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On Mon Dec 24 00:19:49 GMT 2001, Deni Yeadon ( said:

I found it very interesting web site i have downloaded a song of his and found it very meanful even though i was to young to remember him his songs are great. deni

On Mon Dec 24 11:05:49 GMT 2001, Jack Kelly (Ireland - from said:

Clifford was a wonderful artists who suffered greatly in his latter years, but my word he bore it so well. I think there's an extra bright star in the heavens tonight.

On Mon Dec 24 12:53:18 GMT 2001, Mike Flippent (Salisbury Wilts England from said:

The world has just lost the greatest singer songwriter of all time. I am so saddened by the premature loss of such talent, for those on the other side, if it really does exsist, your in for one hell of a treat. My deepest sympathy goes to Pat and the children, but like us all they will have treasured memories of this talented person, and we still have his music to help us through. I am a ardent 54 year old male fan, and I have to admitt I did shed a few tears on hearing of his passing. God Bless you Clifford and may your music live on forever, I can assure you It will in my household. Regards with much sadness, Mike Flippent.

On Mon Dec 24 21:26:33 GMT 2001, Chris Tozer (Gillingham,Kent from said:

Like everyone else I am saddened by CTW's passing, but thank God that he is at peace - hopefully not 'at rest' - as Florence Nightingale remarked - Surely, heaven is a place of immense activity. I'm sure the angels will love him. I have been greatly blessed by CTW's music for nearly 30 years. I thank his family for sharing him with us.

May you all know God's love at this festive time without Clifford.

best wishes - Chris Tozer

On Mon Dec 24 23:19:09 GMT 2001, Tim Edwards (UK from said:

So sorry to hear of Cliffs passing. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest English songwriters of all time and his songs will always take me and my wife Sue back to happy days. Deepest sympathy to all his family and friends. Tim Edwards. 24-12-2001

On Tue Dec 25 00:22:05 GMT 2001, Glyn Fisher (England - from said:

I was saddened to hear of Clifford's recent death and agree with earlier comments about his tremendous talent as a singer and songwriter. I discover his work in the mid to late 70's and have enjoyed it ever since, he will be sadly missed. My sympathy goes to all his family, particularly at this festive time. May God bless him and give him peace from his suffering.

On Tue Dec 25 13:58:13 GMT 2001, tony slater (England from said:

This man has been one of the best singer/song writers of our time and it is a great sadness that his supreme talent wasn't recognised by the british music industry. The music will never end.

God Bless clifford.

On Wed Dec 26 09:08:08 GMT 2001, Deni Yeadon ( from said:

I have just listen to clifford t wards song gaye and i think it is beautiful and so full of emotion he had a way with words, if only some of the singers today could sound so good. He wil be deeply missed by all who knew him may he rest in peace and suffer no more. Deni

On Thu Dec 27 08:21:40 GMT 2001, stuart m jackson (england. said:

good morning Mike. it is some time since i last e-mailed you, just after i found out about the ctw site you run. among many others i am struggling to come to terms with the passing of clifford, especially after opening one of the gifts from my wife on christmas morning. she had purchased a copy of 'bittersweet' as a gift prior to cliffords death. this just about brings my collection upto date now, a collection that started some 30 years ago almost. even among all the joy of christmas, with our children and grandchildren around us, my heart suddenly felt like lead. i immediately thought about pat and the children, and of how they must be feeling. the irony of life, and of how clifford himself put down such feelings in more than a few of his songs. the gift he leaves us all is amazing. i know that whenever i visit memory's gate, clifford and his songs will be there to sooth, lift, make me think deeply, make me laugh, and just enjoy. and now for him; a moments rest upon the wings of time?

take care,


On Thu Dec 27 17:26:31 GMT 2001, Steven Low (canada from said:

On Thu Dec 27 18:47:48 GMT 2001, Pamela Black (Northern Ireland from said:

It was with deep sadness that I received the news from a friend that Clifford had died. His songs were always very inspiring & helped me through some difficult times. My heart & sympathies go out to his family but he has left them & us such a legacy. All who loved him & his music will never forget.

On Thu Dec 27 19:31:57 GMT 2001, LESLEY BOWES (ENGLAND from said:

Such very sad news about Cliff - I am so thankful that I discovered all his songs 2 years ago, and am equally thankful that I attended two of the Conventions and was able to tell him in person what his songs meant to me .. they have lit up my life and will remain with me forever. My condolences to his wife and family and all his many friends.

On Thu Dec 27 19:53:12 GMT 2001, Janet Turvey (nee Badham) (USA from said:

I have just learned of Clifford's passing today while reading the Shuttle on line. I feel very, very sad for his wife and family and I also feel (because of moving to the states from Stourport) that I have missed out on someone who was very special. I found Cliff's web page today and I am determined to buy every one of his c.d's. I am determined he is going to be known in the U.S.A. My daughter has a radio show at her university and I know she will play his music. I was at school the same time as Pat and Cliff and remember them as such an adorable couple. I remember what an idol he was and how our school used to love him singing for us. I tried to get back for one of his fundraisers several years ago, but didn't know about it until it was too late to book a flight. My condolances go to Pat and his children. I feel so, so sad.


Janet Badham Turvey

On Thu Dec 27 21:45:39 GMT 2001, Billy Brownlee (norhtern ireland/ from said:

once in a life time come's along a song and you never forget it and it reminds you of that time long ago Gaye was a masterpiece. Clifford should have got more from the british music industry Billy Brownlee

On Thu Dec 27 23:01:20 GMT 2001, jfullam (ireland) from said:


On Fri Dec 28 12:33:44 GMT 2001, Dave Quarterman ( from said:


On Fri Dec 28 14:40:47 GMT 2001, Davd Sherwood (UK; from said:

Thank you, Clifford, you will not be forgotten.

My condolences to Pat and family.

On Fri Dec 28 23:21:14 GMT 2001, john how (sweden from said:

I feel quite lost for words and yet i feel that I must write down a few lines. I´ve just spent the last hour reading all the comments in the guest book. When i last time logged into a computer Clifford had just returned to hospital and I truly hoped that he would pull through. Sadly to say I´ve learned this evening that that wasn´t the case. I send my sincere condolences to Pat and the family. In my opinion Clifford was without a doubt the finest singer/songwriter ever, his songs have given me so much pleasure over the years, since i first saw him appear on Top of the Pops performing Gaye. I am a very proud owner of all of Cliffs songs and I treasure them and play them constantly. I also treasure the fact that I was able to appreciate his talent and that his songs have enriched my life. A couple of years ago I wrote a few lines to Clifford trying to express my gratitude to him and I was overjoyed when Pat wrote back saying that they had received my letter and that I was welcome to pay them a visit whenever I had an opportunity. Unfortunately time has passed by and that visit has yet to be, now I feel so sad that I´ve missed the chance to say hello and shake the hand of the person that I´d most wanted to meet.

Goodbye Clifford and thank you with all my heart, from your friend in Sweden

John How.

On Sat Dec 29 00:02:51 GMT 2001, kevan turner ( from said:

With deep regret to his family and closest friends

On Sat Dec 29 01:13:27 GMT 2001, Hilary Scott (Australia from said:

I received as a Christmas gift the CD "Gaye & Other Stories"; I had not heard of Clifford before. Loved the tracks so decided to search for him on the "net", only to read of his death a week before - I'm speechless. Will be collecting more of his work to play. My condolences to his family and friends.

On Sat Dec 29 11:47:59 GMT 2001, Danny Barker (Magicalmoneyman@aol) from said:

I believe some great souls are sent to us, to enrich our lives. Clifford was such a giving soul, his beautiful words convey this they are timeless, his gift to us all and the following generations is forever. He may have left us, but he has left the world so very much. Thankyou Clifford, God bless.

On Sat Dec 29 12:26:24 GMT 2001, Miss Praveen Rasool (Uk London ( from said:

I was saddened by the news and would like to express my deepest sympathy to CTW's family. He was indeed a great singer and song writer and his music is played in my household every day and he will never be forgotten. Although he has departed this world his music, however, lives on. I first heard his song "GAYE" played on the radio last year and since then I had bought his CDs and listen to them endlessly. His music comes straight from heart. So I would like to say to Mr Clifford T. Ward in Heaven: "Thank you Thank you Thank you for your music. Rest in Peace" Praveen X., UK, London

On Sat Dec 29 19:37:15 GMT 2001, Teresa Kuempfel ( from said:

Very sad to hear the death of avery talented and unique songwriter. It is a shame that now we may hear his music as with the late great George Harrison on the radio where perhaps we wouldnt have before. Sadly missed Remembered with great fondness esp where waves is concerned. Rest in peace.

On Sat Dec 29 23:07:29 GMT 2001, Liz Williams ( from said:

Thank you Cliff for your wonderful, wonderful music. I shall tirelessly offer it to all who wish for it.

"Say not in grief, he is no more but in thankfulness that he was"

On Sun Dec 30 09:24:35 GMT 2001, Nigel Hall (Canada ( from said:

I fondly remember being taught english by Clifford at Bromsgrove High School in the early 70's. My wife Julie and I emigrated to Canada in 1980 and have continued to play Cliff's music for nearly 30 years now. I am very proud to have known Cliff, he was the best teacher and singer/songwriter I have ever known.

Nigel Hall

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