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On Thu Nov 9 23:58:47 GMT 2000, David Robinson (Scotland from said:

In November I looked at my tape collection and decided to have a Clifford T Ward month, listening to nothing but my classic 1970s recordings. Time the magician certainly has played a few old tricks on us, but the music sounds as fresh to me today as it did over a quarter of a century ago when my wife and I first heard it. I have been away from the Midlands for 24 years so, out of curiosity, I looked for and found this site. I was sad to discover that an "old friend" is not well.

On Fri Nov 10 21:32:49 GMT 2000, Seamus Meade (Ireland from said:

I had the good fortune to meet Cliff last Sunday 5th Nov. 2000 in Dublin. I have grown up on his lyrics and music. Thank you Cliff for the many years of pleasure from you genius. Seamus

On Mon Nov 13 14:28:30 GMT 2000, philip t hales ( from said:

I have been a fan of Clifford's since '73 buying all Albums in Vinyl. Last year my girlfriend found this website and was able to update me to the tragedy which had befalled CTW. And explained to me why we had not heard from him for so long. Clifford has this remarkable way of taking everyday mundane things and writing beautiful melodies about them - who would have written about Turbo? To the beautiful story of Debbie and her Friends. I have done my best over the years to spread the word about Clifford's music, to family and friends. Long may it never die.

On Mon Nov 13 23:25:05 GMT 2000, Larrie Martin (Ireland from said:

Mick Thanks for your work keeping the site going. The convention in Dublin was very moving for someone who has been following Cliff since the early seventies. I haven't stopped listening to the music since.

On Tue Nov 14 02:26:41 GMT 2000, Phil (USA) from said:

At long last I've found you Cliff. It was either March or August 1997 I was in England when I heard Home Thoughts From Abroad on the BBC one morning. Leading into the song the host of the show commented that they always enjoyed listening to your music. I wasn't listening well enough to catch your name and it didn't stick with me. Neither did the name of your song. I hadn't heard your music before. Later that day I searched out a record shop and tried to describe your song in hopes they could tell me what it was and who sang it. The clerk was so helpful. He even put a call through to the BBC for me. I talked with a producer who was also helpful, but we weren't able to determine what song I had listened to. Anyhow, last night I got on Napster and launched a little search. I began piecing together bits of the song that I could remember which amounted to "I really miss you." Then some words from the title came to me. Funny, I think it was there all along. I found it! How did I miss your music all these years? I'll be looking to see what's available in the record shops over here. Thanks for the music Cliff. Best wishes. Phil.

Thanks for your interesting message: if you're wanting to catch up with any of Cliff's music - everything he has ever recorded is now available in one form or another: for full details, return to the 'main page', then follow the link 'Available Merchandise (And How To Get It)'  .  . . . Mick.

On Tue Nov 14 21:45:27 GMT 2000, Maureen Small (Richland, WA, USA ( from said:

I was in Dublin Ireland recently and Cliff came over for a quick visit and I can't tell you how really great it was to see him and hear his music again. In fact, I managed to pick up some CDs that day and a couple of others at local Music Shops in Dublin.

On Wed Nov 15 12:19:51 GMT 2000, karl jones (england from said:

hi to all,
i have wrote before (page nine) and expressed exactly how i feel about cliffs music and the pure genius that he is. However i feel i have to write again as i have new material which i have been listening to with sheer amazment as the beautiful melodies and simple lyrics say so much more than books ever could. i hope that i can meet up with cliff one day and i would love to hear from any other cliff fans out there and share some experiences with them.
love karl x

If you really want to meet Cliff, the CTW Convention should certainly be taking place as usual - in Kidderminster - next October. Keep an eye on the 'Latest News/Events' page on this site!   .  .  .  Mick.

On Wed Nov 15 17:54:09 GMT 2000, Robert Conway ( UNITED STATES) from said:

I was a BIG fan of CTW from the moment I heard his first LP. I later bought his second and then the U. S. releases stopped. I was able to keep up with his music by ordering imports and probably purchased 4-5 more non-US releases. Although I quite enjoyed/still enjoy all of his music, I especially liked his first two (only two) US LPs. Perhaps my favorite (if that is possible) CTW track is "For Debbie" and I would love to have that song on CD. Luckily about 10 years ago I was able to secure a UK CD with a sampling of his "best" material from his earlier LPs. I desperately would love to have the LP/CD with "For Debbie..." on it. Why aren't both Mantlepieces and Home Thoughts available in CD form? I like all kinds of music and have been heavily into music since the early sixties. I have met many knowledgeable people who enjoy music and pride themselves on being knowledgeable but I have never encountered anyone in this country who has heard of Clifford T. Ward. That was sad back in the seventies and it is sad today, especially with all the rubbish that finds its way onto CD.

On Thu Nov 23 21:30:01 GMT 2000, Breda Casey ( from said:

I was sorry to hear you haven't been well for the past few years. I heard your song "Home Thoughts from Abroad" in the early 80's and have yet to hear anything to surpass it. I hope you have peace and comfort in your life.

On Tue Nov 28 19:10:37 GMT 2000, Clive Mountney ( from said:

What a marvellous website and tribute to one of the very best artists of the 70s, "Gaye" and "Home Thoughts" rate as two of my all time favourites along with Procul Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale", Donovan's "Catch the Wind" and a couple of others, all my very best wishes are with Cliff, and thanks for some of the best "last dances" are due to "Gaye" during the early 70s, a wonderful time, I'll never forget them.

On Wed Nov 29 01:30:31 GMT 2000, dan pettyjohn (USA. from said:

as a long time listener to CTW was overjoyed to see that someone finally put him in the same regard as me. most of the albums I collected in the '70's.. now I look for CD's of his but of course in the USA we don't have much chance of getting the 'good music'.. recently ordered 'gaye and other's' on the internet.. now I see that 'the ways of love' is going to be available.. can't wait.. would like to get some of the more obscure stuff on CD if possible.. FINALLY, TO CLIFFORD: THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THIS: YOU WERE SO MUCH A PART OF MY LIFE IN THE 70'S THAT FRIENDS THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY.. LITTLE DID THEY KNOW THAT WE WERE AHEAD OF OUR TIME.. SOMEDAY PEOPLE WILL RECOGNIZE YOUR GENIUS.. THANK YOU.. DAN

On Wed Nov 29 15:26:18 GMT 2000, Wilma (Dublin, Ireland. from said:

I'm so glad that there is a website. I've been looking for the lyrics to "Home thoughts from Abroad" for a very long time. It's always been my favourite song.

On Wed Nov 29 21:02:34 GMT 2000, Norman Pacey (UK from said:

Hi to all long time Clifford T Ward fans. By a rather roundabout way I got hold of "Gaye & Other stories" off Amazon as I am in process of replacing my vinyls. I always loved "Home thoughts from abroad" LP and as I play it now while writing this the music brings back some many memories of that time. Gaye in particular as when it first came out a close girl friend of mine was leaving and it just summed up how I felt. Even now after all this time it still makes me think of her. Anyway before I get too maudlin' Thanks for a great website. I shall put it on my favourites and find where to get CTW music. But more important I can find out more about Cliff. My sincere best wishes to you, good sir, and thank you for so much enjoyable music.

On Thu Nov 30 18:01:48 GMT 2000, Tristan Curtis (Canada) from said:

i am originally from kidderminster in england. i have grown up with the sound of ct ward every morning of my life. now i love to listen to him because he has an excellent voice and his lyrics and motivating. march on travellers.

On Fri Dec 1 03:40:47 GMT 2000, Gerald Walmsley ( from said:

Have been years out of touch (20), it`s about time I cought up on all that I´ve been missing. Kindest regards Gerald (ex-pat) Lagesbüttel nr Braunschweig Germany 1.12.2000

On Wed Dec 6 03:27:48 GMT 2000, diane jones ( from said:

I was thrilled to find this page today. Clifford T Ward was my form teacher in 1973 and what a treat to watch "Mr Ward" on T.V. singing Gaye only to have him come to class after. Cliff was the sweetest role model our class of some what unruly adolecents could have had. My thanks for all your kindness and support Cliff your music is great, your influence in my life was awsome. love to you. Diane Jones (Andrews)

On Sun Dec 10 10:05:16 GMT 2000, larry watson (gb from said:

liked the music right from the start.

On Wed Dec 13 17:10:00 GMT 2000, Paul Davies (England from said:

Brilliant site for a truly great songwriter.

I first heard Cliff's songs as a small boy - my parents constantly played "Home Thoughts" in the car. Earlier this year I bought the "Gaye and other stories" CD. Despite not having heard Cliff's voice for more than twenty years the songs I had first heard as a child came rushing back. Believe it or not, this was also my first time of hearing "Home Thoughts". You were quite right Cliff - should have been an A-side.

Happy Christmas to you all.

On Fri Dec 15 11:33:41 GMT 2000, cliff webb (england from said:

to cliff and pat have a good xmas and happy new year all the best for the future thanks again for your great music

On Mon Dec 18 23:54:35 GMT 2000, kim harrison ( from said:

I was sorting through my old collection of vinyl the other day and came accross various Clifford T. Ward albums that I have. I started playing them again and found them just as refreshing and meaningfull as I remembered them. It took my memory back to when a long haired teacher used to teach me the finer points of Cider with Rosie at Bromsgrove Comprehensive. Good luck for the future SIR.

On Tue, Dec 19 16:45:50 GMT 2000, Martin (UK from said:

Today, with the help of my partner, I found an old friend and I am just as excited as I was when I first heard his music. I had often wondered why I hadn't heard of him for such a long time. Little did I know that this wonderful person who has given so much pleassure to so many had problems of his own.Whenever I've felt bad or depressed over the years,Clifford T Ward was at the top of my music to play list. I can honestly say he never disappointed me. I will always be eternally grateful to him for that. With the help of this website, I am able to fulfil an ambition, to add to my collection of his music and to attend his convention next year and meet and thank the man personally. I just want to send him my best wishes and say that I will remember him in my prayers. Martin

On Wed Dec 20 15:55:42 GMT 2000, James (England from said:

Cliff, I was introduced to your music in 1990 and they have held place in my spirit ever since. I have always taken the opportunity to spread the word about your beautiful melodies and am proud to say that some of my close friends are now fans too. Alas, I have found this jewel of a web-site dedicated to your work and genius songwriting. With sincere best wishes, James Trevelyan

On Fri Dec 29 16:02:11 GMT 2000, stuart m jackson (england from said:

After almost 30 years Cliffords refrains and melodies are still in the forefront of my mind. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I salute the genious of this wonderfull troubadour. Wishing him and Pat, and the rest of his family, a peacefull and happier New Year. God bless.

Stuart M Jackson

On Fri Jan 5 20:36:31 GMT 2001, Sophie (Yorkshire ( from said:

I sang in the Windmill School Choir at your convention in October and enjoyed it very much. It was nice to meet you. We moved to Yorkshire in November and I missed you when you came to the school. But Mrs Wilcox posted the certificates and some pictures. I showed them to my new school. Thank you. Happy New Year, from Sophie (age 7).

On Sun Jan 7 19:51:18 GMT 2001, Michael Hobbs (UK) from said:

We've just been listening to some of your old music on Napster, and now here we are. Good luck.... M Hobbs and friends.

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