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On Wed Dec 19 13:36:40 GMT 2001, Rosemary Mulholland (Northern Ireland from said:

Seeing Cliff in Dublin last year was one of my best ever memories. His music has enriched my life over the last 17 years. So very sorry to hear the awful news. My sympathy to all Cliff's family and friends.


On Wed Dec 19 13:53:30 GMT 2001, Jon J (England ( from said:

Very upsetting to hear of Clifford's death - part of my life has also died. My deepest condolences to all his family.

On Wed Dec 19 13:53:57 GMT 2001, steven corcoran (eire from said:



On Wed Dec 19 13:56:23 GMT 2001, Stephen Dunn (UK from said:

Such sad news about Cliff's death. The world has lost such a talented man but his body of work is still with us, as fresh and relevant as the day he recorded it. I am sure more of his back catalogue will now be re-released and his memory properly celebrated. My deepest sympathy to his wife Pat and his children and grandchildren. No matter how much praise he will now receive it can not make up for his loss to his family, friends and fans.

Stephen Dunn

On Wed Dec 19 14:33:24 GMT 2001, john mcalindon (Scotland. from said:

Just heard the sad news of Clifford's passing away. My immediate thoughts got to Pat and the family who's loss is far greater than anything we have all lost. What a beautiful collection of a life through the eyes of one of England's best singer/songwriters has been left for us all to enjoy. Thanks Clifford.

On Wed Dec 19 14:33:46 GMT 2001, Bill Bell ( from said:

Thanks you very much for an interesting and informative web site. I was deeply saddened, as I am sure were many, to hear of the passing of CTW on December 18, 2001. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, Clifford has through his music been an important part of my life. He will be greatly missed.

On Wed Dec 19 14:33:54 GMT 2001, Jim Ward (BOYWARD@BTINTERNET.COM) from said:

My deepest condolences to all.
I'm in my twenties and have an enormous music collection but my pride and joy is my treasured copy of "Gaye and other stories" which I'm forever playing. I dare say that most of CTWs work was written whilst I was very young or even before I was born. Rarely does a singer songwriter show such raw emotion in their lyrics and vocals but Cliff has that ability and quite frankly my life would have been so much poorer if I had never been introduced to one of the finest musical talents this country will ever produce. today is a very sad day for me personally especially as Cliff's music was so vital to me a few years back when I had a nasty bout of depression. I can honestly say that I've shed a few tears this morning. God bless you Cliff. I really hope that I meet you in a better world which is more appreciative of your unique gift.
With great respect, Jim Ward.

On Wed Dec 19 14:42:38 GMT 2001, Steve Branford (Great Britain from said:

I have followed Clifford's music since the Black Horse days at Kidderminster and can honestly say that it is going to be a vary sad day in Kidderminster and the surrounding towns tonight.

Rest in eternal peace Clifford, You have waited and suffered more than long enough.

Also deepest sympathy to his wife and family on this sad day.

On Wed Dec 19 14:50:34 GMT 2001, Robin Maddison ( from said:

Always been a fan of CTW. Since The 70,s when I worked at Molinare Sound in London and engineered one or two radio promo Ads for his records. Thank you Clifford!



On Wed Dec 19 14:56:40 GMT 2001, Rachel Breeze (Bloomer) ( (worcester England)) from said:

Dear Debbie, Martin and Sam, I was so sorry to hear hear the news that your dad has passed away, and I wanted to contact you to send you my deepest sympathy at your loss. He was such a lovely man to have known and I know he will be greatly missed by you all. you may not remember me but I remember you, I'm sure you will remember me if you remember back to your primary school days I still remember your dad taking us on a school trip to London to a recording studio, where we record a song ( and thats where my memory fails me ). I can't remember the name of the song. Love to you all Rachel.

On Wed Dec 19 15:15:47 GMT 2001, Fintan O'Mahony (Ireland) from said:

so sorry to hear of the death of a childhood hero of mine, sang his song all day.

On Wed Dec 19 15:22:19 GMT 2001, a dewitt (manchester england) from said:

i am so deeply saddend by cliffords death,he has givin me so much pleasure over the years. i have passed his music on to many people, everyone should have had access to his music it such a crime for people who have not heard his music, so origanl so english, so romantic. god bless you clifford x

On Wed Dec 19 15:39:54 GMT 2001, John Ottaway (England, from said:

With the deepest sorrow and regrets. He will live on in the music he has given to me, my children and all who have come to know his music.

Love, sympathy and thank you to his wife Pat for sharing him with us.

Love & Sympathy

John Ottaway

On Wed Dec 19 16:07:24 GMT 2001, Nicholas Bortz (England from said:

I would just like to say goodbye to Mr Ward, a brilliant and sensitive artist. I have only recently become aware of the full range of this mans work and think he is justifiably known as Englandís finest singer songwriter. Itís a great shame that his recent return to song writing has been cut short, more so now that more people are getting to know his work. The angels are singing today, their gain is our loss. My condolences to his family.

On Wed Dec 19 16:11:45 GMT 2001, Arty Davies ( from said:

I am Arty Davies from the Merseycats, Liverpool. We had the honour to come to Kidderminster to perform for Clifford, which turned out to be his last puplic appearence, before he joined the ranks of Elvis, John Lennon, Buddy Holly, in the great concert in the clouds. He is not gone, not while his music is here to carry his messages, his music lives on and so does he; in our hearts as one of the true great songwriters, a man who was proud of his roots, I am proud to have met Cliff and so are all the Merseycats who came and Performed, Kingsize Taylor, Faron, Earl Preston, Nicky Crouch,Wally Shephard, Chris Evans, Les Evans, Mal price, Jim O'Connor, Rhoma and Nick, Kevan O'Connor Stan, myself Arty Davies....

On Wed Dec 19 16:23:39 GMT 2001, andy rushworth (bradford) from said:

i've just found out today about cliff's death i would like to offer my deepest simpathys to cliffs family he was fantastic and his song will live on god bless you all

On Wed Dec 19 16:38:55 GMT 2001, Ralph Tonge (UK from said:

Very sad news - the world has lost a great talent. The only consolation at a time like this is to listen the musical legacy which Clifford left - those songs will live on forever in the hearts of those who hear them.

On Wed Dec 19 16:51:05 GMT 2001, cliff webb (england from said:

our condolences and deepest sympathy to pat and family cliff will be greatly missed but his music will live for ever he was the best singer songwriter england ever produced all our love from cliff/yvonne

On Wed Dec 19 16:53:31 GMT 2001, Bernard Betts (UK, from said:

My children were to be called Carrie, Gaye and Rayne. They turned out as Matthew and Jonathan. Matthew now has his own Cliff albums. Miriam texted me yesterday after hearing the sad news on radio. I've tried to convince friends for years to listen to his music. Similarly with Shawn Phillips. Shawn categorises his music as "fullfilling". I think that Cliff's music and words are "enlightening". Miriam and I send our condolences to Pat and Cliff's children.

On Wed Dec 19 17:00:14 GMT 2001, Rob Townsend ( from said:

I am so very sad at Clifford T. Ward's passing. His music meant so much to me. I am beating myself at the moment and asking, why could I have not done something to help, before. His music has helped me in so many ways. In time of trouble, he has inspired me and in the good times, he has added to my elation.

We must all be grateful for the musical legacy that Clifford has left and treasure those albums we hold dear. We must also not allow his name to be forgotton. I will use all my available contacts to ensure this will never happen.

I send my love and thoughts to Pat and family and hope she will be able to read these words when she needs a little extra strength.

Love and peace,

Rob Townsend.

On Wed Dec 19 17:15:58 GMT 2001, David Young (UK. from said:

Yesterday's news of Cliff's death was like losing a member of the family. His music has always been there for me. The world has lost one of its greatest singer songwriters. I hope the television and radio stations pay tribute to Cliff and his dormant songs are revived for the world to hear. My thoughts go out to Pat and his family.

On Wed Dec 19 17:23:54 GMT 2001, Tony Quinlan (London from said:

So, so sad to hear Cliff had died yesterday. I have played his wonderful songs for nearly 30 years now and in my opinion he was one of England`s most acomplished musical talents who never got the full recognition he richly deserved. God bless him and may his soul rest in peace.

On Wed Dec 19 17:26:44 GMT 2001, Howard Coleman (Loughborough, UK - escalator@another. com) from said:

I heard the sad news of Cliff's passing this morning on the radio. It's difficult to take it in at the moment. I have loved and lived his music since 1973. He may be gone but he will not be forgotten. Cliff never got the recognition he deserved whilst he was with us. Maybe he will now. My thoughts go to Pat and their family at this difficult time.


On Wed Dec 19 17:38:27 GMT 2001, Mr David Waite (England from said:

Heaven has gained a star. We have lost one on Earth.
You will always be sadly missed.
Your name and your music will escape the passage of time, and will live on Forever. You are now composing with George in Heaven... I envy the audience... I`ll be seeing you Clifford.....

David and Lynne Waite.

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