Ward. I have played it daily since it arrived. I had the record years ago and found that I still know every track word perfect. Trying to buy Mantle Pieces for my birthday I decided to look on the net. Here I am, learning of Clifford's death just as have I re-discovered his music is a great shock. I will in time buy all of his CD's. The most beautiful music/stories in the world. I am so sorry he has gone, but the music will live on and on. Bless your life Clifford for bringing such joy to so many music lovers.

On Thu Jan 17 09:51:24 GMT 2002, David T Conway (Leeds UK- from said:

Today(16.1.2002)a phonecall from my sister in Kidderminster, has left me shocked and deeply saddened by this awful news. I had the privelege to have known and worked with Cliff, (as Simon's Secrets), and lived just down the road from Pat and their young family. He will naturally be missed by the family, close relatives and friends, but also by many people from all walks of life, people who never met him, but grew to know and love him and his music. He enriched the lives of many through his creativity and artistry, and we can all be thankful for the talents that he graced us with. My condolences to his wife Pat and family.

David T Conway.

On Thu Jan 17 22:54:41 GMT 2002, Dai Casnewydd (Wales) from said:

A towering talent, gone but not forgotten. R.I.P. Cliff, your music meant so much to me.

On Fri Jan 18 13:27:24 GMT 2002, Michael Bermingham (Ireland. from said:

Having been a fan of Clifford's since the early seventies, I am deeply saddened by his passing. He brought such pleasure and joy to so many people through his music that I feel he surely lives on in many hearts. So long old friend and rest in peace.

On Sat Jan 19 02:18:17 GMT 2002, Christian Carlo Bove (Brasil from said:

First sory about my English. I heard Clifford for my first time when i was a litle boy in 1974. His songs have a very special mean to me until today. His songs exercise my sensibility an it makes me see a better way to face the world. Thank you Clifford for your songs. God bless you.

On Sun Jan 20 17:18:21 GMT 2002, Steve Goodwin () from said:

His music will never be forgotten.

On Sun Jan 20 18:32:15 GMT 2002, Brian Frost (England from said:

I, like countless other people, have been a fan of Clifford's music for many years. I have only just heard of his death and wish to pass on my most sincere sympathies to his beloved family. Suffice it to say that Clifford will live on into perpertuity thanks to his musical genius.

On Sun Jan 20 21:43:36 GMT 2002, Paul Barnett ( from said:

Oh, my God! What can I say about your parting form us? I was and still am deeply shocked and VERY UPSET. To think that you are no longer with us, Clifford is something that I just cannot take in even it about one month since that terrible day!!!

God bless your family and I hope that in some small way, Pat can take comfort from all the messages sent to your guest book.

Goodbye, Clifford, I hope we meet in that "big recording studio in the sky" XX

On Mon Jan 21 11:12:09 GMT 2002, Myke Carroll (South Africa from said:

The pain of our collective loss cannot be underestimated, but we KNOW that we are all pure energy, and pure energy can NEVER be diminished. Clifford T. Ward is - and always will be - pure energy at its most spectacular and its most benign. His spirit is left to us to use only for good, as his pure energy spirit will continue to DO good, as it transcends into everlasting good. Yes, you taught me more than any book I've ever read, so through my tears I say go my dear friend. Go and live again for us all, and teach us again what you taught us before. And laugh with us when we meet again.

On Mon Jan 21 19:36:12 GMT 2002, Darrell Whittaker (England. from said:

How sad, I was on the same label as cliff in the 70's, such a sensitive talent, I heard the news of his death on the radio, when the author of George Harrison, and the Beatles story mentioned Cliff as the most underrated singer songwriter of our times.

On Tue Jan 22 15:42:03 GMT 2002, rick wright (england from said:

so sad but some classic musical memories of the master.

god bless


On Tue Jan 22 17:22:24 GMT 2002, Gary Crowther ( from said:


On Wed Jan 23 19:44:45 GMT 2002, robert scott ( said:

'a great talent sadly missed, but we still have music

On Fri Jan 25 15:46:17 GMT 2002, Fran ( from said:

I just realised that any comment at all would not do justice to what Clifford meant to me, he took me through my youth, listened to my worries and gave me in his songs the best advise that could be given.

I will miss him terribly, but I will be still guided by his songs.

Play well in heaven dear friend.

love Fran

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