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On Thu Dec 20 16:29:00 GMT 2001, Julie Crockford (England. from said:

I remember as a teenager hearing his song Gaye. It brings back memories of being young again.

I only heard recently that Cliff had MS, which I also have and have had for 5 years now. My thoughts are with his wife and family.

On Thu Dec 20 17:53:50 GMT 2001, dave brownhill (u.k. - from said:

I was so sad today to hear of the death of clifford, although never met him personally, his music has been part of my life for more than 27 years.

Whilst working at a local radio in the late seventies, cliff came along to take part in a phone in show, someone asked if he was doing any live shows, he replied almost in a shy voice 'who would come to see me'.

I regret now only living a few miles from kidderminster that I didn't go to a convention, however maybe that was meant to be.

Very much under estimated, when we have to listen to some of the trash being played today.

God Bless Cliff, may you be free from pain and suffering of the past few years, and maybe when you meet George and John there maybe a chapter to come.

Best wishes to his wife, family and friends.

Dave Brownhill

On Thu Dec 20 18:11:59 GMT 2001, James Matthews. (Liverpool. from said:

Really sad at this terrible news, condolences to all the family. I was a soldier and served all over the World and playing his music always reminded me of home and whatever girl I was with at the time. There was many a time when 'big hairy grunts' like my mates and I would be reduced to tears listening to his music. I would have loved to have thanked him for giving me those moments of romance and sensitivity when I was embroiled in conflict and so much sabre rattling. He was a great musical poet and whoever his God is, may he bless him.

On Thu Dec 20 18:26:45 GMT 2001, PATRICK GIBNEY (MERSEYSIDE from said:

Well Cliff, many many people will now hear your songs for the first time and wonder why ? The most talented singer/songwriter of such beautiful songs.


a lifelong fan

On Thu Dec 20 18:52:17 GMT 2001, Graham White (UK - from said:

Very sad to hear the news of Cliiford's death. Condolences to all his family.

Some classic songs that WILL live on forever!

On Thu Dec 20 19:08:52 GMT 2001, Steve Gascoigne (England from said:

I am very sad to hear of the death of Clifford T Ward. His song Gaye has a special place from a special time in my life. I am sure his memory will live forever through his beautiful songs.

My regards and condolences to his family.

On Thu Dec 20 19:09:24 GMT 2001, Nigel Catterall (UK from said:

So sad at the news, You will allways be my favorite singer/song writer.

On Thu Dec 20 19:28:07 GMT 2001, Cliff Booker (Whitworth Lancs U.K. from said:

Heartbroken to learn of the sad passing of an idol. Cliff's songs, lyrics and melodies will remain in our collective hearts and consciousnesses for many a long year. My sympathies to all who now grieve.

On Thu Dec 20 19:57:31 GMT 2001, polly ward (england ( from said:

I would just like to say thankyou from myself and my family for all the lovely messages you have been sending following the recent death of my dad, and special thanks to people like roy, steven and jamie who gave my dad so much of their time and help.

On Thu Dec 20 20:10:38 GMT 2001, Paul John Flynn (Ireland- from said:

I have heard this man on the radio on several occasions and have always been moved by his melodys, instrumentation and lyrics. I could never place the man's name with the song but have to admit that I was saddened to hear of his death. I firstly heard a beautiful tune and then the announcer broke the news. My condolences to his family and all that knew and loved him. I shall not forget his name and will seek out his music on cd. Rest in peace Clifford T. Ward.

Paul Flynn

On Thu Dec 20 20:23:07 GMT 2001, j vincent edwards ( from said:

my deepest sympathy to pat and family a beautiful soul is now looking out for you as you did for him i really loved this person i never met though i knew him so well love and peace

On Thu Dec 20 20:43:05 GMT 2001, steve dixon (England from said:



On Thu Dec 20 20:49:21 GMT 2001, TS () from said:

A tragic loss to the world!
However Clifford's music will live on forever!
May he rest in peace

On Thu Dec 20 20:49:57 GMT 2001, Stephen Bagust (Worcestershire, England. from said:

I don't think that the reality has yet hit me. I have been very privileged to have had Cliff as a friend. He will stay in my memory as a true gentleman with a wicked sense of humour. I will really miss the Sunday mornings I used to spend with him just talking about everyday things, football, our families, music food & drink and the world in general. He was so looking forward to renewing old friendships in Ireland in 2002 everytime I saw him during his last few weeks his constant question was "When are we going to Dublin?" Alas, we will not be able to fulfil the answer.

My wife was the first to point out to me that there will be a gaping hole in my life now, this may be the undestatement of the century. Cliff was in my thoughts so much. I was fortunate that I was able to tell him how profoundly his music had affected me. There will never be a day in the rest of my life when a phrase or line from one of his songs just fits an occasion perfectly.

'Where do we go now?' We go on, of course. It is the responsibility of all Clifford T Ward fans to keep his memory alive. Perhaps we can at some time in the future, make a permanent memorial to this wonderful man and his music. With the agreement of the members of the fan club and Pat and her family, we will continue to celebrate the music of CTW each year with a concert. It is proposed that we hold a celebration concert early in 2002 to pay tribute to Clifford T. More details in due course.

Meanwhile keep you messages flowing. They are much appreciated as Polly has already written.

There have been some wonderful tributes in both local and national media. Hopefully we can produce a collection of these so that everyone can appreciate how highly Cliff was esteemed around the world.

I have just played 'Water' and the tears have been uncontrollable.

Cliff, you may have ended your lease but the freehold is still in force and I promise that I will keep working to further the cause. 'The Cause Is Good'!

'Just as April blossom lasts forever, Goodbye my friend 'till then'

On Thu Dec 20 20:54:38 GMT 2001, Pete Walker (England from said:

I heard of Cliff's passing today and was very sorry. My deepest sympathies to his family. I was very taken with the haunting sound of Gaye when I first heard it in summer 73 and became an immediate convert to Cliff's music. He was a unique talent with a genuine and unpretentious artistry and I will remember him very fondly.

Pete Walker, Church Stretton, Shropshire

On Thu Dec 20 21:01:03 GMT 2001, David Robinson (Scotland - from said:

So Sad.

On Thu Dec 20 21:51:35 GMT 2001, paul organ ( cheltenham england) from said:

sorry to read about the death of clifford i have been a long time fan of his music. clifford will be sadly missed. my condolances to his family at this time of the year i hope clifford and george harrison will make music in heaven.

On Thu Dec 20 23:08:03 GMT 2001, Tery Walker (uk, from said:

I am so sorry to hear that CTW is with us no more and hope you will pass on my condolences to his family. I first found him a long time ago when Gaye came out and I bought it for someone and liked it myself. As things go the albums I bought got worn and put away and I was shocked when I bought a CTW CD recently to hear of his illness. I still think that so many songs that he wrote are of relevence today and it is a pity more people do not know of him and how good he was.

On Fri Dec 21 00:41:01 GMT 2001, Gary Lonergan ( from said:

"Gaye" was playing on a black and white television in Sullivans farmhouse outside Tralee (The Spa). It was Summer I was on holiday. This was the first time I saw Cliford T Ward and I was entranced. I loved his music after that and always wished I could meet Jane from Andromeda Spiral. So today on the tube in London I picked up a discarded newspaper to see a familiar face from the seventies. And then the word at the top of the page - Obituaries. I didn't know he had died and felt overwhelmed with sadness that this talented man has left us. His music will always stay with me. As he would say himself where does that leave us?

On Fri Dec 21 01:29:05 GMT 2001, Seamus (Ireland seamuskiernan' from said:

So sad to hear of Cliffords passing. I was always amazed by the touching lyrics of his songs. They seemed to be part of everyones life. He leaves a legacy of many memoires and wonderful songs. May he rest in peace. Another piece of music has died

On Fri Dec 21 01:34:57 GMT 2001, Larrie Martin (Ireland) from said:

Only heard the news today and like evryone else I am very sad. The music has meant so much to me down the years. My thoughts are with Pat and all the family and my thanks go to Stephen, Roy, Liz and not least to Mick who have worked so hard to keep Cliff and his music to the fore. Cliff, Thanks and God bless.

On Fri Dec 21 02:40:56 GMT 2001, Cathy and Scott ( from said:

Dear Pat,
Our condolences to you and your family.


Cathy and Scott

On Fri Dec 21 10:17:27 GMT 2001, Geoff ( said:

Very Sorry.

On Fri Dec 21 10:42:55 GMT 2001, Nick Hatcher (UK said:

So very sad to hear the news. Such an underestimated talent. Best wishes to Pat and the family.

On Fri Dec 21 11:20:00 GMT 2001, Mick Armitage (Sheffield, UK said:

I hear there's mayhem in Heaven: all the angels are up in arms. Some guy with long blond hair has just turned up, and has started churning out better music than they have been singing for the last 2000 years!

What does one say? Such a sad, sad time. Of course, my condolences to all Cliff's family.


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