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On Wed Dec 19 18:05:23 GMT 2001, Chris Kingston (Holland from said:

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Clifford. God bless you Clifford

On Wed Dec 19 18:18:57 GMT 2001, John Sharp (Scotland from said:

So saddened by the news of Clifford passing away, I was fortunate enough to meet him at the last convention, his music will always mean so much to me as it will for others. I dont know of any other entertainer who has had such an impact on me, please pass on my condolences to Pat and all the family. ....He knows where Heaven is!

On Wed Dec 19 18:32:27 GMT 2001, George Thomson () from said:

Gaye and Home Thought's from Abroad remind me of 1973, on holiday in North Wales. songs and memories i will never forget.

Thanks Clifford.

On Wed Dec 19 18:56:12 GMT 2001, Patricia Farrell (Ireland from said:


On Wed Dec 19 18:57:31 GMT 2001, Sandra Donegan (Ireland from said:

Please express my deepest sympathy to the family of a man that is a legend in my eyes. Discovering his music by accident opened a whole new world for me to appreciate. Not only his music captivates me but the introduction to the poets referred to in his songs has been fantastic. And he was right- Home Thoughts from Abroad is such a beautiful poem!

On Wed Dec 19 19:11:55 GMT 2001, Crista (US and from said:

Dear Clifford,

I know you are at peace now, freed from the illness that held your body hostage for so long.

Your music will be my friend always. I thank God that you came into this world to share your gift with us all.

I hope you knew how loved you were in this life. Now you must know.


On Wed Dec 19 19:38:54 GMT 2001, Dave Locking ( from said:

Goodbye to a wonderful free spirit....we love you Cliff.

On Wed Dec 19 20:16:40 GMT 2001, Paul ( from said:

I would just like to say how much enjoyment Clifford's music has given myself and thousands of others.
For over 25 years i have listened again and again, each time finding something new, something fresh.
I hope I will enjoy clifford's songs for another 25 years.

On Wed Dec 19 20:21:16 GMT 2001, Les Preece (Lyonshall Kington,uk) from said:

This is one of the saddest days of my life. My heart goes out to Pat and the family.

On Wed Dec 19 20:33:06 GMT 2001, Chris Holden ( from said:

Life can be so cruel at times. Our thoughts are with you Pat and your family. Clifford was the Best singer/songwriter England has ever produced. We his loyal fans across the world will never forget his beautiful music. It will live forever in our hearts. Pat you must have been so proud of this very gifted man. All our best wishes are with you and all the family. God Bless.

On Wed Dec 19 20:37:18 GMT 2001, Peter Olive ( from said:

Clifford has been a part of my life for 30 years. Words cannot describe how sad I feel but I am grateful that I was fortunate enough to hear his music back in '73 and that it has stayed with me since then. It has brightened my life every day.

My thoughts go to his family. The man may be gone but his memory and music will last forever.

On Wed Dec 19 20:53:36 GMT 2001, larry watson (GB from said:

its been at lesast 20years of music ending on 18.12.01
God bless cliff

On Wed Dec 19 21:02:07 GMT 2001, Richard Carman (UK - from said:

To all Clifford's family and close friends, I would like to send my most heartfelt condolences. Throughout thirty years of listening, only one or two (well - maybe three or four) artists have stayed with me all the way, and Clifford was one of them. He wrote with a purity of vision, both lyrically and musically, that captured emotion with such precision and delicacy. And he knew how Robert Browning must have felt.... which is more than can be said for most of his contemporaries!!

So many condolences from so many parts of the world today, and every one meant from the heart. I wish I could have said that I knew him - but at least once a week I sit down and play Home Thoughts on the piano (the string arrangement in my head throughout!), and for the last couple of weeks have been doing The Best Is Yet To Come for a change. And when you play someone's intimate music yourself on an instrument, that's pretty close to knowing them I think. You kind of feel your way into their shoes a little way. And I think I would have liked Clifford very much.

Good luck mate - wherever you are tonight.

Love and peace to the family


On Wed Dec 19 21:06:07 GMT 2001, Andy Rogers ( from said:

Cliff's music has been such an important part of my life these last 30 years or so. Today's sad news has left me feeling lost and bewildered that he never ever got the acclaim he deserved for his wonderful songs excpet from those of us who knew and understod... Sincere condolences to Pat and all the family. God rest Cliff- the world is a poorer place for your going.

On Wed Dec 19 21:07:23 GMT 2001, Allan Bishop (england from said:

So sorry to hear the sad news it was always a great pleasure to be in the same room as a genius at conventions thank you cliff may god hold you in the palm of his hand safe journey and god bless, allan bishop

On Wed Dec 19 21:16:31 GMT 2001, g.morgan (grant 1948 hotmail) from said:

Its so so sad. thanks for the music R.I.P. C.T.W.

On Wed Dec 19 21:24:53 GMT 2001, phil allitt (wales uk... from said:

thanks Clifford for all the lovely music. uniquely English. something that's a part of so many. god bless you now you have found that elusive rest.

On Wed Dec 19 21:36:52 GMT 2001, Mr Jay Jackson (Dunfermline, Scotland) said:

Hi from Jay Jackson

I feel sure you will receive many e-mail messages from the fans of Clifford T Ward.

I too would like to pass on my deepest sympathy to the family and relations of the great man himself

My first memory of Cliff relates back to 1973, when many of my friends tended the Blind school in Edinburgh, and bought his first recording that any of us had ever heard, the song being called Gaye.

Most of us really liked the 'A' side but in my own case I was fascinated by the 'B' side Home thoughts from Abroad.

I liked the lyrics, and the backing on the actual song itself, and was so amazed by this song, we took the record into the English class to analyse the words, and were interested who the persons were that Cliff was singing about on the 'B' side.

Also the song Scullery was second to none, and the actual 'B' side again captured my imagination.

I too write and play keyboard and record my own songs at home in my own mini studio, and have tried for many years now to break into the music scene, but as anyone will know this is not easy, and I can live with this.

I do however feel that Cliff was a great song writer, and should have received more recognition for his great work than he actually did..

I also have in my music collection his CD album containing most of the work recorded, and will treasure this.

Should I not receive a reply from whom ever receives this e-mail again my thoughts are with his family and friends.

always remember that Cliff's music will live on.

from Jay Jackson.

On Wed Dec 19 21:55:14 GMT 2001, Andrew Schofield ( from said:

I was so sad to hear of Clifford's death today. Ever since I discovered his beautiful Home Thoughts and Mantel Pieces albums he has had a special place in my heart. His songs were truly unique - sensitive without being sentimental, mellow without being maudlin. They were also some of the most romantic songs I know, evoking a lost age of innocence.

Rest in peace Clifford T. Ward. You made the world a gentler place.

On Wed Dec 19 22:24:28 GMT 2001, RICHARD POPE (ENGLAND. from said:

It is with great sadness that my wife and I learned of the the death today 19/12/2001 of Clifford T Ward. Over the years his touching music and words have given us, and our friends, an immense amount of pleasure. I am sure he had many more fans than he or his family had ever imagined! Few songwriter/singers have ever been able to combine words and music so well. Please convey our condolensces to his wife and family. Richard & Nina Pope. Peacehaven. East Sussex

On Wed Dec 19 22:30:20 GMT 2001, Del Styan ( from said:

I'm so sorry. I'm listening to "home thoughts" now. I feel so sad for cliff and the family. His music seems so personal, I always thought I was the only one who liked it so much. How wrong I was. As the song has just said - "I miss you - I really do" del styan (old fan)

On Wed Dec 19 22:49:15 GMT 2001, Cliff Wade (England - from said:

I think I share the same sense of personal loss.
    - the same sadness.
    - the same anguish that such a spiritual talent could seem to be so feebly rewarded by the world at large.
    - that fate could be so seemingly cruel.
But in searching for a more comfortable perspective, I remembered these basic truths.
There is only one sure thing about our lives.
They end in death.
It's the same for all of us.
Our innings on Earth is only a small part of an incredible, infinite journey.
During his time here, Clifford T. Ward generated something very special, which will transcend all sense of loss & sadness, all need for fleeting material rewards, and all doubt about the divine essence of the universe.

On Wed Dec 19 23:03:34 GMT 2001, Anna ( from said:

I was sad to read the sad loss of this great man, 19.12.01

On Wed Dec 19 23:16:58 GMT 2001, Andy Brown (uk from said:

Very sad to hear the sad news about Clifford. I was off work today and it was announced on Radio 5. Nicky Campbell played a bit of Gaye and there was an impromptu chat. I do hope there is some tribute in the media. Maybe even a repeat of the radio documentary o

On Wed Dec 19 23:25:34 GMT 2001, Andy Brown (uk from said:

Sorry about the missed posting earlier. I hit the wrong key!

I well remember buying Clifford's collection on a whim when I was a little down. Didn't really know what to expect but the liner notes drew me to it.

I have rarely been so excited and moved by a new musical discovery! You know those rare times when you cannot believe that you have lived without the music until now! It's only happened a few times, but definitely did with Clifford.

As I was saying in my earlier post, it would be good to hear the radio documentary of some years ago as some form of tribute.

In the meantime I would like to send my love to Clifford's family and tell them of the joy Clifford gave to me with his music. I feel sure that many more people than me have had their lives enhanced by Clifford.

Much love,


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