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On Fri Dec 21 10:59:11 GMT 2001, Julian Parrett (England from said:

Sad to hear of Clifford's death. I listened to his music in the seventies but only bought a cd of his just recently. He was certainly a great singer songwriter.

On Fri Dec 21 13:28:17 GMT 2001, Marie Walsh (Ireland, from said:

Sympathies to Clifford's family an just to let them know that his music and lyrics have been a true source of enjoyment to me over the years.

Marie Walsh

On Fri Dec 21 13:51:44 GMT 2001, Delia Armstrong (England from said:

I've just heard the sad news, deepest sympathies to all his family. Clifford will live on through his beautiful music. Rest in Peace Clifford.
Delia Armstrong

On Fri Dec 21 14:20:48 GMT 2001, PETER DAVIS ( from said:

I am so sorry to hear about the death of Cliff, his music has brought me much pleasure over the last 18 years since I first discovered him and I have managed to collect everything he has recorded, as far as I know.

On Fri Dec 21 16:47:47 GMT 2001, doug spooner (uk from said:

A great loss, I remember well the Far Forest days of Cliff Ward and the Cruiser's, and "Home thoughts" is very special to me and my wife Angie.

On Fri Dec 21 20:12:25 GMT 2001, paul ( from said:

May you now be free from your pain & suffering. Although i never knew you your wonderful music will be with me always. Rest in peace Cliff.

On Fri Dec 21 21:15:12 GMT 2001, Dave Johnson (England) from said:

I was informed of Clifford's death out of the blue whilst at work the other day. Although I had not purchased a Clifford T Ward record since Home Thoughts in the seventies, the news genuinely saddened me. The songs Gaye and Home Thoughts From Abroad were, and still are, two of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It is undoubtedly my loss that I chose not to listen to his other works. I love music to this day and I try to keep up with what's going on at the moment. Amidst the likes of The Strokes, The White Stripes and others of that ilk which I find myself listening to these days, I regularly return to Gaye and Home Thoughts From Abroad and they move me as much today as they ever did. I think I will investigate further as I suspect I have been missing out all these years. Rest in peace Clifford.

On Fri Dec 21 21:20:52 GMT 2001, linda & john fullelove ( from said:

So sorry to hear of Clifford's death.
We had some wonderful years listening to his music.
Thanks for that Clifford.
God bless.

Linda & John xx

On Fri Dec 21 22:20:29 GMT 2001, Eric Fisher (England from said:

So sorry to hear of Clifford's death.
My best wishes go out to Pat and family.
I will be thinking of them this Christmas.

On Sat Dec 22 00:35:56 GMT 2001, Roy Smith ( from said:

        Thank you for all the fun we had I will never forget it.


On Sat Dec 22 12:58:27 GMT 2001, pat ward (england( from said:

Thanks to everyone for your kind messages at this very difficult time. Cliff would have been very happy to know you're all looking out for me, love Pat x

On Sat Dec 22 13:11:22 GMT 2001, DR.R.A.P.GILDING (ENGLAND from said:

a man whos music and words i grew up with and will treasure for ever. my young children are all fans. goodbye old friend.

On Sat Dec 22 15:53:48 GMT 2001, christopher myles () from said:

Sorry to hear of cliffords passing. My condolences go to his family. I have many happy memories from childhood being brought up listening to his music. The music is still as fresh and moving today.

On Sat Dec 22 20:35:39 GMT 2001, Tim Taylor (UK - from said:

I have always been touched by Clifford's music since first coming across him through Steve Merrick on Radio Trent.

The music in heaven will be so much sweeter now.

On Sat Dec 22 21:05:03 GMT 2001, LEN BRETEL (bretelsl@guernsey.nett) from said:

CLIFFORD T WARD was a friend I never met, but he will always be the greatest singer songwriter in my book, my condolences to his family and friends.


Len Bretel
Guernsey C.I.

On Sat Dec 22 22:37:42 GMT 2001, Paul Hughes (UK yozzer 28655 from said:

Sincere to Pat and family Clifford is now at Peace but lives on with the music he left behind.

On Sat Dec 22 23:12:34 GMT 2001, Carol Quaile (England) from said:

It was with great sadness I heard of Cliff's death. It is a great loss to British music an incomparable singer songwriter. We will ensure he is never forgotten and he will live on in his beautiful music. What a legacy he has left to us all. Our deepest sympathy to Pat and Family. Our thoughts are with you at this Christmas time. Carol Quaile

On Sun Dec 23 00:32:47 GMT 2001, carol brown (scotland from said:

The world is a poorer place without him, but his music will live forever. Thank you Cliff for sharing it with us. Deepest condolences to Pat and his family and friends. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Fondest regards. Love, Carol

On Sun Dec 23 13:03:19 GMT 2001, Willy Cook (Wales from said:

A great song-writer & nice guy. Sadly missed. Still, I have his music.

On Sun Dec 23 14:26:39 GMT 2001, Lin Scipio (England from said:

What a beautifully clear websight dedicated to a true artist. It was with a huge sadness that I listened to Terry Wogan's anouncement on Wednesday. I shed several tears on my way to work that morning. Clifford will be missed by many fans of his music and those who knew him personally. (He taught my brother, when a student, at Bewdley High School) Condolences to his family and friends.

On Sun Dec 23 14:30:08 GMT 2001, David Ayres (England, from said:

Thankyou Cliff for the great songs.

On Sun Dec 23 20:30:42 GMT 2001, Derek Robinson (England from said:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this note of condolence to the family of Clifford. His music has been a part of my life and will always be so. I was lucky enough to meet a man I so admire at the last get together, so in my opinion, fate took a hand. I hope that his wife, children and grandchildren will always know that he was a great songwriter and that his lyrics are beyond compare. He has given me joy, helped in times of sadness and helped me see clearly when all there was mist before my eyes. If he has done this for me, then I guess he has done this and more for many others. His legacy is forever.

the good die young............

Thank you Clifford.

My Best wishes to you all

Derek Robinson

On Sun Dec 23 20:38:04 GMT 2001, Bernie Carolan (England from said:

I will always treasure the songs that Cliff gave me. He was the most underrated musician that I can remember. My thoughts are with his family right now.

On Sun Dec 23 22:35:25 GMT 2001, James Davey (snr) (England w.j.davey@cableinet.couk) from said:


Worcester's hills it's wooded vales,
The severns dreamy shore,
Belonged to you, and you to them,
A land that loved the son she bore,

In song you praised the poets work,
Men, inspired by the land they knew,
You understood and taught their words,
With a freshness, as a morning dew,

The accent that you gained in youth,
Thankfuly never left your side,
Reflected in the songs you wrote,
and captured in each word, with pride,

A worcestershire man, born and bred,
A man of faith, of love, integrity,
Yet of the praise, so well deserved,
Would shrug and smile, "its not for me",

I'd thank you for your friendship Cliff,
The laughs we had though times were tough,
What did I gain, should I be asked,
To be called your friend, reward enough.

James Davey (snr) December 2001

On Mon Dec 24 00:19:49 GMT 2001, Philip Darnbrook ( (England)) from said:

Will be sadly missed.

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