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On Fri Nov 23 22:14:05 GMT 2001, John How (Sweden from said:

Dear Clifford! So sorry to hear that you are not very well, hope that you`re getting better soon. Your friend in Sweden John

On Sun Nov 25 13:27:58 GMT 2001, Ken Shepherd (England from said:

I am a 46 year old northerner, My wife and I remember with great affection a number of your songs and indeed rate them as highly as any McCartney/Lennon, Bowie, Cat Stevens etc compositions. I am sure that one day the songs of CTW will be given the same recognition.

Ken Shepherd

On Sun Nov 25 13:27:58 GMT 2001, clive heath ( said:

Dear Cliff,

I have been living in Sydney Australia since the late '70's and only recently spent time flipping through my old derelict, be-spattered record collection. 'Wish I had the wherewithawal" has been haunting me ever since...bringing back some great memories. I found your website on and have learnt of your problems.. keep smiling, you are still bringing one back to my face after so many years. best regards, Clive.

On Sun Nov 25 13:27:58 GMT 2001, Tony Dolphin (UK said:

Dear Cliff

I do hope your are recovering well from your recent illness.

Finding your website recently was like discovering a long lost friend.

I've always rated your music, and especially the lyrics, as ranking with the very best in the business. Much better than most.

Please keep writing, even though it might be difficult at times. Always remember that through your music you can reach the hearts and minds of others and help them on their own journeys through life's ups and downs.

All the very best.

Tony Dolphin (a smidgen younger than you and also an Aquarian).

On Thu Nov 29 14:40:01 GMT 2001, Paul Barnett (England. from said:

I first heard of your music when I listened to "Scullery" ever since then, I have enjoyed your other songs especially "Home Thoughts", "Wherewithall", "Gaye" and "Cold Wind Blowing" - of all the songs that I have listened to, these are my favourites. My children also sing along to them while in our car as I take and bring them from school. Your lyrics are very clever and imaginative.

Keep giong, Cliff!!

On Fri Nov 30 21:23:09 GMT 2001, Gaynor Webb ( ) from said:

I heard a record by Clifford T Ward on Radio 2's Wogan slot this morning but unfortunately missed the title. I thought it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard and would be pleased to know the title. It contained the lyrics 'where did we go wrong?'. I was fortunate enough to have been taught English by Clifford at Bromsgrove High School all that time ago and this record alerted my interest. Having located his website I was deeply saddened to hear of Clifford's illness and wish him all the very best. I hope he doesn't get to check my spelling and grammar though!

On Sat Dec 1 13:02:28 GMT 2001, Terry Slade ((UK) from said:

I also heard the song "The best is yet to come" on Radio 2 on Friday 30th. As usual I was driving my car across this green and pleasant land but on hearing the melody and lyricics I felt compelled to pull over and enjoy the moment! 'Never' before has a song had such an immediate and lasting effect on me.
The work of a genius who can touch the soul. My kindest best wishes to CTW.

On Sat Dec 1 20:35:43 GMT 2001, Malcolm Mason (UK from said:

Occasional visitor to web site. Interest re awakened by beautiful 'the Best is Yet to Come ' lyric on Terry Wogan Show Friday 30th Nov 2001 and news Clifford is a calendar TOGG pin up. Must get record deck linked up to play mantlepieces and no more rock and roll.
Malcolm Mason

On Sat Dec 1 21:05:15 GMT 2001, Stephen Bagust (England from said:

I visited Cliff this evening and am pleased to report that he does appear to be making progress. He is having intensive physiotherapy to strengthen his leg muscles which have wasted considerably. His breathing has improved but he still struggles to get his breath on occasions.

Cliff is still unable to take any food or drink by mouth. He is still being fed by tube directly into his stomach. He will not be released from hospital until he is able to feed orally.

His spirits are certainly lifted by your messages and e-mails. Please keep them up.

He says that when he can chase the nurses around the ward then we will know that he is fit enough to go home.

Did anyone hear Terry Wogan wishing Cliff well on friday morning? Was this by any chance recorded by anyone out there? Cliff would be so very happy to hear the message.

Stephen Bagust
Secretary. friends of Clifford T Ward

On Sun Dec 2 01:39:06 GMT 2001, seamus mcgettigan ( said:

is the album ''no more rock and roll'' available on cd ?

Seamus: yes it is. Return to the main page of this site, then follow the link 'Available Merchandise (and how to get it)' - all is revealled at the top of that page (the info is fully up-to-date).  . . . Mick.

On Sun Dec 2 18:40:06 GMT 2001, Dutch Holland ( from said:

I remember Home Thoughts with affection.

I am serving with the Army in Bosnia (I should know better at my age!)and have made it my mission to secure a copy on CD before I finish my tour.

All the best Cliff.

On Mon Dec 3 21:26:19 GMT 2001, Paul Neilson ( from said:

When I was 10 years old, my half-brother, who lived apart from us, was a key influence on my musical "bent". From Pink Floyd, Yes, Alice Cooper and "The Quo", he played me many a quality item of the day.

The absolute gem from that time, around 1973, was GAYE, a song so exquisitely created that it remained in my heart and soul since that time.

Last Year i did hunt out a CD containing this song. What a find. Also to realise that a childhood memory of such an influential piece of music remained as fresh and dynamic as when first heard. This song will always be a special part of my life, for that I thank you.

My children, aged 5 and 4 are listening to my heroes, and know what they like. So far, they know what Brian Wilson was capable of, and have a healthy love of The Who, Beatles, among others.

GAYE I am sure will be a part of their education. I am sure that they will be as affected as I was, no pressure I assure you.

I will come back to you on this, regardless.

Love and Mercy

Paul Neilson

On Tue Dec 4 18:08:03 GMT 2001, Chris Collins (England, from said:

Firstly,I am sorry to hear of your illness - I hadn't realised.I hope things improve for you.
I have just been through, or perhaps that should be 'going through', a particularly painful break-up with my fiance, who lives in New York, when I heard your song 'The best is yet to come'. It seemed to say everything I've been unable to express to her myself. I haven't been able to locate it, yet, but I intend to give her a copy when I do. She won't listen to me; perhaps she will listen to you.
Stay well, Chris.

On Wed Dec 5 11:13:21 GMT 2001, michael mounter (GB from said:

dear cliff. i just wanted to say hello, hope you are feeling better. I wanted to thankyou for allowing me to listen to your music.Im only twentyeight years old so I was born during your chart fame. I discovered your music when i was working in a restaurant in my home town of Salisbury. It was the double play cassette of "homethoughts" and "Mantlepieces". That tape was played every lunch time and dinner service for about eight months. The restaurant in question has now gone whereas you music is still very much alive in my home. Im writing this having just spent a fantastic hour or so listening to your cd's. So in closing, thankyou very much you have enriched my own life with your music... Please do not feel embaressed in reading this It is not said enough im my opinion.. Michael

On Wed Dec 5 16:18:27 GMT 2001, andy rushworth (bradford) from said:

i would love to get hold of the guitar chords for jane from andromeda spiral can anybody help. get well soon cliff i will be thinking about you.

On Sat Dec 8 16:30:01 GMT 2001, Steve Trump ( from said:

Remember Cliffs first appearance on Top of the Pops singing Gaye very well. I was only 11 at the time. Sadly I don't think the Been kept much stuff from that year. I have seen 'Scullery' from '74 on UK gold though..

Great site. Get well soon Cliff. Timeless music.

On Sun Dec 9 00:28:38 GMT 2001, BOB BLACK ( from said:

Back in 1973 I was in Scarborough, England when a young lady called Jackie from nearby Whitby introduced me to CTW.

Listening to his music today it has improved if that is possible with age. In fact brilliant!

All the best to Clifford (and Jackie!)

On Mon Dec 10 00:36:17 GMT 2001, DAVE QUARTERMAN (ENGLAND from said:

What a great find, not only do I love the music and lyrics of all your music Clifford, but I have been known to bore people about our childhood link. I was interviewed on British Forces Radio in 1987 for a nostalgic 9 records, the interviewer was stunned when I casually mentioned that we used to play football together in Erneley Close, Stourport before you hit the big time! Homethoughts from abroad must be my favourite, we listened often when living abroad and feeling homesick. Both my kids 21 and 19 admire your music. Feel as if it was only yesterday, we are both a little older now, in my thoughts and prayers, regards, Dave Quarterman, Plymouth Devon.

On Tue Dec 11 12:43:50 GMT 2001, MIKE ROSS (ELLESMERE PORT CHESHIRE) from said:


On Wed Dec 12 00:06:23 GMT 2001, Carlos Rivero Rodríguez (Spain ( said:

Cruel, stupid illness what switch off the music, the poetry, the beauty? Is there any sense in life? Sometimes, only for God. I love the music of Cliff since I know it and I will need the beauty of his poetry forever.

On TWed Dec 12 01:28:33 GMT 2001, Cliff Wade (England ( )) said:

Dear Cliff & Family -
Hope that this Christmas brings a love and joy deeper by far than any of the torments that this world can throw at us. You all deserve it. As always, thank you so much for following your star & leaving behind so much inspiration for the rest of us. How special. With much love, Cliff Wade & Family

On Wed Dec 12 22:48:50 GMT 2001, Liz Williams (UK from said:

To Andy Rushworth, Bradford - and any other CTW fan who is interested. I can sell you a copy of the CTW Songbook which has all the music from Home Thoughts and Mantle Pieces. I also have 50 other songs, including Jayne. Please contact me for prices. Liz

On Thur Dec 13 17:17:35 GMT 2001, roger pool (england R>Pool@btopenworld) said:

have just re-discovered your music- love it, get well

On Fri Dec 14 00:36:00 GMT 2001, Liam Walsh (Ireland said:

On Fri Dec 14 20:48:44 GMT 2001, Roy Smith (England said:

Friday 14th Dec 2001
Cliff has been taken back into Hospital today .He really is very poorly. if you would like to send a card or a message you can e-mail me at the above address or send cards to me at

13 Oakapple Close
Astley cross
Worc's DY13 0JR

i will take them to Cliff and read them out to him. These messages really give Cliff a boost
Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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